Fortress of Faith Radio by Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian discuss the decline of Christianity and the rise of Islam in Europe.Fortress of Faith Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian Listen to the program HERE and below are the “show notes” from this program. 

Segment One: As the Churches of America Go, So Goes the Nation

Before I get into today’s subject I want to share why we call ourselves “Fortress of Faith.” It comes from a passage in Jeremiah.

I have set thee for a tower and a fortress among my people, that thou mayest know and try their way. Jeremiah 6:27

There is another Old Testament passage that speaks of the watchman standing on the wall. His job is to look for the enemy and warn the people. I believe that is the job that God has called me to do. I was a missionary and the son of a missionary. I spent most of my life overseas. I spent 17 years as a church planter in the UK. I saw Islam taking hold in Europe and the weakening of the saints. It has become a dire situation. What I saw there is happening here in America.

We should be extremely concerned about the condition of our churches here in the US. As the churches of America go, so goes the nation. We see this in Scripture when we look at Israel. When the people of Israel sought to follow God, things went well for the nation. When they turned their back on God the nation saw the judgment of God.

As we look at our nation it seems that it is embracing every form of immorality and sexual perversion. Dr. Michael Brown is now calling the homosexual and the trans-gender movements “trans-sanity.” He says we are seeing our nation lose its mined.

At the same time we have a press that seems to uphold Islam and make excuses for this hateful ideology. We have a government that not only makes excuses for Islam, but also seems to be buddy buddy with the Muslim Brotherhood, the most prominent Islamist group in the world.

Our churches are turning a blind eye to what Islam is doing when they should be engaging Islam. They are not equipping Christians for the defense of our faith and the refutation of Islam. They are not teaching their people how to properly share the Gospel with Muslims.

Europe, Our Crystal Ball

We can look at Europe to see what we should not do. I didn’t think it could happen in England, but one day I woke up and found a Sharia court in my neighborhood.

Fortress of Faith Radio by Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian discuss the decline of Christianity and the rise of Islam in Europe. Listen to the program HERE and below are the “show notes” from this program

Today I want us to look at Europe. Europe is on its last leg. We are seeing an incredible decline of Christianity and a phenomenal rise of Islam. Islam is taking over Europe.

If we are wise we will heed the warning of Europe. Europe is our “crystal ball” through which we can see our future. For decades I have heard pastors in America say our churches are making the same mistakes they made in Europe, yet we are still moving in the same direction. What is it that, in light of the fact that we see what has happened in Europe, keeps us from changing our course?

It is time to wake up. We must address the situation.

The Spectator Magazine is predicting that by the year 2067 we could see the end of British Christianity. They have a picture of a single woman sitting in a beautiful, huge cathedral. Just one person left.

It is an image that shows what is happening today. I don’t know how many churches have closed in Great Britain over the last decade, but it is more than a few.

According to the latest census, 2001-2011, the number of Christians born in Great Britain fell by 5.3 million. This is quite an attrition. This means that Christianity fell by a staggering 10% in ten years.

The Queen of England is the present head of this church. The next in line is Prince Charles, who says he does not want to be the head of a church, he wants to be the head of faith. He is an ecumenical and justs wants all religions to get along. They are predicting that the Anglican Church, the state church of England, may go out of existence as early as 2033.

Many of the churches that are closing are being purchased by Muslims and being turned into mosques. Nothing is left in a vacuum. If one religion, Christianity, declines, another will take its place. You never see Israel turning from God without the rise of idolatry. As we have seen Europe embrace secularism, abortion, homosexuality, etc. we have seen Islam filling the religious gap.

Belgium is expected to have a Muslim majority by 2030. By 2040 or 2050 many other countries will reach the same point. We know that France, with around a 12% Muslim population, has the largest Muslim population in Europe. There are some sections of England, France, and other countries where the Muslim population is 80% or more.

This is a warning to America. As we become more and more secular, we accept homosexuality, abortion, and every imaginable abomination under the sun. We have rejected our God, the God of the Bible, and we see Islam filling the void.

The most popular name for baby boys is Muhammad in 6  or 7 European nations. This should open our eyes to what is happening.

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Segment Two

Muammar Gaddafi said:

There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest.

This sums up the strategy of Islam in Europe. Islam attacked Europe in the 7th century by the sword and was defeated in France at the Battle of Poitier. Islam tried again in the 16th century and was defeated at the Battle of Vienna. This time they are attacking Europe by cultural jihad and they are winning.

We are seeing Gaddafi’s prediction come to pass before our eyes. Islam is growing through immigration, procreation, etc. while Europeans are killing their children before they are born and their women are too busy with their careers to raise families. People are too busy making money to buy their toys to build families. Islam will out number us on the battlefield if necessary, or in the voting booth without firing a shot.

Merkel in Germany, Cameron in England, and Sarkozi in France all said that multiculturalism has failed. They pointed to Islam as proof of this failure because of their refusal to assimilate into the culture of the European nations. In the last French election Sarkozi was the only one who tried to take a stand against Islam and lost. François Hollande, who succeeded Sarkozi, went to the Muslims and told them that if they voted for him, he would undo all of the things that Sarkozi had done. Hollande won by 1.1 million votes, but 1.8 million Muslims voted for him. There are so many Muslims in France that they get to choose who will be their president.

The Muslims tried to take Europe by the sword twice and failed. Now they are coming in through peaceful means and winning.

An interesting fact about the Battle of Vienna is that it concluded on September 11th. This is the reason that date was chosen to bring down the Twin Towers. The fact that they remembered that date shows that they have a long term agenda. They are willing to take the time necessary to win.

Those Muslims who move into a nation, as a whole, do not assimilate into the culture of their new home. Muslims use migration as a tool to take over a country. Once they have a large enough population in an area they start to demand. They start pushing for Sharia. They demand Halal meat, the segregation of boys and girls in school, the recognition of their holidays, etc. We are seeing it in America. The mayor of New York is recognizing Muslim holidays in the public schools. It is interesting that they are doing this while refusing to recognize Christian holidays. They are refusing to call Christmas break Christmas and Easter break Easter. They call them the winter and spring break.

Many of the organizations bringing Muslim refugees into America don’t realize that they won’t assimilate into our culture. These Muslims are here to fight the cultural jihad. They want to change the culture from within.

In Europe the majority of immigrants are Muslims, there is an influx of Muslim refugees, and a higher birthrate of Muslims and all of these contribute to the rise of Islam in Europe. The European birth rate of 1.4 is not even enough to keep themselves going even if Islam wasn’t present. The Muslim birth rate is at least 4.7, and in some places as high as 7.4. The average is about 5 children per wife among Muslims.

Because of the Sharia courts in England, Muslim men can now have as many as 4 wives. It used to be that they had to go somewhere else to marry more than one wife. The wives would be recognized, but they had to be married somewhere else. Now they can marry them in Great Britain. The sad thing is that these Muslim men cannot afford multiple wives but the government gives them benefits so they can.

The decline of Christianity in Europe is not just because of the decline in birth rates. It is also because of the hate speech laws that forbid any speech that is negative toward Islam. Christians can be arrested for simply sharing the Gospel with a Muslim. This stifles evangelism and keeps Christian churches from growing.

One British politician was simply quoting what Sir Winston Churchill had said about the Muslim people of his day. He was arrested for doing so. It was called a hate crime.

In Europe there is an active plan to open the education system for the teaching of Islam. We see the same thing happening here in America.

Europe is our crystal ball, but we are not learning. We see what is happening in real time. This is not theory, it is happening all around us, yet we can’t seem to grasp it.

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Plot to ‘Islamize’ British Schools

It is claimed that Muslim population in Great Britain is about 6%. With children 5 years old and under it is 10%. Over the next decade the schools will be heavily populated with Muslim students.

There was a report that came out nearly 2 years ago showing a letter with what is called the Trojan Horse Plot. The plan is to remove headmasters (what we call principals) and replace them with Muslim friendly headmasters and teachers.

Here are the steps in this strategy:

Step 1. “Identify schools based in Muslim areas that you want to target… Start with the poorest performing schools first as they will be easiest for you to influence and take over.”

Step 2. “Identify any Salafi [radical Islamists] parents within the school community. They are always the most committed to the faith and are hardliners in that regard and once charged up they keep going for longer… When the parents have been identified, we start to turn them against the head teacher and leadership team. The only way to do this is to tell each parent that the school is corrupting their children with sex education, teaching about homosexuals, making their children pray Christian prayers and [taking part in] mixed swimming and sports.”

Step 3. The next step is to “parachute in” Muslim governors (lay leaders in the schools) “to drip-feed our ideal for a Muslim school.”

Step 4. “Identify key staff to disrupt the school from within… to eventually accuse the head of doing something wrong so that… the head resigns, or is sacked. It is also important… to ensure you have an English face amongst the group as this makes it much more believable.”

Step 5. “Instigate an anonymous… letter campaign [to be circulated to MPs, press and ministers]…. All these things will work towards wearing the head down, removing his/her resolve and weakening their mindset so they eventually just give up.”

The whole point is to get the leadership to give in and give up. Does this sound like they want to coexist, does it sound like they want to get along with others and assimilate. If this was written about a government instead of schools, it would be called treason.

Here is another quote from this letter:

We have almost removed a head teacher who has been in post fifteen years and who has an outstanding Ofsted report (Ofsted is the governing body over the schools). As her performance was so strong, her reason for dismissal had to be linked to her results and as such we had to plant the seed of her cheating in order to get the results that she has. This put her whole performance under scrutiny, and once you scrutinize you will always find something, however small it may be, and by that time the damage is done, and as such most people will resign before they are pushed. Tina Ireland will soon be forced to resign or will be sacked from Reagents Park Community School. Once she goes we will slowly move in with Sally’s help.

They are using any method possible to get rid of good teachers. Their goal is to replace them with Muslim friendly teachers so they can indoctrinate the students.

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No church is too big or too small.


Harrassment from CAIR in Washington State

CAIR used exactly the same tactic that is being used in Great Britain against a school in Concrete, WA. CAIR has been shown to be a Muslim Brotherhood organization which funds terrorist organizations like HAMAS and does all it can to promote Islamic interests here in the US. This group masquerades as a civil rights group.

In October of 2012, a local teacher in Concrete, Washington with a spotless 20 year record was talking to a group of middle school students about the “Rachel’s Challenge” Assembly on bullying they had seen earlier. Later the teacher talked to the class about bullies who use threats of violence and intimidation tactics to impose their will on other people in history, such as the Nazi’s. Students talked about what they knew about Hitler and the discussion led to the subject of terrorist groups like Hamas and the Taliban. One student raised her hand and said, “My dad is a Muslim and the things you are saying are not true.” The teacher explained that she was not talking about individual Muslims or even Arabs but only the groups that have indeed used violence to impose their will on others.

The student went home and told her dad, a convert to Islam, who went directly to file a complaint with the Washington State Affiliate of the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Neither the school nor the teacher knew there was a problem until CAIR filed a complaint with the school. The school district did an investigation and was satisfied that there was no factual basis for the claims and dismissed them. By their own admission at a press conference last week, CAIR-Washington had not spoken to anyone other than the child in question and the father. Not being satisfied with the results of the District’s investigation, CAIR-Washington filed a complaint with the Department of Justice and was attempting to find a venue for a community meeting where they could explain Islam to the community. CAIR-Washington is appearing to smear this good teacher’s name on their facebook page and website and has put this teacher in unnecessary fear-all on the false allegation of one 13 year old.

The town decided to stand with the teacher. They invited us to a town hall meeting. There were over 400 people present. People were standing outside by the windows in the rain. This one was a victory for our side. We need to know that groups like CAIR are not going away.

In 2011 CAIR sent a letter to all of the school districts, 295, in the state of Washington demanding eight things. It included things like coming in and looking at curriculum, training, diversity, etc. this is very similar to the strategy in Great Britain.

In other broadcasts we have covered how Common Core is promoting Islam. We have also shown how textbooks are promoting Islam. At every turn we see Christianity being removed and Islam being promoted. Muslims know that if they can win in the schools, they can win the war.

We must stand up against the islamization of our society. We are issuing an appeal to those Christians who listen to our broadcasts and read our blog to be come more bold with their church leadership. It is time for Christians to demand of their pastors to stand in this difficult hour.

In these difficult times we must be bold for the Gospel. We still have relative freedom to preach the truth. The Gospel is the only hope for this nation, and the world.

I have often said that we have failed at being the salt and light God has called us to be. We are dealing with the consequences of this failure. Great Britain failed and is about to be taken over by Islam.

We need to think about what will happen when Islam controls Europe? If things continue as they are it is likely that this will happen withing the next 40 years. When Islam controls the wealth, the weapons, and the people of Europe, what will life be like on this earth?

Islam is a patient enemy. They think in generations, we think no farther than tomorrow. They are faithfully implementing their program, we are vacillating. Our pastors are preaching chicken soup sermons to soothe the soul and we need preaching the will put Holy Spirit fire in God’s people. Preaching needs to bring back the fear of God into our congregations.

I often say we have too many cowards in the pulpits. I think the reason for this is that we have too many cowards in the pews. We have reached the time spoken of in 2 Timothy 4:

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 2 Timothy 4:3

There are very few Christians who will stand up and be counted for God and His precepts. We need to pray for an awakening among God’s people. The revivals we see in the past that we call Holy Ghost Revivals, were an awakening of the people of God. The people were awakened to the fear of God. People saw their wretched sinfulness and it brought them to contrition. They were convicted in their hearts and sought God’s mercy. The result was a mighty working of God. We need that same thing today. That is the only thing that is going to save us from Islam, from this judgment upon us.