The Obama administration is promoting a very different vision of American life. Americans used to take pride in being faithful, hard-working, self-sufficient, and patriotic. Obama wants to transfer our faith in God and love of country to unquestioning faith in government. The Obama goal, in a nutshell, is the cartoon slide-show that his own campaign posted on the internet called “The Life of Julia.”

It shows Julia dependent on government as a toddler in pre-K programs, with no sign of parents. Then, Julia is the beneficiary of government programs in school, college loans, government-paid health insurance, contraception and abortion, government-dictated salary when she is working, having a baby with no sign of a husband, and finally Medicare and Social Security. Julia is dependent on government for her whole life.

This campaign strip placed on the internet by Obama makes clear that parents and husband are not part of the Life of Julia because the government will provide all her wants and needs. Julia is raised not by her parents but by the village, that is, the government and government schools. It’s clear that Barack Obama wants to make more and more Americans wholly dependent on government and looking to government for solutions to all life’s needs and problems. “The Life of Julia” is an embarrassment to the Obama Administration, but remember, the Obama people themselves put it on the internet.

We already have 47% of the American people who depend on government handouts of cash or benefits for all or part of their living expenses. Obama’s regulations and legislation will increase that percentage. And where will the money come from? As Obama told Joe the Plumber, he will spread the wealth around, starting with higher taxes on the taxpayers, both rich and middle class.

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