March 10, 2012 By now most of America should know the Obama Administration looks for the easiest targets when it plans to redistribute the taxpayer bounty of America. This has been proven time and time again by administration’s actions. It hates fossil fuels, so the plans are for higher taxes on “Big Oil” and more tax funded subsidies and bailouts for alternative energy. It has several programs to bail out those so-called delinquent “under water” mortgage holders, while nothing is done to ease the burdens of those millions of homeowners who still manage to pay their high mortgages on time. 

If you buy an electric car that offers nothing but poor performance at an inflated and subsidized cost, you can get a $7,000 tax break and the President wants to change that to a $10,000 freebee. Those subsidies and tax incentives come at the expense of every non-electric car driving American. 

Moving into the wonderful world of health care we have the colossus of political backroom con jobs…Obamacare. With this new law in place, the Obama constituency sees 30 million more dependent people on Medicaid and fantastic number of cross over or new Democrat voters. How do we pay for all this new care? It started off with $500 billion cut from Medicare to help pay for the bill. That is a huge amount to take away from the program that provides needed healthcare to senior Americans over the age of 65. It means there will be major reductions in services and in many cases there will be doctors who will not accept new Medicare patients. In his latest “cost reduction” plan, the President wants to cut an additional $300 to $500 billion from Medicare and Medicaid, supposedly though streamlining and eliminating waste and fraud. Again, the majority of those targeted are senior citizens. 

Another target of the Obama Administration are retired military personnel and their dependents over the age of 65. To really appreciate how deplorable this action is one needs a quick history concerning these senior military personnel. All in this age group entered military service at a time when the government promised them and their families free medical care for life, if they would spend a career of between 20 and 30 years or longer on active duty. 

They answered the nation’s call and gave of their youth and middle age to long hardship tours away from family, service in remote and hostile countries, plus a collection of wars and conflicts where life and limb were always at risk. Then as they entered retirement it was found that promises made by the government they served were meaningless. There was no free medical care. 

The military retirees filed a class action lawsuit against the government that went all the way to the Supreme Court. The finding of that court was yes, for decades the government did promise free health care to its career service personnel. It also found the government had no right to make such promises because Congress had never passed a law authorizing such services. Those retirees past the age of 65 were forced into continue paying Medicare premiums for any healthcare they received. 

Congress was shamed by the decision of the Supreme Court, particularly faulting that body for the false promises of the nation. As a face saving gesture, Congress passed into law Tricare for Life, which is a supplemental coverage for those senior retired military personnel to pay those costs Medicare does not cover. 

This brings us to the latest Democrat Administration plan to take more away from Defense and military budgets. At this time military retirees over the age of 65 pay an average of $4796 a year per family (considered as husband and wife) for Part B. Medicare coverage. They also pay an additional estimated $1,512 for prescription fees. There is no enrollment fee for Tricare for Life. Under the Obama plan, starting next year these same military retiree families will pay $4988 for Part B of Medicare, $300 for enrollment in Tricare for Life and $2856 for the prescription services. This means an $1836 per family in increased medical costs for a program that by the time these additional costs go into effect could be cut by close to One Trillion dollars. In four years, those new costs are planned to escalate to an additional $5,000 a year for each senior retired military family. It should also be noted that no current administration plans call for increases in the medical care provided to union workers, who have also been given the option of opting out of Obamacare. 

The Obama campaign sees little to worry about relative to these planned actions. They see  senior citizens impacted by Medicare cuts as minor. Those impacted are few in number and any negative votes being overcome by the new dependent society being created. As for the senior military retirees, with only about a million people involved, why not break another government promise. 

Semper Fidelis

Thomas D. Segel