full pdf below)  directed to the U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch and all DOJ Attorneys appearing in any federal court of the 26 states outlined in the State of Texas v U.S. “DAPA” lawsuit.

To say the ruling is both righteous and stunning would be a disservice to the words “Righteous” and “Stunning”.

Judge Hanen has ordered all DOJ attorneys appearing in any federal court of the 26 affected states to attend three hour mandatory ethics classes, this year and every year, for a period of five years. In addition Judge Hanen has given Loretta Lynch 60 days to file a written response outlining what specific corrective action she is personally taking to ensure all DOJ attorneys are truthful and honest:
  • DOJ lawyers attend ethics class.
  • DOJ provide a list of every name, address, and location of each DAPA recipient who was granted unlawful immunity.
  • Attorney General to deliver a corrective plan within 60 days.
Barrack Obama and Loretta Lynch The ruling stems from the DOJ conduct in the Deferred Action for Parents of Aliens (DAPA), or Obama’s November 2014 “Executive Amnesty”, which led to a lawsuit from 26 states, which was recently argued in front of the Supreme Court. In February 2015 Judge Hanen issued an injunction blocking DAPA from being implemented. (Best Full Backstory Link Here)  During a period from February 2015 to May 2015 attorneys for the DOJ lied to Judge Hanen, while the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) intentionally violated the injunction.  About a year ago, while the Hanen injunction was under appeal, Judge Hanen said he was going to delay a decision on punishment for the misrepresentation(s) until the substance of the underlying lawsuit was filed.  –SEE HERE– and also –SEE HERE– With the Supreme Court taking up the case, Hanen is essentially not anticipating the underlying lawsuit being argued in his court, so he delivered the punishment (sanctions) in this ruling. You have to read it to fully appreciate how angry Judge Hanen is with the DOJ: ♦ Transcript of Supreme Court DAPA Arguments HERE ♦ Background on DAPA and Judge Hanen Injunction HERE judge-andrew-hanen

Judge Andrew Hanen