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Segment One

The Massacre in Paris happened on January 7th, but there are still some issues that need to be discussed concerning this incident. We are going to look at the Qur’an, Sharia law, and other Islamic texts to find the answer to the questions; Is what happened in this massacre in Paris really the face of Islam? Is this what the Prophet Muhammad really taught?

If what happened in Paris and what is happening around the world is the true face of Islam we had better start opposing Islam. Islam is a so-called religious and claims protection under our First Amendment.

The founding fathers did not expect for the freedom of religion to be absolute. Patrick Henry, the statesman from Virginia, coined the phrase “the color of religion.” He included the following phrase in the first draft of the First Amendment:

…..unless, under the color of religion, any man disturbs the peace, the happiness, or the safety of society; and that it is the mutual duty of all to practice Christian forbearance, love, and charity toward each other.”

Had this been included in the final reading Islam would probably be illegal in our country. The framers of our Constitution knew that there were those who would use “the color of religion” to harm others. This part was not included because it was argued that we already had laws that protect persons and property and that it was redundant.

We do have laws that protect us from this kind of thing. For example, the offering of human sacrifice is a part of Satan worship but we make that part of this religion illegal in our country.

The leaders of forty nations marched in Paris in solidarity with the French people against Islamic terrorism. The US did not send a high profile representative to the march. The White House did admit that this was a mistake. I believe this is the first time this administration has admitted it made a mistake.

This march has inspired other anti-Islam marches across Europe. People seem to be waking up and asking what have we gotten ourselves into? I can only hope that it is not too late for Europe.

Although this administration admitted it was a mistake not to have a high ranking official there, it did try to put the blame on the Secret Service. They said the Secret Service did not have the time to prepare. The Secret Service said this was not so.

If this “mistake” was not part of a pattern of this administration supporting Islam I would give it the benefit of the doubt. It is, however, just one more in a great number of things that show support for Islam. I can’t believe that this was not intentional because it fits a pattern.

January 7th was just the starting point for Islamic attacks in Europe. Thank God an attempt at a similar attack was foiled in Belgium.

What makes my blood boil is when I hear the supposed experts in the media saying that there is nothing in Islam that says anyone who says anything derogatory about the Prophet of Islam should be killed. They keep telling us that these are just a few violent extremists. The Obama administration is having a big meeting on dealing with violent extremists, yet they refuse to identify those committing these acts with Islam.

Remember, Shahram is a formal Muslim who has lived in Iran and seen Islam first hand. In Iran those who criticize islam go to prison, and many are killed. One purpose of Fortress of Faith and the TILProject is to get the truth out. We want our listeners and readers to have the weapon of truth at their disposal to counter the false information that is being propagated by the media.

We will show that Islam teaches that those who slander the Prophet must be killed. Speaking at the United Nations President Obama, himself, criticized those who would slander the Prophet of Islam.

Things like what the President has said are important to our understanding of his agenda. We need to remember that he was raised a Muslim, and according to Islam, you remain a Muslim unless you renounce your faith in Allah. Obama has never publicly renounced Islam or his faith in Allah.

Obama has no problem with those who slander or defame other religions, but he will not tolerate the slander of the Prophet of Islam. What does that tell us?

When we take this along with many other things we have covered on this site we learn what side he is on. On page 261 in his book “Audacity of Hope” he said:

I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.

The truth of this statement is seen in the evidence we have shown on this site. The evidence shows that he has taken the side of Muslims every time that he can.

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Below are the “show notes” or transcription of the audio from the broadcast, so forgive any typos/grammer irregularities, and we encourage to click on the “audio link” and listen.

Segment Two: What do the Islamic scriptures say?

We hear claims from around the world that Islam is a religion of peace. We hear it from our political leaders, including the President. If this were true wouldn’t you think that we would have seen rallies around the world by this “religion of peace” condemning the violent acts of the Paris massacre? We are actually seeing the opposite happening. When Charlie Hebdo ran another picture of the Prophet the Muslim world went nuts.

In Niger they had protests in which they burned down 45 churches and burned an orphanage. Ten people were killed as a result of these protests. This was all because someone dared to defame the Prophet of Islam.

In Chechnya there was a rally of an estimated 800,000 people where the leader of the country said:

This is a protest against those who support the publication of caricatures of the Prophet of Islam… We say firmly that we will never allow anyone to go unpunished for insulting the name of the Prophet and our religion.

Again I ask, why are we not seeing he so-called “moderate” Muslims speaking out against such things?

If any of you still think Islam is a religion of peace and that we can find some common ground with its ideology and Christianity, or any other religion, please read to the end of this article. You will see from their own words that what we are seeing is the true face of Islam.

There was also a big rally in Texas called the “Stand with the Prophet” rally. This was a large Muslim gathering with groups from the Muslim Brotherhood like CAIR. The O’Reilly Factor sent Jessy Waters to the rally with press credentials, but they barred Fox News, especially someone from the O’Reilly Factor. One of the main speakers was Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who was an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings trial.

Those of the press who were allowed into the event were only allowed to stay for 20 minutes. Do you think there might have been a reason for this?

It troubles me that America is not speaking out. We have filled our pulpits with cowards. Our politicians are also cowards. We are a nation living in fear of Islam. Our approach to the problem is appeasement. Our efforts not to offend Islam is taken as a sign of weakness.

I was encouraged by the march in Paris because I thought that maybe the world leaders were waking up to the error of our way of dealing with the Islam issue. Maybe they were starting to see the error of trying to appease them. I hoped that they realized that their policies were not only wrong, but that they were part of the problem. Some things I have seen since then make me unsure about this.

Let me ask this question, did appeasement work against the bully Hitler? It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. Appeasement shows weakness and encourages those who would destroy us.

In last week’s broadcast John Guandolo showed how the left and Islam both have the same goals. They want a revolution so they declare martial law and take over the country. I want us to solve the problem before it gets to that.

It is bad enough that the politicians and the media operate out of fear, but when the people of God to it something is drastically wrong. Christians are supposed to live by faith in God and follow His precepts. It is sad to see our Christian leaders capitulating and defending Islam. I keep asking the question, what will it take for the people of God to wake up?

Let’s get back to the rally in Texas. This rally was a grand opportunity to protest against Islamic violence and terrorism. They want to paint themselves as “moderate” Muslims, and perhaps the majority is, but their actions don’t agree with their words. The reason “moderate” Muslims don’t speak out is they know they don’t have the Islamic scriptures on their side. They know that the militant Muslims have their scriptures and their fatwas on their side. The militants quote from the teachings of Muhammad and their scriptures and they will easily win any debate.

Those who are truly moderates are inventing another Islam according to their own imagination. They are trying to make Islam palatable in the West. They quote only certain passages that seem to promote peace, and they quote them out of context.

Those passages that seem to promote peace have been abrogated by later “revelation from Allah.” The doctrine of abrogation is important in Islam because it is how Islam deals with contradictions within the Qur’an. It deals with the two houses of Islam, the House of War and the House of Islam. When Muhammad was asked about the contradictions between the early verses of the Qur’an and the later ones, he supposedly inquired of Allah and the answer was that the later verses supersede the early verses.

Muslims are to follow the earlier verses when they are in the minority, when their influence is not sufficient to change society. They are then said to be in the House of War. When they gain the upper hand they are said to be in the House of Islam, and are to follow the later verses.

In Europe and the Middle East Muslims consider themselves to be in the House of Islam and are following the later verses. In America they pretend to be following the early verses but they are starting to show their true colors.

The meeting in Texas did not stand with Europe against the terrorists. Instead they were complaining about the “islamophobes” like us who are trying to expose the true face of Islam.

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Below are the “show notes” or transcription of the audio from the broadcast, so forgive any typos/grammer irregularities, and we encourage to click on the “audio link” and listen.

Segment Three: Contrast Islamic Scriptures to the Prophets of the Bible

We are going to look at the Islamic scriptures to show they, in spite of some who say the opposite, do teach what we are seeing today. The Muslims will tell us that they don’t worship Muhammad, but they treat him as if he is holy ground. The Muslim’s reverence for Muhammad is equal to their reverence to Allah.

Contrast this with the prophets of the Bible. If anyone bowed down to them they corrected them and told them they were only to bow before God. Even the angels of God refused reverence from men. On the other hand, in Islam it seems that Muhammad and Allah are pretty equal.

Let’s look at the jihadist’s justification for doing what they did in Paris. Before I do let me say that I am personally in opposition to most of the material published by Charlie Hebdo. This is a vial and wicked news magazine. It is an equal opportunity attacker of all that is religious. It seems to be against anything that is wholesome, descent, and good. I would like to see them go out of business, but they certainly have the freedom to publish things even if they are offensive.

The Bible teaches Christians to speak the truth in love and not to give offense unnecessarily or deliberately that the ministry be not defamed. We are even told to love our enemies.

I will first quote out of the Sharia law book, the Reliance of the Traveller. Shortly after the death of Muhammad there were 4 major schools of thought that developed. Around 1400 they got together to work out their differences. They produced one central law book upon which they could all agree. It is called the “Reliance of the Traveller.” (I know that we don’t spell traveler like this, but the title of the book does.) This book is what Muslim scholars use to determine the meaning of the Qur’an and other Muslim scriptures.

Section P 9.0 – Some scholars hold that lying about the Prophet is unbelief that puts one beyond the pale of Islam. There is no doubt that a premeditated lie against Allah and his messenger that declares something that is unlawful to be permissible or something permissible to be unlawful is pure unbelief.

Let’s pick this up a little further down:

Section P 9.2 (2) – The Prophet said, a lie about me is not the same as a lie about someone else. Whoever intentionally lies about me shall take a place for himself in Hell.

Whoever relates words reportedly from me thinking it is a lie is a liar.

If the Prophet speaks and you hear what he says and think it is a lie, then you are a liar. A Muslim cannot question what the Prophet says without becoming a liar. If one does this he has no place in Heaven, he has a place in Hell.

There is a reason that Muslims don’t want people to look at what Muhammad said. If we look at what he said and question it we are liars because everything that he said is true. It is true because it comes from Allah. If we follow this logic we must believe that everything Muhammad said is true and binding on all Muslims. This supports everything the jihadists are doing. I don’t support what the moderates are saying except for that part about lying. Muhammad did say that it is OK to lie to the unbelievers if it is to protect their conscience for a time until they have the upper hand.

Did Muhammad encourage lying? Yes. Did Muhammad encourage deceit? Yes. Did Muhammad encourage the killing of apostates? Yes. Did Muhammad encourage taking child brides and sex slaves? Yes. Did Muhammad encourage beheading? Yes.

All of these things are true and according to the Reliance of the Traveller Muslims cannot question what Muhammad said.

I prefer to read out of the law book because Muslims will often say that we are taking it out of context. If I read it out of the law book it is what the Islamic scholars say it means based upon contextual Qur’anic passages. Here is some more from the law book from section O which deals with justice:

Section O 9.0 – Jihad means to war against non-Muslims. It is etymologically derived from the word mujahada signifying warfare to establish the religion.

This makes it pretty clear what jihad is. It is a holy war to establish Islam.

Here is what Muhammad said:

I have been commanded to fight people until they testify that there is no god but Allah, and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.

Muhammad said he was to fight non-Muslims and a good Muslim will do what Muhammad did. There are more than 93 times where the Qur’an commands Muslims to imitate Muhammad.

Here is a verse out of the Qur’an:

Surah 33:57 – Low, those who malign Allah and his messenger, Allah has cursed them in the world and the hereafter and hath prepared for them the due of disdain.

If one maligns Allah or his Prophet and Allah puts a curse on him. It goes on to say:

Here is the earthy punishment: a curse wherever they are found, being seized and being massacred completely.

These instructions from the Qur’an are pretty clear. There is a curse on unbelievers and they are to be seized and massacred wherever they are found. I don’t think any of us are confused by the word “massacred.” Just in case someone doesn’t understand this word, it means to kill. Unbelievers are to be killed completely.

If Muslims who follow true Islam had their way every unbeliever would be killed. They want to rid the earth of anyone who is not a Muslim!

This passage from Surah 33 closes by saying:

This is the established way of Allah with those who have passed on before and you will not find I the way of Allah any change.

According to the Qur’an, this is the punishment before, and will be forever after. It will not change. How could it be clearer than this?

How can anyone say Islam is a religion of peace with this kind of statement in the scriptures of Islam? It is beyond me.

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Segment Four: Paris Massacre and Islamic Law

From what we have seen we learn that those who carried out the massacre in Paris are justified by Islamic law. How can we not think that Muhammad would say to them “good job?”

There are passages in the Hadith that give examples. The following illustration comes from the Bukhari Hadith Nr. 59 page 369. It recounts the story of the murder of a Jewish poet. From this we will see that in Muhammad’s day they didn’t believe in freedom of speech any more than they do today.

Muhammad was offended by what this Jewish poet wrote. Muhammad asked his followers, “Who will rid me of this man?” Several of his followers volunteered and one of them stabbed the poet to death. In our legal system we call this solicitation to murder. For us it is a capital crime, but in Islam it is acceptable because the Prophet, himself, ordered it.

Bukhari 4:241 tells us that those who mocked Muhammad at Mecca were killed after he had retaken the city and asserted his authority. Muhammad had a long memory. When he was in Mecca in the early days of Islam and only had a few followers they were mocked and criticized. When he came back in power he took his revenge.

We are trying to show that this violent aspect of Islam where millions of Muslims around the world are rioting, burning churches, and killing people is true Islam. This is consistent with the actual behavior of the Prophet and his commands to his followers. As we saw before, anyone who even thinks Muhammad is a liar, is himself a liar.

This is the true face of Islam. If we don’t wake up soon here in America, we are it real trouble.

We have often talked about why these things are happening. They are happening because we have forsaken our God. Just as God raised up evil nations to bring judgment upon Israel when she backslid, I believe that God has raised up Islam to bring judgment upon the West and upon America in particular.

We need Christians to turn back to God and become the faithful witnesses they are supposed to be. At the same time we need to pray for courageous political leaders to stand up against Islam.

I thank God that he has allowed us to have this ministry and I pray that we will remain true to God and to His precepts as long as He allows us to have it.

We are not at war with individual Muslims, but we are at war with the ideology of Islam. I don’t believe that we have it within ourselves individually or as a nation to win the war. We need God to turn back the onslaught of Islam. This will only happen if we turn back to Him. The only solution to the ills of America is national repentance. The Bible says that judgment must first begin in the house of God. If our churches don’t judge themselves and turn back to God, He will bring judgment upon them.

We, as Christians, are to be salt and light in this evil world. The Bible says that salt that loses its savor is only good to be walked on by men. We have lost our saltiness and this explains why we are being mocked (trodden under foot) by the world.

We see what is happening and we just shake our heads and say someone should do something to stop it. That someone, by friends, is us. There are too many Christians who don’t want their pastors preaching on political issues because it makes it too uncomfortable.

The political issues that need to be dealt with are moral issues. Who is going to stand on these moral issues if God’s people and God’s churches don’t? All is lost if we don’t repent and turn back to God.