There are two places where women do NOT belong. One is COMBAT, and the second is the PRIESTHOOD. Believe it or not, the two are related.

Ironically, it was women who defeated the EQUAL RIGHTS AMENDMENT. They did not want their daughters drafted for combat, a goal of the LEFT. President Clinton, ignoring the will of the people, expanded women’s roles to serve aboard war ships and in combat positions.

Problem is, women still get pregnant and enrage men when they get off duties because of it. Feminists demand the same jobs as men yet “still” cannot perform the same physical requirements of the average man. Instead, they expect EXEMPTIONS, and get them! This is dumb and dangerous for men and women. I ought to know—I’ve served!

Just where is the radical fringe of the feminist agenda leading us. Donna Steichen, a Catholic laywoman, has some stunning answers. It took 6 years to research/write her book, UNGODLY RAGE, and document what feminists have done in mainline churches. She wrote: “Perhaps only a few fully understood that the ultimate feminist objective is the obliteration of Christianity.”

Feminists see traditional religion as false. Patriarchy, the source of all evil, must go! A New Age religion is being formed to incorporate a Goddess centered religion, which includes the truly bizarre, eg: witchcraft, Wicca, crystals used for meditation, dream work, channeling, and a utopianism that denies a moral law that is absolute.

Their first non-negotiable demand was the ordination of women priests. They won that right (in an illegal vote at an Episcopal General Convention, which was later ratified as legal), under the banner of seeking inclusion/tolerance while driving thousands from the churches because of the lack of biblical support for a female priesthood.

The next phase of this agenda is the rewriting of scripture: God the Mother, liturgies proclaiming the nectar of the womb, and other travesties. And now, SPECIAL rights for NON-celibate homosexual priests, marriage rites for gays, and tolerance of everything BUT traditional Christianity.

 My point is, it is ALL INTERCONNECTED: Feminism, liberalism, political correctness, humanism….all are about removing God and moral absolutes from public life.

You can find Wicca (witchcraft), the occult, Gaia, Goddess of the earth, Hinduism, and Buddhism in our public schools, but mention GOD or JESUS CHRIST and teachers with tenure are fired and children who pray over their lunch are sued! I exaggerate NOT.

The HUMANIST MANIFESTO, signed by John Dewey, founder of the progressive public education system, advocated a permissive society in which there is no hereafter; that man is totally responsible for what he/she gets out of life. It says that there should be no limits to the pleasure one can seek out of life. This unholy religion supports: UNLIMITED ABORTION RIGHTS, HOMOSEXUALITY, DIVORCE, EUTHANASIA, and SUICIDE is touted as an acceptable way out for those unhappy with their lives. (A recent 2012 national news story notes that suicide is now a leading cause of death, larger than deaths from car crashes. Dr. D. James Kennedy, of Coral Ridge Ministries, warned that many of our public schools have courses on “how to commit” suicide” as part of Death Education courses

Signers of this document include Betty Friedan, founder of NOW, and Gloria Steinhem, who said: “Feminism is the path to HUMANISM, and it is humanism that is the goal.”

Karl Marx once said: “Humanism is the denial of GOD and the total affirmation of man….humanism is really nothing else but Marxism.” Is anyone getting the picture here? And we thought we defeated Communism!

The American penchant for tolerance should finally hit a stone wall when a childless lesbian states, “Most of these feminists have no children. It is other people’s children they seek.” This is being accomplished under our very noses by the Department of Education and the very radical National Education Association (teacher’s union).

Thanks to the atheist and Communist opportunist, Madelyn O’Hair, the Supreme Court removed the Bible and Ten Commandments from public schools. Subsequently, societal collapse began.

Before Planned Parenthood and Sex Education, there was a steady 5% illegitimacy rate in America. After tax-funding support for Planned Parenthood and sex ed in the public schools, the problem soared (over 400%) in a few short years. So where are we today?

Without God, we are being ruled by totalitarian politically correct cops who regard a six year old boy’s kiss on a little girl’s cheek as sexual harassment! Hillary Clinton is at the forefront of the most radically leftist feminist agenda in America. She believes parents are too dumb to raise their children, and so she has led the movement for government control of our children from two years old on up.(Her Village concept more aptly conveys a Soviet Commune)

Men and women who love their families, their God and their country, I pray you will wake up! VOTE! Know what the Clintons (and now Obama who is even more radical than the Clintons) stand for….it is NOT the TRADITIONAL VALUES or FREEDOM OF RELIGION that America was founded on. It is something we thought we had defeated in Communist Russia.

Bonnie Dougherty, Cdr, USN Ret.