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Segment One

Today’s Podcast, listen here, therse are the show notes transcript from today’s program.

Today we are going to be exposing the evils and the horrors of the ideology of that’s masquerading as a religion. We know it as Islam. We will be talking about jihadists performing their acts of violence in our own country. Let me introduce our ministry to those of you who may be new to Fortress of Faith so you know where we’re coming from.

          Shahram is a former Muslim from Iran. I was a missionary overseas and God has called me back to my home country to warn America about the issues of Islam. We desire to see Muslims get saved. So there are two parts to our ministry. One side of our ministry is that we are a Christian apologetic/polemic ministry taking on the issues of Islam. The other side is that we’re a Christian missionary ministry. We want to see Muslims get saved.

          Folks, don’t blame Muslims for Islam. We are going to speak very forcefully and very soberly against Islam. We oppose Islam, but we don’t hate Muslims. You need to understand that. We love Muslims. Shahram is a former Muslim, and we want Muslims to come to Christ, come to the truth. We don’t hate Muslims here. There are some people out there that way. We know that and we don’t give them a platform to spew their hate. That’s not what Fortress of Faith is about.

          I just wanted to say that up front because anytime people say anything critical about Islam, they’ll say (I get this even from pastors) you don’t love Muslims. Yes I do. It’s Islam that I have a big problem with.

It has been amazing to walk through the door and the opportunity that the Lord has opened for us. It is our desire to warn this nation. I think about God bringing Shahram out of Islam fifteen years ago. It was truly for such a time as this, a time of warning America and the church, and at the same time to properly and accurately share the Gospel with Muslims, to rescue them out of this darkness of Islam.

          Today we are going to be talking about this darkness. We’re going to be talking about when that darkness is manifest, when that evil is manifest. Many people love to be able to categorize things that we’re seeing around the world with ISIS, Hamas, with the nations that are Islamic countries and here in America. They want to categorize it as somehow being radical Islam. As both Shahram and I have shown time and time again, this is the true Islam. We are trying to bring an accurate understanding of the ideology of Islam and how to resist it.

          Today we’re going to be talking about the very first beheading of a non-Muslim on American soil. In the past there have been honor killings in America, Muslim against Muslim. There was a story a few years back of a husband who got angry with his wife. They were both Muslim, and he tried to behead her. We’re not quite sure if he completely beheaded her or not, but he tried to behead her. But what happened in Moore, Oklahoma just a few weeks ago was the very first beheading of a non-Muslim on American soil.

          Because the media isn’t reporting it most people don’t know the second victim survived and was almost beheaded as well. The media reported that she was being stabbed. That’s not accurate. She was cut across her neck and she was cut across her face and she was stabbed. We’ll try not to talk about this perpetrator too much today because we want to focus on the victims. He was trying to behead her as well. The only reason he was stopped was because the plant owner had a rifle and used it to stop this jihadist.

          The most shocking part I think of this whole story is once again the United States government, the military apparatus, and the law enforcement community has come out and said this attack in Oklahoma had nothing to do with Islam and waas simply workplace violence. If our listeners remember, that’s exactly what we got after Fort Hood. Major Hasan, who was shouting “Allah Akbar” as he killed thirteen people and they told us it’s just workplace violence. He just wasn’t happy.

          This is nonsense. This is madness. At the end of the day, Our government is not only grossly negligent, many of the officials are treasonous and they are not protecting our rights. Let’s look at the backdrop of the story. There are two victims. Let’s talk briefly about Colleen Hufford a grandmother of fifty-four. What do you know about her? There are a few things we found out about her that we just want to point out.

          This happened in the heartland of America. This lady, this victim of Islam, could be your next door neighbor. This could have happened to your own mother. We need to understand how personal this is. She was just a regular American working her job. She’s a grandmother, fifty-four years of age. If she was like most Americans, she would probably, think what do I need to know about Islam? There are some Muslims around here, we have some Muslims in our workplace, I don’t understand these people and quite frankly, I’m a little afraid of them.

          She was just living the American dream. She’s doing her job. She loved her family. Her family has great testimony of the loving relationship she had with them. Later in life she had became a hockey fan. In fact, she actually went to watch a hockey game on Christmas day and she was amazed at how she had become so enamored with the sport. She goes to work, minding her own business, and she becomes the first American to lose her head because of the religion of Islam on American soil. This is in the heartland, Oklahoma.

          That’s right, Oklahoma. If you had asked any of those people at that plant what they thought the odds of a jihadist attack, a terrorist attack, in Moore, Oklahoma, they would have said it was very low. Her husband was waiting outside for her? One of the parts of the story that was missing is that apparently this was near the end of the day and her husband usually waits outside to pick her up. The media reports said he was outside the plant and had no idea that this was going on. In just a matter of a few minutes his wife iwas not only dead, but beheaded.

          The other part of this story is that, from what we understand, this perpetrator, his given name is Alton Nolen, but he called himself Jah’Keem Yisreal, an Islamic name, because he had converted to Islam. I keep hearing media reports that he supposedly converted to Islam. What do they mean supposedly? Look at his Facebook page. Look at his content. He is clearly claiming that he is a Muslim. He clearly is quoting scripture from the Koran. He is quoting verses from Surah 09:56 and the Hadith.

          The media has gone nuts. He was supposedly a Muslim convert he supposedly shouted some Islamic phrases as he was beheading Colleen Hufford. No, every witness said he was shouting Islamic phrases, probably “Allah Akbar” while he was cutting her head off. Traci Johnson, who is the second victim, who was forty-three years old, apparently was intended to be the first victim. As I said earlier, the media said he stabbed her. No, he was cutting her head off when the plant manager got his rifle and shot the guy.

          This is not being reported the way it should be because it doesn’t fit the media’s narrative that guns are bad. In this case it saved a life; maybe more.

          We may get back to the gun issue maybe later on because I think there are things that need to be said about this. We could have been talking about two fatalities here. Traci Johnson also was within inches of losing her life and losing her head in the name of Allah.

Today’s Podcast, listen here, these are the show notes transcript from today’s program.

Segment Two        

          We pray for Tracy’s healing. She’s going to have lifelong scars, emotionally and physically. We also pray families of these victims. It’s just outrageous that this is going on and our hearts go out to them.

          I want to talk a bit about the perpetrator, Jah’keem Yisrael. I want to start with a statement made by the FBI as they were investigating this case. The Federal Bureau of Investigations is now directly under the justice department. The head of the justice department is none other than Mr. Eric Holder. Mr. Eric Holder, who is now resigning because, ironically enough, because a federal judge has ruled against him on the evidence, the transcripts of the Fast and Furious. Remember when they were selling guns to the Cartel and they used it against us. That evidence has now got to come into the public light. Ironically enough, he just happens to resign after the judge rules against him, and they haven’t even released those documents yet.

          Eric Holder is the one who is defining policy for the FBI. The FBI comes says “There was also no indication that Nolan was copying the beheadings of journalists in Syria by the Islamic State.” The officials said they are treating this as an incident of workplace violence. They said there’s no indication that this guy has any connected to ISIS. They say there is no evidence of terrorism.

          Do they think that we are so ignorant that we are going to buy this after what happened at Ford Hood? Let me go through just a few examples. I was a police officer for a time. In the academy they taught us how to do good investigations. Let me see if I can do a good job of this investigation. I don’t have the resources of the FBI, I’m just going to base this on Alton Nolan’s own Facebook page. Just evidence from his own words.

          1. He had an admiration for Jihadi terrorists. He had pictures on his Facebook page of various terrorist groups and their leaders, including Osama Bin Laden, and the spiritual leader of ISIS. His page featured graphic photographs of beheadings accompanied by Koranic quotes. For example, Surah 8:12 to 13 – “I will instill terror in the hearts of the unbelievers, smite ye above their necks.” We’re going to cover that verse a little bit later.

          His Facebook page also has Koranic quotes and Islamic exhortations where he was telling people they must follow Islam, which is what he was being taught at the Mosque. How do we say that this guy is not a Muslim? Clearly he is a Muslim, clearly he converted; more than likely he converted when he was in prison. We know he spent two years in prison for assaulting a police officer. If you remember the sheriff’s deputy who got into a scuffle with him several years back. She said that this guy had gone for her gun and that she should have shot him back then. Maybe it would have stopped incident this from happening.

          Also, there’s a picture of him on his Facebook page where he titles it “Masjid An-Nasr at the Islamic Mosque in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with two of my brothers from Morocco”

          Note that he is holding a finger up, the one. Where have we seen that before? Isn’t that what ISIS is doing? When people do that, they are signifying, “I am standing with the Islamic State, the number one government of God, of Allah,” so they are simply saying, “I’m part of it. I am supporting it.” When they stand there with their picture being taken in their Islamic robes, holding the index finger up, they’re saying, “One state, Islamic state, one government, the Caliphate.”

          We know from witnesses that he was shouting Islamic phrases, this is not alleged. The witnesses say that while he was committing the beheading and the almost beheading, he was shouting Islamic phrases, more than likely, “Allah Ahkbar.” We have seen time and time again. The most troubling thing and the greatest evidence is the Mosque where he went.

          Masjid An-Nasr is the name of the Mosque. It is in Oklahoma. Its long-time Imam is Suhaib Webb. Suhaib has been listed as one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world today by the Royal Islamic Strategic Study Center since 2010. He comes, originally, from a Christian home. His grandfather was a Christian preacher. In his youth, he began to reject religion but somehow got sucked into Islam in his teenage years. He got involved in the Muslim Student Association and the Muslim American Society Scholarship Program. Through that, they sent this convert to Egypt, to the Al-Azhar University.

          We’ve spoken about this university many times. It is the crème de la crème university of all of Islam. It’s the oldest university in the world. They’re largely Sunni Muslims. He graduated from the Al-Azhar and he came back to America. He became the Imam, the spiritual leader, like a pastor to the congregation, in Moore, Oklahoma. In fact one of his disciples, who goes by the name Noor, has been on TV of late. You’ve seen him on Fox News and heard him on radio programs.

          Noor says, “They’ve got a public face and a private face. Inside, when the doors are closed, they tell us what Jihad really is, and when I began to understand and realize, ‘Hey, I’m to kill my family if they don’t convert to Islam. I’m to do these things for Allah.'” The more he began to understand it, he said, “Woah, this is not the religion that I want to follow,” and he leaves it. When he came out of it he got involved with the police and shared some information with them. He then went back undercover for another four years with this group. So he’s become a very valuable informant of what’s being taught in this Masjid An-Nasr, “this Islamic center.”

          Now here’s the key: Suhaib Webb left Oklahoma and went to Boston. He became the leader of the Islamic center there in Boston where one of the Tsarnaev brothers attended. Isn’t this interesting?

          This Tsarnaev brother is one of the Jihadist of what we know as the Boston Bomber there. So let’s connect the dots: we have a beheading in Moore, Oklahoma, where this Suhaib Webb was administrator at one time, and now he’s up in Boston, and while he was in Boston, we had the Boston Bombers, the Tsarnaev brothers. Some might argue that perhaps that Suhaib has never met this Jah’keem Yisrael who did the beheading there in Moore. It is possible they never met and they may not know each other. But he has studied, he has been taught Islam in the same institution that Suhaib Webb used to teach in. This mosque, like many others, are teaching the doctrines of Islam. Folks, we need to realize they have a public face and they have a private face. We need to understand Al-Taqiayya at this moment (the doctrine of deception) which we have covered many times at Fortress of Faith.

Don’t think that this can’t happen in your neighborhood. Who would have thought Moore Oklahoma? We want to drive this point home: Collen Huffard is the first American to be beheaded on American soil and our government says, “This isn’t Islam. This is just workplace violence.”

          When are we going to get upset with our government and say, “Stop the lies. Pack them in. We’re not buying them anymore.” We keep letting the government lie to us and they’ll continue if we keep letting it happen.


Today’s Podcast, listen here, these are the show notes transcript from today’s program.


Segment Three

Before we get into more about the actions of this jihadist it would be good to know what was preached in the mosque the Friday before this happened. This is really critical. Because I can just see that some who are reading this may think, “Well okay, you made the connection there is this guy Suhaib Webb who was the Imam at the mosque in Oklahoma and at Boston. Boy, what an interesting coincidence that you get this attack happening from someone going to this mosque. And then you get the Boston bombings. but you know those guys are radical. It’s not indicative of the mosque, or it’s not indicative of Islam.”

          I want to just tear those arguments down. Here is what was being preached just the week before this happened at Vaughan Foods and Jah’Keem Yisrael goes on his jihadist spree.

          The mosque’s Imam, Imad Enchassi, claimed in a sermon that Islamophobes in Oklahoma were plotting to behead Muslims. This was the sermon, the Islamic sermon that was given the week before this event happened in Moore. This guy Yisrael is probably walking around, believing what the Imam has told him, that the Islamophobes like us, the white folks out there, are going to try to behead them. So he goes and beheads first.

          You may ask “Well did that have any influence on this?” You better believe it did. The informant, Noor, talks about their using taqiyya when they told the media after this event, “We condemn this, this is horrible, this is wrong.”

          When the doors were closed, and they were amongst their congregants, they were saying, “Listen, true Islam teaches that you must give the unbelievers the three choices. Either convert, either pay the tribute or the Jizya, or you’re at war with us and die.” That that was consistently being taught, from this mosque, from Suhaib Webb, and from the Imad Enchassi.

          The question has to be, is that consistent with the teachings of Islam? I just saw on the news a couple of days ago where another apologist for Islam coming out and saying, “There is no violence in the Quran. Nowhere in the Quran is there violence.”

          I’m going, “What Quran are you reading?” Are there verses in the Quran, that not only call for violence, but for beheadings? There definitely are! There are passages in Surah 47, “to strike them at their necks.” Surah 8:12, “to smite them at their necks.” This is not talking about a karate chop, my friends. This means take your sword and remove their head from their body.

          There are other places we could talk about. Places where they are commanded to go and fight the unbeliever. The most popular verse, perhaps in all of the Quran, Surah 9:29. “Fight those who believe not in Allah.”

          This is the last instruction that Muslims are getting from their prophet, the last chapter. Muhammad was laying it out very clearly, even if they’re the people of the book, the Christians as well. They are the Mushkuroons.

          Muslims believe that Christians are polytheists because they believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. They say we believe in three Gods, not one. We are Mushkuroons, we are to be killed.

          You can honey-glaze this, you can sugar coat this, and distort the message. This is what many are trying to do.

          Fortunately for us, there are people like Shahram and I who are studying this out. We have a background in this. And we’re saying, “Hey, someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes. They’re trying to get you to live in a fantasy world.”

          Obama is living in a fantasy world, and he wants you to join him. And he wants you to believe that this is not the face of Islam. And that is what Muslims want you to believe as well. They want you to stay in darkness, stay in doubting over this. They want you to think of people like Shahram and myself as being a few nut balls out there. They want you to think that we are just hate mongers, that we are just sewing seeds of misinformation and we are making a big living on it. We must be missing. If there was a big living to be had, somehow we have missed out on that part. Actually, what we’ve done is put our families in danger. We have put a big target on our backs, and we know that. We know that people want to shut us up. But we’re compelled to tell the truth.

The truth has to be told because the lie is being sold. America should be able to go to the media for the truth, but instead the media has an agenda and the truth is not being told. That’s why we have to go to the radio and the Internet with the message. That is why we must ask our readers and our listeners to give and support this ministry. We’re so thankful that you’re doing it, because you make it possible.

          I hear so many times, from our listeners saying, “Oh you’re such a hero. God bless you for what you you’re doing.” We know that there’s risk of what we are doing, but we don’t think of ourselves as heroes. We are compelled to tell the truth, as God has told us to do. I think the heroes are really those who help us to make it happen. It’s the support that comes in that makes it possible.

          I got of track but sometimes it is goof to let people know where we come from. I want to say publicly, Shahram, thank you for what you’re doing. You are an apostate. You left Islam. You already have one target, that’s the target on the front of you. Now you’ve got one on the back because you’re speaking out against Islam. And may God bless you and protect you and your family. Now let’s get back to the subject at hand.

          Part of the lies, part of the deception, is that they’ll quote some verses in the Quran. One verse that they love to quote in order to sew their seeds of misinformation and their lies is Surah 5:32, and they’ll only quote part of that verse. And here’s what they’ll say. “If anyone slew a person, unless it be for murder, or for spreading mischief in the land.”

          So if you kill someone other than giving vengeance for someone else’s crime, if you kill someone, here’s what it says. “It would be as if he slew the whole world.” In other words, they love quoting that verse, don’t they? We have heard many times, “Oh, Islam is non-violent. In fact, it tells us if we kill someone? It’s as if we’ve killed everybody in the world. It’s such a terrible thing to do.” But they won’t quote all of that verse.

          The first part of the verse, the context, is talking about to the children of Israel, the Jews. It’s talking to them. They’re not to kill someone. If they do kill someone, “it’s if you killed everyone in the world.”

          The next verse, verse 33, tells what Muslims are to do to those who are non-Muslims. To those who are the enemies of Allah. “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah, and his messenger, execution, crucifixion, cutting off of their hands and feet from opposite sites.” They don’t tell us about that verse, do they? The context is saying, “Hey you Jews. You better not kill anybody, because if you kill anybody it’s like you’ve killed the whole world.” But hey Muslims, “you are commanded to fight for Allah, wage war against those who are against Allah and his messenger.” You’re absolutely right.

          I want to add one more thing to those who say, “Oh well, you’re taking these verse out of context in the Quran.” Time and time again, I have taken them to the example of the prophet. Muslims are commended to imitate their prophet, because he’s supposed to be the perfect man. This command is found over 93 times in the Quran.

          We talked about the story in The Sirat of Banu Qurayzatribe about the Jewish tribes in the outskirts of Medina. That story is in Sirat, page 464, it says, “The prophet of Islam himself was supervising in the market outside of Medina. They dug trenches, and they brought the Jews, who had surrendered to them. They struck off their heads.”

          Could they be any more clear? They struck off their heads, they dropped the bodies in the trenches. And that day between 600 and 900 Jews were beheaded.

          If you’re watching the news like I am, and you see all these images, these horrific images, of ISIS beheading children, of ISIS digging mass trenches and cutting peoples’ heads off and dumping their bodies you know where they got the idea.

          You may say, “Oh, this is so barbaric. This is not Islam, this is Radical Islam.” I hear so many journalists use this term Radical Islam. I am so sick and tired of them trying to push this thing of Radical Islam. This is the same thing that the prophet of Islam himself did. He himself was partaking in the digging of a trench, beheading Jews, and dumping their bodies in. If he did it, and ISIS is doing it and this guy Jah’Keem Yisrael did it, then it’s Islam. If it smells like Islam, it walks like Islam, it talks like Islam, it’s Islam.

          Shame on us, shame on our nation, shame on us as Americans, that we are not outraged and in the streets, and shouting from the rooftops “Stop lying to us!” This needs to be said to the government, to th media, and to the churches and pastors. It’s time that we need get the truth or we’re going to be in deep, deep trouble.


Today’s Podcast, listen here, these are the show notes transcript from today’s program


Segment Four

          Our government has once again just like Fort Hood, deemed the act of terrorism in Moore, Oklahoma as workplace violence. We have been able to give you ample evidence from this Jihadist’s own website\ and Facebook page, that this guy is not only a Muslim convert, but he was following the teachings of Islam. He was emulating what ISIS is doing. Yet, our government says it was only workplace violence.

          Here is another shocking piece of evidence. According to Steve Emerson, who is the head of the investigative project on terrorism, the FBI is now handcuffed, meaning they have been told that they cannot use profiling. They cannot use any aspect of the religion of Islam or the teachings of Islam in identifying potential threats. Think about that. These guys who are killing us are all saying, we’re Muslims. They’re all saying, this is happening in the name of Allah. Yet our law enforcement agencies are being told, you can’t use that in your reasoning in going after them, or in prosecuting them.

          Secondly, they were told, according to Steve Emerson, that they could no longer follow or track these guys. Now remember the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston? They had gone to Chechnya and come back. The Russians had warned us twice, look we think these guys have “radicalized”, yet the FBI was given a mandate not to follow them or track them. In this case it is same thing. We know now there are three or four hundred American citizens, that either have been or are currently fighting over with ISIS. These are folks that have decided to go over there and fight against us as our enemies.

          Now, Representative Michelle Bachman recently said we should strip their passports and their citizenship because, there are already laws in place that say if you fight for the enemy, and we know you’re fighting for the enemy, you’re no longer allowed to be an American citizen. I think that’s absolutely just, absolutely fair. These laws are already on the books. We don’t have to pass another law. We just need to enforce what is already law. The problem is that when these Jihadists come back from fighting with ISIS, the FBI is being told don’t track them. Don’t follow them and don’t use any aspect of Islam to build a profile on them showing how likely are they to do acts of Jihad here in America.

          From a law enforcement perspective, as a police officer, you would say they’ve gone made. They’ve gone nuts. This is just crazy. Not only has law enforcement gone mad, what did the White House do?

          Right after this event the White House sent a representative to speak for President Obama in the mosque. The message that was given was not about one of their parishioners going out and beheading a non-Muslim, an American. What they did say was about what they did after that terrible tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma. Everybody went through a great tragedy there, in that area.

          They sent this representative, supposedly to praise them for how well they stood in their community at that time. Look at the timing of this. If this is not complicit, it’s just downright stupid. It’s just incompetency to do this after someone from that mosque beheads this person. We’ve got to remember this. Moore, Oklahoma is one of the last places in America we would think this would happen. It happened there in the heartland. Here’s what he said. “Your service is a powerful example and a powerful roots of the Abrahamic faiths.”

          Notice “the faiths.” This is bringing Christianity and Islam together. It shows how they think our communities can come together with shared peace and dignity and sense of justice. This is from President Barack Obama to this mosque. Again, this is a fantasy world they’re trying to get us to live in. You don’t have anything to fear about Islam, but we’re not going to track the Jihadists that are coming back into our country. Folks, they want to sell us the idea that you don’t need to protect yourself. Trust the government to do it.

Guns are being given a bad rap. Guns are the enemy. Guns kill people and all that kind of junk. Christians need to realize what the Bible has to say about that. I think we need to give a little bit of time to this because, it is important. It is biblical, number one, and number two, it is necessary for our day and time.

          I want to add one thing before we get to that biblical argument which I think is critical, and that is to add to the fact that they’re not protecting us. Recently a report was given by Colonel Allen West, who’s a former military. He was in congress and he said that 90,000 US troops have been given their pink slips. They’re coming back from overseas and they’re give one or two months’ notice. Meanwhile, the Obama administration’s decided, that they’re going to allow illegal immigrants into the military.

          They’re signing up illegals to be a part of defending this nation. It is just lunacy. We must ask, why is this happening? Could this be the judgment that we have talked about. We are not repenting. We are not turning our hearts back to God, and that’s why I think why we should defend ourselves.

          America needs to know this stuff is going on. There’s a great passage, that my daughter brought to my attention. Sometimes you have read things in the Bible years ago and you foroet that these stories are there. When she brought this to my attention it’s like wow, I need to share this with our readers and listeners. In First Samuel, Chapter 13 versus 19 and following Israel is under occupation and controlled by the Philistines. The Philistines had taken away all their weapons. They also took away all the blacksmiths. The reason why, the Bible says, was so that they would not be able to make themselves swords and spears.

          If they needed to sharpen of their farming equipment, they would have to go to the Philistines to have them sharpened. There were only two leaders that had weapons, Saul and Jonathan. They raised up an Army to fight against the Philistines. Of course, with God on your side a minority makes a majority. They prevailed against their enemies. The fact is that God honored them for their faith of keeping their weapons. That’s an important part. They would not surrender their weapons, these leaders. They hid them. They would not allow the government, the officials to take them from them.

          We have seen time and time again in history where the government takes the weapons from the citizens so they can control them. This is a perfect example. Tom, what was that reference one more time for our listeners? This is a great story which we would all do well to read and remember.

          Let me bring to your attention what Jesus said. In Luke, Chapter 11, verse 21. He talks about a strong man who is armed, If you’re armed you can keep your house in safety.

If you want to protect yourself, arm yourself. Of course in that day the way you armed yourself was either with a sword or a spear. Today it would be a gun of some kind.

He also said in Chapter 22, verse 36, that if you don’t have a sword, sell your garment to go get one. If you don’t have one in your possession arm yourself. Sell some possessions so that you can have one. Yes, Jesus in the Bible is said that a strong man brings safety to his home and that if you don’t have a weapon, go buy a weapon, if you have to sell your cloak. This is coming out of the words of Jesus. The words of our lord and savior. Today we’re being told we should be pacifists.

          Let me also mention this. Of course Jesus also said those who live by the sword, will die by the sword. This says we’re not to be militant people, but we need to be able to defend ourselves and a strong man who is armed will have safety and have peace.

          This is not only is true about our homes, but it is also true about our nation. This is why we’ve been able to have peace prevail for a number of years It is because, as one man put it, walk softly and carry a big stick.

Sometimes, the story has passed, all the attention has gone. We wanted to wait a little while and address this so we won’t forget it. We’re going to follow this story and keep you informed of how our nation is trying to get us to live in this fantasy world, but we won’t. We’re going to tell the truth and we’re going to live it and stand with God.

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