Sharia UK 250pxIn his book Celsius 7/7: How The West’s Policy Of Appeasement Has Provoked Yet More Fundamentalist Terror – And What Has To Be Done Now, Prime Minister Cameron’s current Education Secretary Michael Gove said in reference to those who criticised fundamentalist Islam:

“Instead, in a curious inversion, the energy that should be devoted to analysing and combating a totalitarian challenge is directed towards those campaigning against those who dare to take the threat seriously.” (Page 3, Celsius 7/7)

It therefore came as a surprise that Mr Gove’s Cabinet colleague Theresa May, in a ‘curious inversion’ of her own, approved the banning of anti-sharia human rights advocates Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from the UK. Mr Cameron himself, of course, is apparently a supporter of the street thugs of the euphemistically named Unite Against Fascism (UAF) based on his un-repudiated endorsement of the UAFs founding statement. Indeed the UAF itself is an example of a group that suffers from Gove’s ‘curious inversion’.

The policy of the Cameron Government seems to be to support and encourage Islamism both at home and abroad. This is illustrated by his encouragement of the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, his support for the Syrian Rebels, and his willingness to engage in peace talks with the Taliban. It is also illustrated by his bowing to the Islamist elements that called for the banning of Geller and Spencer from Britain and the banning of Tommy Robinson from walking the streets of his own capital city. Where is Cameron’s support for moderate Muslims? He seems to be consistent in his support of extreme elements and as a result moderate Muslims and the rest of us suffer.

The Counter Jihad warned that the Muslim Brotherhood would end up in power in Egypt and were dismissed as alarmists. The Cameron’s regime’s open and clear support for the Syrian rebels may create conditions for a similar situation in Syria. Cameron’s support for peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan demonstrates his contempt for the sacrifice of British soldiers. After all, ending the rule of the Taliban whose ideology led to the 9/11 atrocity was the very reason for the intervention in Afghanistan in the first place! Does he really believe that the Taliban will fold up their tents, adopt lasting peace and abandon their own ideology which demands that temporary peace be agreed when they are weak? Has Cameron ever even heard of the Islamic concept of Hudna which is a temporary peace?

Cameron seems wilfully incapable of learning even from recent history – perhaps that is one of the symptoms of ‘curious inversion’ syndrome? Perhaps rather than banning Geller and Spencer the Government should be employing them as advisors. After all they seem to get things right more often than those who currently walk the corridors of power.

How does this all fit with the situation Cameron’s Cabinet. Does it mean that there is a split within the British Cabinet with regard how best to tackle Islamist extremism? On the one had we have the Cameron-May faction who, based on their actions, are wearing the garb of appeasers of Islamism and on the other we have Gove and perhaps others who are more realistic about the threat posed by Islamic extremism.

It could be argued that Gove’s book Celsius 7/7 expressed similar views to Geller and Spencer, and indeed the EDL. Indeed Celsius 7/7, published in 2006, itself provided philosophical inspiration for Counter Jihad ideology that began to emerge around that time. Leading members of the Counter Jihad read his book and were influenced by his views.

Many would argue that Gove himself helped build the intellectual foundations of the Counter Jihad Movement. By the establishment’s own warped definition of ‘Islamophobia’ Gove himself could perhaps be regarded as an ‘Islamophobe’ who provided the intellectual foundations of the EDL. If a Conservative Home Secretary can ban law abiding individuals from the country, then should it really have a man with similar views who helped lay the intellectual foundations of their movement in the Cabinet of the Conservative led coalition, or even within the Conservative Party itself? It is time for the Conservative Party to confess to the British people what it really stands for!

Michael Gove arguably occupies the most influential office of state in the country. His Education Department is in the unique position of being able to shape the young minds of the next generation. Why then does appeasement minded David Cameron tolerate a potential ‘Islamophobe’ in his cabinet? Does Cameron secretly hold ‘Islamophobic’ views and is just biding his time for the right moment to reveal his true self? Or, more likely, is Gove simply too powerful to sack. Could Gove be a potential Prime Minister in waiting when the failure of Cameron’s appeasement becomes so obvious that it cannot be ignored?

Is the ‘curious inversion’, identified by Gove, from which many in the political establishment suffer, actually a psychological condition that afflicts its victims with an irrational fear of offending Islam. Could the ‘curious inversion’ syndrome be a synonym for a more accurately defined Islamophobia – the irrational fear of offending Islam? In Gove’s own words:

“The West faces a challenge to its values, culture and freedoms as profound, in its way, as the threat posed by fascism and communism. But the response to that challenge from many in the West is all too often confused, temporizing, weak and compromised.” (Pages 2-3, Celsius 7/7)

In the shadow of such a threat it is surely time for our confused Government to get a grip? Surely it is time for the state to be influenced by sensible voices such as Geller and Spencer rather than the Trotskyite lunatic fringe which currently controls the governing paradigm.

On page 15 of Celsius 7/7 Gove hits the nail on the head and explains clearly why people who are currently being labelled as ‘Islamophobes’ are concerned about the rise of extremist Islam in places like Britain:

“Christians and Jews lived in a tolerated second-class existence as dhimmis, able to follow their own, more primitive faiths, but without the rights of citizenship enjoyed by followers of the Prophet.”

Would Christians and Jews have to live as second class citizens in a Muslim majority Britain? Could those who currently suffer from the ‘curious inversion’ syndrome assuage the fears that this would indeed be the case? What evidence do they have, in addition to what they feel in their hearts, to prove beyond all doubt that the children and grandchildren of the current generation of parents will not be second class citizens in their own land? Surely it is time for governments to return to evidence based policy-making!

So far the current policy of appeasement has resulted in sex slavery gangs roaming with impunity in Northern mill towns, it has resulted in no-go areas, and it has resulted in the beheading of a serving soldier in broad daylight. Senior members of the Conservative Party continue to demonise the messenger and thus act as effective allies of Islamist terrorism and intimidation. The Geller-Spencer ban is a clear illustration of this. Perhaps Conservative grandees should take a leaf out of Gove’s book and follow his sensible advice – stop “campaigning against those who dare to take the threat seriously”. We call on the Government to reverse its ban on Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer and move towards rational policy making that is based on fact rather than fantasy!

English Defence League

Editor’s Note:  Pat Condell sums this issue up: