The Foundations of Islam

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If you are new to Fortress of Faith and are not aware of the principles of Islam you may not know that in Islam it is the moral duty of Muslims to lie if it advances Islam. If you are a Christian you may not understand this because Christians are taught not to lie.

Today we are going to look at the man behind Islam, the Prophet Muhammad. He is the key to understanding Islam.

Muslims are never taught to question, they are just to believe Islam. To question anything about Islam can be dangerous to your health. Muslims, and Christians as well, need to understand the history and origin of Islam. Since Muslims are commanded to follow their scriptures, and when their scriptures are unclear, they are commanded to do as Muhammad did.

We will start by looking at the sources of Islamic doctrine. As we all know, the Qur’an is the main source of Islamic doctrine. The Qur’an came Muhammad and no one else is witness to the revelation that was supposedly given to him. Muhammad taught that the Qur’an came to him from Allah through a Jin (angel to Muslims, demon to the rest of us), who dictated it to him in perfect Arabic.

The second source of Islamic teaching are the Hadith. The Hadith are stories about the life of the Prophet, and the Sirah, which are the sayings of Muhammad. These two sources make up what is call the Sunnah.

The Qur’an is scripture, dictated to Muhammad as a prophet and the Sunnah is the practice of the Prophet of Islam. All Muslims are commanded to imitate the practices of the Prophet as laid out in the Sunnah. Another way to say it is that the Qur’an is contains the words of Allah, the God of Islam, and the Sunnah contains the words and works of Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam. When you put these two things together you have the sources of Islamic doctrines.

You will find, as we go through the life of Muhammad, that he was building a kingdom. Because of this he gave laws, not just about religion, but how to govern themselves, their economy, their education, their legal system, etc. We call this the Shariah. Islam encompasses every part to the life of a Muslim. It goes so far as to tell the Muslim which foot must go first when he enters the bathroom.

The next thing I want to look at is Arabia at the time of Muhammad. What kind of culture was Muhammad born into? Arabia was a hodgepodge of every pagan religion. There were some Jews in the region and some Christians, but it was a melting pot of paganism. Muhammad said that out of the paganism, he wanted to bring monotheism.

When you look at Muhammad’s family and tribe you learn that they were worshiping many idols. This was before Muhammad had his revelations and brought a monotheistic religion to them.

There were actually 360 idols worshiped in the Kaaba, which is now the center of Islam. Muhammad’s tribe was the Quraysh tribe. This tribe was responsible for the maintenance of the Kaaba. One of the idols of the Kaaba was Allah. The last names of Muhammad’s father, grandfather and uncle were tied to Allah. His father was called Abdullah, which means slave of Allah.

It is important for us to understand that Muhammad’s family was worshiping a god named Allah long before Muhammad made him the only god. One of Muhammad’s great, great, grandfathers was a pagan priest making Muhammad part of the priestly line. This is what motivated Muhammad to seek after spiritual enlightenment.

 Today’s Podcast, listen here, therse are the show notes transcript from today’s program.

Segment Two

All of Islam rests on Muhammad. He is the only one who received the revelation from Allah. It is his actions that Muslims are commanded to emulate.

Let me emphasize again the Muslims are taught not to question Islam. On of the reasons for this is that If Muslims were to really delve into Islam they would see how disturbing it was. They would see how inconsistent it is. They would also see the lack of credibility of the Prophet.

The Kaaba Now And Then

The Kaaba, which is the center of Islam today, was the center of pagan worship in Muhammad’s day. Allah was the chief god of the Kaaba. The Kaaba was called the house of Allah. This “god” in the times before Muhammad was the overseeing god of the other idols. He was not the monotheistic god of Islam. Hu’abaal like the Baal of the Bible. This god was the moon god. They worshiped the moon god because they worshiped the black stone of the Kaaba.

The pre-Muhammad people of that region would follow pretty much the rituals practiced by Muslims today when they visit the Kaaba. The black stone was known as the mood rock and represented the moon god.

Those of you who know your Bible know that God has admonished us to never worship the sun, the moon, and the stars. We are clearly shown the worship of pagan gods is the worshiping of the moon god, the sun god, and the stars. Making gods of the celestial objects was not unique to Mecca. What we need to understand from this is that Muhammad and his family were steeped in this pagan worship.

My question is, why was the revelation received by Muhammad so similar to the practices of the pagans at the Kaaba? The only major difference was that when the pagans did what they did they were naked and now they are in clothed white sheets. They walk around the Kaaba, the rub and kiss the black rock, the believe it can take away their sin, etc.

The Beginning of it All

When it all started Muhammad’s family was worshiping Allah as a false god and he claims he is going to seek the true god. By this time he is married to a very wealthy woman. He has been trained by his uncles to be a trader. In his travels he goes to Syria, which at that time was a very strong Christian nation. As a matter of fact the first translation of the Bible was into Syriac, the language of Syria.

Most people of the region could not read or write. Muhammad was called the unlettered prophet because he could not read or write. After his marriage he was wealthy enough to hire is own scribe to do his reading and writing for him.

Now that he no longer has to work he went and spent a month in a cave seeking the true god. The ideas of being a prophet are being fed to him by his wife. While in the cave he has a visitation by a jin (where we get the word genie), but he is not sure if it is real.

I don’t know of one place in the Bible where a person visited by an angel had any question whether the angel was from God or not. In every case there is a presence and an holiness that comes with the visitation.

Muhammad felt that he was in the presence of a demon, not the presence of an angel. He thought he was demon possessed and he was afraid for his life. In the Bible, when angels visited people there was fear but the angels consoled them and told them not to fear. This was not the case when the jin visited Muhammad. The jin squeezed Muhammad to the point where he thought he was going to die.

In the Sirah he said, “Never shall the Quraish say of me poet or possessed.” It goes on to say that he went to the top of the mountain to throw himself off to kill himself that he might find rest. Does this sound more like someone who has encountered and angel or like someone who is demon possessed?

Are you beginning to see why Muslims are commanded not to question? They don’t want you looking at the history and the foundation of Islam. If you do you will see that it is demon inspired and not God inspired.

How did Muhammad discern whether it was an angel or a demon? His wife used sex to persuade him that it was an angel and not a demon.

What we have seen here is the greatest weakness of Islam. Everything rests on the revelations received by Muhammad. Everything that is in the Qur’an came from this jin, which quite clearly was a demon and not an angel from God. His messages were contrary to the revelations from angels in the Bible.

Not only was the jin a demon, it was an ant-Christ demonic spirit. It not only directly contradicts the Bible, it contradicts Jesus Christ, Himself.

Today’s Podcast, listen here, therse are the show notes transcript from today’s program

Segmet Three

When you see the three references in 1 John and one in 2 John use the term antichrist, every time it refers to a spirit denying Christ. This spirit denies that He is the Son of God, that He is God that He has come in the flesh, etc.

The revelations that Muhammad supposedly got in the Qur’an deny, not only the Bible, they say that the people of the book, Christians and Jews, are incorrect, and Jesus is not the Son of God, that He came in the flesh, was crucified etc.

Surah 112, the surah that every Muslim prays every day in their daily prayers, says the Allah does not have a son, nor is he a father. It says Allah is not begotten, nor does he beget.

Muhammad thought he was demon possessed and his wife convinces him that he is not through a sexual encounter before the jin. When the jin leaves in the middle of the encounter she says, see, this is of god. Through her, and others, including his uncle, Muhammad is convinced that this is all from God.

When the message of God was revealed in the New Testament, look at how many people responded. When the Spirit of God is behind the message thousands respond as we see in Acts Chapter 2. Muhammad preached this monotheism for some 12 to 14 years in Mecca and only had 120 to 150 followers. It wasn’t until he went to Medina and used the sword that he started having converts in any number.

The reformers of Islam today say that if we just go back to the early verses of the Qur’an we can reform Islam. The early verses that Muhammad claimed to have received and that he preached in Mecca gave him at best 150 followers. On the day of Pentecost the message resulted in 3,000 converts in one day, and that only counts the men.

Muhammad recognized that his message was not working. Again, let me remind you that the only one who received any revelation or witnessed this jin was Muhammad. No one else corroborates the message. In the Bible we see the different writers confirming what the others said. There is agreement across the board.

When he went to Medina he started raiding caravans and increasing his wealth. He also started committing assassinations. It is here that we see the sword come out.

His followers started questioning the Qur’an because the practice was not matching its teachings. The revelation was starting to contradict itself. Muhammad got into a lot of trouble with his tribe because they were polytheists. Their main god was the moon god. Their tradition said that the moon god had sexual relations and had daughters. These daughters ended up in the Qur’an and created a problem, His followers were saying that he had told them that there was only one god and no others and now you have given us scripture that says he had daughters and we have worshiped them as gods.

Think about this, Muhammad claimed that the passages were dictated to him word for word in perfect Arabic. If God is dictating to you, wouldn’t you expect him to get it all right?

In pre-Islamic times the people of the region believed that the chief god of the Kaaba, Allah, had three daughters. Remember that in pagan religions it is perfectly normal for the male gods to have sex with the female gods. It was completely normal for them to produce offspring. The verses about these three daughters are in the early verses of the Qur’an.

Srurah 53:19-20 says, “Have ye thought upon al-Lat and al-‘Uzza and Manat, the third – the other.” These were the same idols they worshiped before. Muhammad solved the problem by saying that he was confused by a demon. He thought that it was the angel Gabriel when it was a demon speaking to him.

Muhammad was supposed to be getting perfect revelation and he was confused by Satan who gave him this false information which he put into the Qur’an and now he is having to remove it. Now he says that Allah has no children.

It is also interesting that when Muhammad went to Medina the verses changed to back up his violent behavior. This brings us to the Islamic concept of abrogation. This is how conflicts are resolved in Islam. If a later verse contradicts an older verse, the newer verse abrogates, or supersedes, the earlier verse once you gain an upper hand. In other words, once you have the power of wealth and the sword peaceful Islam goes out the window.

The later or newer verses are the ones that teach compulsion to religion. It is either convert to Islam or die. Isn’t this what we are seeing in the world today? Isn’t this what Shahram is facing today since he left Islam? He is to come back to Islam or die.

Shariah Law says that if a person leaves the faith he is to be killed. The person that kills him is not guilty of a crime because he killed someone who deserved to die.

We must understand this concept of abrogation and we must understand the principle of the two house of Islam, the house of Islam and the house of war.

When Muhammad returned to Mecca he was no longer a nice guy. He went on a rampage to wipe out the idols.

Today’s Podcast, listen here, therse are the show notes transcript from today’s program

Segment Four

Muhammad started connecting Allah with the Jews. The people of Arabia in that day believed the stories of Abraham, or some form of them, because they were children Abraham through Ishmael. In spite of this, as we indicated earlier, he was thrown out of Mecca when is uncle, who was his protector, died.

The important thing to remember is that while in Medina he turned to the sword. There was a lot of wealth traveling through Arabia and he had to fund is movement because he lost all of his wealth when he was kicked out of Mecca. There was a major trade route that came through the area and he started attacking these caravans. Isn’t it convenient when god tells you to do this. If god told them to do it then they must obey.

He told his followers that god had told him they were to deal with these unbelievers and isolators in this manner. When you are the only one receiving revelation you can conveniently get whatever revelation you need to justify anything. This is the idea of converting them to their faith or killing them started.

As you can see, convert or die is in the DNA of Islam. This is how the religion grew, and it is only because of the treat of death under the apostasy laws that has kept the religion alive.

As a result of the new tactics Muhammad developed a great following. Is followers grew to over 100,000. It is amazing what you can do with a sword.

There were three Jewish tribes in Medina who refused to recognize him as a prophet. Two of the tribes left, but one stayed in Medina. At what is called the battle of the trenches Muhammad supervised the beheading of six to nine hundred Jews out of this tribe. Does this make you think about what is happening today with ISIS? Some would have us believe that these are just a minority of radicals. No, this is in the DNA of Islam.

This tribe of Jews surrendered to Muhammad with a guarantee of safe passage out of Medina. Muhammad broke that guarantee. This is why many Muslims will make a treaty and then break it before the ink is dry. We saw this with Yassar Arafat. He would sign a treaty to take the pressure off of him and then break it at the earliest opportunity. We also saw this during the recent combat in Gaza. Hamas would agree to a cease fire and break it within hours. They are following the example of their Prophet.

He then turns his sights on Mecca. He first made a treaty with Mecca and then broke it. He slaughtered many on his return to Mecca. He threw 359 of the idols out of the Kaaba. He kept the idol of his tribe, the black stone, the moon god. Have you ever wondered why the moon is the symbol for Islam and why it is on almost all Islamic flags?

One of the contradictions of Islam is that it is so adamant against worshiping idols that they don’t even have pictures of Muhammad. In spite of this it has kept the black stone. Why? Again, Muhammad changed the story. Now the stone is the stone upon which Abraham was going to sacrifice Ismael. Muslims are required to go on the hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca and try their best to get to the corner of the Kaaba where the black stone is. They are taught to believe that if they can just touch it they might have their sins forgiven. This is exactly what the idol worshipers did prior to Islam.

We can see that from its very root, Islam is pagan. From its very root it is demonic. From its very root it is Baal worship. Muhammad thought he was demon possessed. The Qur’an is a fabrication by Muhammad and is not reliable in any sense. Why is it that Muslims follow this religion? It is either that they don’t know the facts, they have been told not to question, or they are afraid of the penalties for leaving Islam.

As those of you who follow Fortress of Faith know, one of our major goals is to reach Muslims for Christ. How can we reach them if we don’t know the truth about their history.

What we have talked about in this article is a criminal offense in Europe. We would probably go to jail for saying these things.

For Islam to succeed in its quest for world conquest this information must be kept from the people, especially from Muslims. When one becomes a Christian he is given all kinds of tools to study the Bible. There are software, tools to go to the original languages even if you don’t read them, dictionaries, and other tools because they want you to know what God has to say.

Christians are commanded to study the Word of God. We are told to hid God’s Word in our hearts. In Islam they are told not to question it and to trust what the Imams say. They say that the Qur’an can only be understood in Arabic, a language that the vast majority of Muslims don’t understand.

Where does Islam grow? It is in that part of the world where 2/3 of the people are illiterate. They can’t study things out for themselves.

Originally the Qur’an was not written down. It was memorized by a few who told others what it said. Muslims are just to obey. Remember Islam means submit. Conform to what we tell you. Don’t ask any questions, just do it.

As we have said, Muhammad is the key to understanding Islam. He was driven by sex and power. Imagine Hitler with a god. This is the kind of man Muhammad really was. He was anything but a godly man.

Next week we will look more into the life of Muhammad and talk about another influence on Muhammad, the Ebonites. He sat under one of the Ebonite priests in Arabia. We will see how he blends all of these things together into the religion of Islam.