Fortress of Faith In  today’s discussion Fortress of Faith Radio by Tom Wallace and Sharam Hadian discuss the Islam control of the United Nations through the  Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), as well as the establishment of the Strong Cities network as a global police force as intense efforts are underway to usher in a global government and economy. Listen to the program and the content here are the “show notes” from this program. Today I want to turn the spotlight on the United Nations. I want to show how Islam is controlling this organization. We will start by looking at the UN and domestic issues here in the US. A few weeks ago the UN announced the formation of a global police force called the Strong Cities Network. It is to be used, among other things, to combat violent extremism in the United States. We will be looking at what this means for Americans and our rights as US citizens. The biggest questions are: Who do the UN and this administration consider to be the violent extremists? What role does Islam play in this? Before we get into this subject I want to give you a preview of some developments in the UN concerning Israel. There has been a rise in attacks against Israeli citizens in Israel. The president of Palestine is inciting this new violence. There is a startling announcement from one of the groups in the UN. They have declared that the Western Wall, that is in the Jewish sector, should belong to the Muslims. They want to kick the Jews out of that area. We will be talking about the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which is the largest voting block in the UN. We will see the control that Islam now has on the United Nations. We will be taking another look at Resolution 16/18 which deals with the freedom of speech, and how it is a threat against our Constitution. It will take away our freedom to speak freely and criticize Islam. Satan wants to destroy Christianity and will do anything he can to accomplish his goal. More and more threats are coming to the forefront, and the tools he is using are Islam and the United Nations. Now let’s examine what is happening with this global police force. We need to understand that even though there are 192 member states in the united nations, the OIC is the largest voting block, The OIC has 57 members and 56 of them are member states in the UN. This means that more than ¼ of the states in the UN vote as one, and that ¼ is all pro-Islamic. The 57th member is Palestine, which is not a member of the UN, but has ¼ of the members always voting in its favor. Remember when Obama was running for President the first time and he said there were 57 states in the United States? This slip of the tongue may not mean anything, but it is surly interesting that his error equaled the number of members of the OIC. He also spoke of his Muslim faith in an interview and the interviewer, George Stephanopoulos, corrected him and said, you mean your Christian faith, to which Obama agreed. The OIC has a major influence in the UN, and one of the things they have done is the introduction of the idea of hate speech laws. They call them “defamation of religion” laws. In doing so they created the term “islamophobe” which is used by the media and many politicians to describe those who expose Islam for what it is. This term is a charge of slander. Even if you present something completely factual about Islam, even if it is quoted from a reliable Islamic source, if a Muslim or Islam is offended, it is called slander. In Europe they use these anti-defamation laws to go after anyone who dares speak out against Islam. For example, Geert Wilders Is a Dutch politician, the head of the Freedom Party in Holland, and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff from Germany have been prosecuted and harassed by these laws. Christians in Europe have had criminal charges brought against them for speaking up against Islam, and for sharing the Gospel with Muslims. Where did this law come from? It came from the OIC, it came from the United Nations. Hillary Clinton has been involved in meetings to get Resolution 16/18 worded in a way that will make it acceptable in the US. The UN has been voting on this resolution annually for over a decade. The US ambassador to the UN has voted against it until recently. In 2010 or 2011, Hillary Clinton started getting involved. She has joint hosted meetings with the chairman of the OIC, first in Istanbul, Turkey, and a year later in Washington DC, and then in London. I think they have had another meeting in France since then. This is called the Istanbul Process. Originally this was about the defamation of Islam, and they tweaked the language and made it the defamation of religion. The result is that the US has now voted in approval of this resolution. Even though it is against the defamation of any religion, we know that the holy cow is Islam. Do all the research you want and you will never find a case where these defamation laws have been used against Islam for criticizing Christianity. We have had Deborah Weiss on our radio broadcast several times. She is an attorney, she has written a number of articles for Front Page Magazine and the Washington Times. She lives in Washington DC. She is the foremost expert on Resolution 16/18. Resolutions in the UN don’t make law, and countries are not obligated to abide by them. They do set a precedence and they do apply pressure to the UN members to comply. By the end of this article you will see that the UN has a lot of influence in our government.

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The Strong Cities Network

When Hillary Clinton brought Resolution 16/18 into the State Department, it started creeping into other government agencies, most importantly the Justice Department. The Justice Department has recently made this resolution its policy. This is not law, it has not been passed by Congress, it is just DOJ policy, but for those that are in government, policy might as well be law because if you dare go against policy you can be fired or blacklisted. The DOJ now has a zero tolerance policy against anyone, including law enforcement people, who would “defame Islam” in any way. The White house has been setting the example on this issue. They can’t even say “radical Islam.” This implementation of Resolution 16/18 into DOJ policy makes the issue of a global police force one of the most important issues facing us today. Another thing we will be discussing over the next few weeks is the refugee issue. The OIC influences the UN selection process on refugees. It is the UN that selects the refugees that are then sent into the various countries, including the US. We know that the refugees are mostly Muslims, and very few, if any, Christians are being allowed in. What happened on September 30th has taken this to a whole new level. This is what is called “The Strong Cities Network.” On September 30th the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, along with Vice-President Biden, at the UN announced the formation of this global task (police) force. This announcement has gone almost totally uncovered by the mainstream media. The stated purpose is to combat violent extremism. We have heard the expression “violent extremism” before. The President had a summit at the White House on countering violent extremism earlier this year. Most of this summit was spent talking about “right wing extremists.” They didn’t talk about ISIS or Islamic terrorism. When this announcement was made, a group called “The Southern Poverty Law Center,” a group that is worse than the ACLU and is anti-God, anti-Christian, anti anything that is biblical, applauded this announcement. Why would they launch a global police force to combat violent extremism, particularly in the US? What connection does that have with the OIC, with the defamation of Islam? What should we, as Christians, be preparing for? Many years ago Obama said he wanted a citizen task force to achieve our national security objectives. You can see the video of this statement by Obama here. He wants a civilian police force just as powerful as our military forces. Janet Napolitano, when she was head of Homeland Security, said that we need to watch Christian groups, military veterans, and these extreme right groups. She marked us as hate groups and as potential threats against the government. There have been people like Timothy McVeigh and a few others who are crazy, anti-government people, but patriots are not anti-government. Patriots want the Constitution to be followed. I would describe myself as a Christian patriot. Our founders gave us a republic and a constitution to govern it. Those of us who want the government given us by our founders are considered dangerous to the present government. In the first church that I pastored, I had men who worked for the NSA. They were basically spies. We also had all branches of military intelligence in the church. We even had some from the CIA. They monitored telephone conversations around the world, and when certain words were said they would flag those conversations for analysis. I can’t give you my sources, but I know that they were flagging fundamental Christian groups. I consider this a threat to my freedom. The fact that this administration feels that Christians and patriotic groups are a threat to the government should concern us all. Janet Napolitano put out a memo in 2009, of which we have a copy, that talked about returning veterans, those who are pro second amendment, those who are anti-illegal immigration, those who are anti-abortion, those who are pro traditional marriage, and those who are against Islam. She said that all of these need to be watched and are considered dangerous. Again, the Southern Poverty Law Center applauded this announcement of a new global police force. They have done training for the Sheriff’s office in the Spokane, WA area identifying potential violent extremists and domestic terrorists. Who do you suppose was on the list? It was those groups mentioned above. This would include you and me. Shahram’s sources in the FBI have told him that if you mention the words “constitutional republic” you are flagged as a potential domestic terrorist and included with groups like “Sovereign Nation” and other Aryan organizations. There are some who are anarchists, rebellious, anti-government, but that is not what we are. We are for the rule of law, we are for a righteous government, we are for a government that honors the Constitution. We are supposed to have freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Do we have a First Amendment or not? We will be looking at examples of how we believe they will be using these policies against Christians and patriots. We are the target, and we had better wake up and understand what is going on. Be informed. Purchase our special package on Understanding Islam for the special price of $15.00 plus shipping and handling. You can order it from our webstore, Segment Three
  • Under whose authority does our government operate?
  • Does this authority trump our Constitution?
  • Are we now subject to investigation under United Nations mandates and rules?
  • What rights do we have?
  • Do we have the right to speak to an attorney?
  • Are we innocent until proven guilty?
  • Where is this taking us?
These are all questions that we must ask. This is not a trivial subject, it affects us and future generations. I am glad the World Net Daily covered this story, because the mainstream media has totally ignored it. We are bringing this to your attention because we believe that this is a critical part of their plan to silence all opposition. We have a First Amendment that gives us the right to redress our government. When there is a global police force that is not controlled by our Constitution we lose this, and other, rights. Just a couple of weeks after the UN announced this global police force, our DOJ announced that it would be hiring people to head it up. They will be investigating what they call “lone wolf domestic terrorists” or extremists. We would think this means they would be investigating groups like, or affiliated with, ISIS. The FBI said that they have investigations against ISIS in all 50 states. Even though the Muslim population is only around 7 to 8 million in America, 95% of the FBI case load on terrorism is investigating Muslims. This includes refugees, those on student visas, and especially those with H1B work visas. They said that these investigations will focus on those who do mass shootings, those who hold racist or bigoted or anti-government views. We have been called racists and bigoted because we hold to traditional values and to the rule of law based upon our Constitution so this includes us. They try to lump those who hold these views with “Sovereign Citizens.” Just who is this group? They are individuals who believe they are sovereign, they are under no authority. They believe they don’t need driver’s licenses, they don’t need insurance, they don’t need to pay taxes. We believe in civil authority and government as long as that authority is subject to God. We believe in paying our taxes and other civil obligations. The globalists believe we are the treat because we are anti-Islam. They define us as a hate group because we expose what Islam actually teaches and is. Remember, this was announced at the UN and it is a global police force. The DOJ is being used as a tool to intimidate anyone who dares express an idea contrary to what the government wants. If you know what happened in the 1930’s in Germany you will see the same pattern being played out again. Hitler federalized the police and brought them under his direct control. This is what we see happening in America under this administration. They are even going beyond this with a global police force. This means there will be no local control, no local accountability, and no redress of our grievances. The question is, who is running the show? Who will be giving the orders? If our military won’t follow the orders to fire upon US citizens, no problem, they will have this global police force. Remember, Obama said he wanted a civilian force that is equal in power to our military and that will follow the orders. The Bible tells us that the Antichrist will have a global command. He will rule as a dictator. For this to happen individual sovereign governments must be destroyed. This fits very well with Islam. Islam does not allow countries to choose who governs them. Islam dictates who governs everyone. They will be governed by a supreme commander, a religious commander, one who worships Allah and enforces Allah’s laws, the Shariah, upon them. This will, of necessity, be against Christian values because Christian values give people liberty and the freedom to choose. Freedom is an enemy of Islam. What is happening in the UN is very welcoming to Muslims. They believe that they can control America and the other western nations by controlling the UN. This is why these resolutions and this police force are supported by Muslims and the powerful OIC in the United Nations. An interesting fact is that Saudi Arabia has given the UN the curtain from the door of the Kaaba. It is now hanging in the United Nations. This symbolizes the influence of Islam in the United Nations.

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Segment Four

UN Dealings With Israel

It is no secret that the UN is not favorable toward Israel. The UN has put forth 21 resolutions against Israel. Every time there are problems between the Palestinians and Israel the storyline is that those dirty rotten Jews are trying to steal the land from the poor Palestinians. They always say that Israel is trying to make trouble for the poor, disadvantaged Palestinians. Most of the news media follows the same storyline. Because the OIC is such a large voting block in the UN, they push for these anti-Israel resolutions and get them passed. They accuse Israel of starting every uprising and they don’t want the truth to be told that it is Hamas and the Muslims who start each provocation by shooting hundreds of rockets into Israel. They don’t shoot them at military targets, they target civilians. Over the last few weeks we have seen the Palestinians stabbing Israelis. How did this get started? The President of Palestine has been telling lies to the Palestinian people. He has been inciting violence against the Israeli people. He used the shooting of a 15 year old Palestinian boy and showed pictures of him lying in the street. There are two things he didn’t tell the people. He didn’t tell them what he did to get himself shot. He was trying to stab an Israeli soldier. We have video of his attack on the soldier. He also failed to tell them that he was still alive, and that he is now in an Israeli hospital being cared for. He also told a lie, saying that the status quo on the Temple Mount is being changed. He told them that the Israelis are trying to take control of the mosque and restrict Muslims from getting to the location. If the Muslims were in control of this area do you think they would allow the Jews to worship where they worship today? The Jews, who control the area, allow Muslims and Christians to worship at their holy sites. Israel gives freedom of worship to all religions. Just try starting a Christian church in an Islamic controlled nation. It could cost you your life. If the Palestinians were to lay down their weapons there would be peace the next day. If Israel was to lay down its weapons, Israel would cease to exist. This is the whole truth in a nutshell. Let’s take a look at the motivation for what is happening. We are seeing more and more Christians turn on Israel and stop supporting her. They are becoming more pro Hamas, pro Palestinian, and pro Islam. This is a very troubling trend within the Christian community. Some of this comes from the doctrine of replacement theology, but most of it comes from what is called Christian Zionism. Anyone who supports Israel from a biblical standpoint is labeled as a Christian Zionist. We don’t agree with everything Israel does as a nation and government, but we do support Israel because the Scriptures tell us that it is God’s covenant nation. We believe that God is dealing with Israel in these last days. We also believe that God will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. What disturbs me is the idea that all of what is going on in that part of the world is blamed on the Zionists. This is totally illogical and contrary to the facts. First of all, the UN, and most of the world, is telling Israel that she doesn’t have the right to defend herself when she is attacked. Secondly, Islam is by nature anti-semitic. Islam specifically calls for the murder of Jews. The Prophet of Islam set the example by massacring a tribe of Jews in Medina. He called them to a peace conference and killed between 600 and 900 of them. By the way, this is according to Islamic sources. There is no negotiating with Muslims on this issue. Just listen to the words of the Islamic nations. They want Israel wiped off the face of the earth. There is no country standing with Israel at this present time. Canada’s new Prime Minister has said that he is going to reverse Canada’s policy concerning Israel and Islam. The United States gives verbal assent to standing with Israel, but the policies and actions of the present administration tell a different story. Do you need proof? Just look at the recent nuclear treaty with Iran. It actually guarantees that Iran will be a nuclear power within 10 to 15 years. This is, by the way, a fulfillment of Bible prophecy. The way things are lining up in world events convinces us that we are seeing end time prophecy fulfilled before our eyes. These events show the importance of Christians praying for, and standing with, the Jewish people. UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, just last week ordered that the Western Wall, where the Jews worship and pray, be given to the Muslims as part of the mosque on the Temple Mount. This shows the control that Islam has in the UN. We live in serious and dangerous times. It is time that Christians wake up. We need to be preparing because persecution is coming soon.]]>