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You know this blog rarely criticizes President Trump. There’s a simple reason for that. That reason is the thousands of fraudulent journalists who create and repeat lies about President Trump every day. Like Jake “The Fake” Tapper. Those fake journalists don’t need my help.

You also know that I have criticized President Bush, Republican candidates for president, and many, many other Republicans and conservatives. I just adopted a simple rule last year: until the fake news media treats President Trump honestly and fairly, I won’t criticize my president.

Until now. Now, I’m suspending my policy for a moment.

I’ve had enough of President Trump’s inaction. Inaction in the face of injustice. Inaction on a basic duty of the president. Inaction that’s inexcusable.

President Trump has done nothing to protect American from the Antifa terrorist group. 

Over the weekend, Antifa terrorists stalked, beat, and assaulted peace activists. Antifa terrorists attacked without interference from police at any level. 

It looked like this.

Antifa Trump

The police actually arrested some of the victims. Probably for their own protection.

President Trump failed to protect American citizens from domestic terrorists, 

Some people support Antifa terrorism. Those who support Antifa cite the terrorists’ professed hatred of Nazis.

I hate Nazis, too. You do, too, I imagine. I don’t know anyone who likes Nazis. My dad and my uncles fought Nazis in World War II.

The problem is, Antifa has given itself the power to decide who’s a Nazi.

To Antifa, I’m a Nazi. You’re a Nazi. Priests and ministers, rabbis, and veterans are Nazis in the eyes of Antifa terrorists. Everybody who’s not Antifa is a Nazi to Antifa.

And fake news people likeChris Cuomo like Antifa terrorists deciding who’s a Nazi. Cuomo would probably encourage Antifa to kill those Nazis, even they’re not really Nazis. Cuomo likes vigilantes and domestic terrorists.

Why hasn’t President Trump acted to protect peace activists trying to hold a peace rally? A peace rally that was interrupted by Antifa terrorists? And, not just peace activists. Americans have a right to hold war rallies if they do it peaceably. The nature of the rally doesn’t matter. Rallies are guaranteed. “Congress shall make no law . . . ” and all that. Remember? The First Amendment calls is the right to peaceably assemble.

You can’t make America great again while tolerating Antifa terrorism.

I call on President Trump to activate the national guard of states where Antifa threatens the First Amendment rights of American. And if the governor of the state refuses to cooperate, send in the Army, the Marines, the SEALs.

Whatever it takes to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It’s President Trump’s job to do it now.