The professional grievance crowd has all of the Marxist planets aligned.   They have the DNC approved black female mayor Stephanie Rawlings; they have their rock star activist attorney Marilyn Mosby, and they have a strategically planned opportunity to win by losing.

Black Lives Matter activist and State Attorney Marilyn Mosby has no intention of gaining victory in her charges against the Baltimore Six defendants, she doesn’t need to.  Indeed, I would argue the handlers within the larger BGI network don’t factually want her to succeed.

Every outside pundit, legal analyst and observer will note, if they have not already, the construct of her spoken, but not revealed, probable cause affidavit is fraught with flaws.  Some call it overcharging, some call it a stretch, others call it a tough case to prosecute.  However, what it really amounts to is an unwinnable trial.

And that’s exactly what this fiasco is intended to communicate.

You can’t force repairs upon a system that works.  “If you can’t change it, shut it down“.


Historical civil rights advocacy was based on the belief that everyone needs equality in opportunity; modern social justice advocates demand equality in outcome.  “If we can’t get it, shut it down”.

The Social Justice crowd need a social law and order system that does not depend on virtue and morality, because the grievance community does not share the same virtues and morality of the larger society.

In Sanford Florida they tried to create the impression: a 12-year-old going to the store for tea and skittles mowed down by a vigilante cop wannabe.   Of course they needed to avoid the reality of a 17-year-old street thug, serving his third 10 day school suspension for felony burglary, who attacked a guy for asking “what are you doing“?

In Ferguson Missouri they tried to create the impression: an 18-year-old lovable “big Mike”, mowed down by an overzealous white cop while he was surrendering with his hands up and crying don’t shoot. Of course they needed to avoid the reality of an 18-year-old street thug who just finished strong-arm robbing a convenience store who attacked the cop while high on dope.

In both Sanford and Ferguson the reality of the events collapsed the narrative, one during a trial, the other in a Grand Jury’s decision not to indict.

In Baltimore they have a perfect congruence of people and events.  A 25-year-old black male victim seen handcuffed and alive, then arriving to the police station (booking) near death.  A black activist prosecutor, a black DNC Mayor, a majority black police force.

The perfect opportunity to showcase how the “system” is broken.  Freddie Gray is irrelevant.  If they can’t convict in Baltimore it proves the ‘system’ is fundamentally wrong.  It’s the system that needs to be changed.   “If we can’t get it, shut it down“.

marilyn-mosby-3The goal is the “shutting it down”, to rebuild it closer to the hearts desire.

And when you understand that goal; when you understand that ultimately the goal is NOT to get the six police officers convicted; only then can you understand the bigger plans and the motives for the actions taken toward those plans.

After all, they published the new plans in March:

The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing

You can’t fix, or “fundamentally change”, something that does not appear fundamentally broken.

They succeed by losing, not by winning.


SOURCE: The Last Refuge, the Conservative Tree House

The Conservative Tree House may be called a Last Refuge for each of us for different reasons. Whatever trail through the woods brought us here, we have shared the turmoil of storms as we have been finding our voices as individuals in this growing community