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Today I want to talk about the true face of Islam and the pseudo face of Islam. The false face of Islam is growing in popularity and is causing a lot of confusion. We have considered this subject before, but today we want to approach it from an academic point of view.

Let’s start by looking at Christianity. It is hard to judge the religion by how people you know practice the religion. There may be a backslidden Christian. He may be a Christian, but he is rebellious and does not show true Christianity because of it. There may be another Christian you know who has a good heart, but is not knowledgeable about Christian precepts. He is an immature Christian. There may be another who professes to be a Christian, but who has never been truly born again. The point is, you cannot judge a religion by the conduct of those who claim to follow it.

The same is true about Muslims. Shahram came from a cultural Muslim background. This means he and his family claimed Islam as their religion, but they only followed the cultural aspects. They were not faithful to the letter of the law of Islam. You may know a Muslim who is moderate in his approach to Islam. He follow the culture of Islam and identify with it as their religion, but doesn’t practice the finer points. This is not a true measurement of the faith.

When I started studying Islam, I went to the source. I was not interested in what people said about the religion, I wanted to know what it really taught and practiced. I wanted to look at it objectively, not subjectively.

A book of scripture is objective, you read it and you understand it. The next step is to go to those who interpret it. When you take what they say, it becomes a little subjective because their views may not be accurate. The root source must be your starting point.

The word Pseudo means fake or make-believe. Pseudo Islam is a fake, or make-believe, Islam. It is what people are trying to make Islam be, it is not what it really is.

To find the true source of Islam we must go to the only real source of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad. Islam is unique in that there are no other sources or witnesses to the foundation of Islam. All of the “revelation” of Islam comes from one man.

God, in His wisdom, use over 40 witnesses, over a period of close to 1,500 years, when He gave us the Bible. If one of these witnesses had gone astray, we would have the others to set the record straight.

Since the only witness, the only authoritative source in Islam, is Muhammad, there is no check on his accuracy. All of Islam, their god, their scriptures, their practice, all stand or fall on this one man. Too many Christians don’t understand that the whole purpose of Islam is that Muhammad is the final messenger. He came to refute that which came before him. We lose site of the fact that his purpose was to supplant Judaism and Christianity with his new religion.

Today everyone just wants all religions to get along and hold hands. This blinds people from seeing that everything about Islam stands on the authority of Muhammad. He is not only the authority on their holy book, the Qur’an, his is the authority on how Islam is to be practiced. There are at least 93 times where the Qur’an states that Muhammad is the perfect man, and he is to be emulated. This is why the secondary sources, the Sunna, are so important in understanding Islam. The Sunna gives Muslims the practice of Muhammad so they can follow his example.

We need to stop making excuses for Islam by saying “it’s your interpretation.” We need to look at how Muhammad interpreted the Qur’an.

In Christianity, our final authority is looking at what Jesus said about how the Bible should be interpreted. He explained many of the Old Testament passages, and gave us he proper interpretation.

Islam refutes all the the Bible says about Jesus. The source of this refutation is Muhammad, so shouldn’t we go to what he said and did to find the proper interpretation of the Qur’an?

The bottom line is, when we look for the true face of Islam we need to go back to its founder, Muhammad. The key to understanding Islam is its Prophet and founder. Everything about Islam came from the spirit, through Muhammad. It was later written down, which begs the question of whether or not they got it right, but this is another issue.

As we look at Islam through the lens of the Prophet, we will get an objective view of its true face.

When we see someone who acting according to what we read in the Islamic scriptures, we can then say that we have found the true face of Islam. The question we want to answer is, is this true face the militant Muslim, or is it the peaceful Muslim? Which one is practicing the true teachings of Muhammad?

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The apologists for Islam tell us that Muhammad live a peaceful, non-overbearing existence. This error is put forth because they don’t understand the dualism within Islam. Last week we looked at the 1,400 year history of Islam. Let’s take a 30,000 foot view of Islam before we get into the pseudo Islam.

There is the first 13 years of Muhammad’s “ministry,” which was in Mecca, followed by the hijjra, in 622 AD until today. This means that we have the first period of Islam which lasted 13 years, and the second period which lasted 1,394 years and counting. The first period was the peaceful, non-compulsive Islam. The second period, which continues until this day, is a period of jihad and convert or die.

When we look at Muhammad as the authority for Islam, we can’t just look at the first 13 years. The Muhammad of the later part must also be considered.

We also need to understand the concept of the two houses of Islam and the doctrine of abrogation.

The doctrine of abrogation is not well understood by us as Christians because we don’t have any such concept. Abrogation means that something is annulled, something that was said earlier will be overruled by something that is said later.

In Christianity we have different times where God dealt with men differently, like the Old Testament and the New Testament, but His precepts never change. The new doesn’t do away with the old, it builds upon it.

Surah 2:106 – Whatever communications We abrogate or cause to be forgotten, We bring one better than it or like it. Do you not know that Allah has power over all things?

Allah causes things to be forgotten, and says when he does, he brings something similar or better. In essence, Allah has the right to change his mind on things, and change to something he considers better. This doctrine was given to cure the conflicts and contradictions in the Qur’an. Early in the Qur’an it says there is no complusion in religion, and later it says that they are to fight them who believe not (Surah 9). They are to fight non-believers and strike them at their necks. Islam deals with the contradiction by saying the Allah changed the rules.

Allah changed the rules when Muhammad was thrown out of Mecca. When he arrived at Medina, the message coming from Allah through Muhammad began to change.

The two houses of Islam is also important to understand. Many have told me that when I explain this concept, they really start to understand Islam. Islam looks like it has a dual personality without understanding this.

In Christianity, the ceremonial laws of the Old Testament were fulfilled in Christ. They were not done away with, they were fulfilled.

Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. (Matthew 5:17)

There are many pseudo Christians who tell us that Jesus came to abolish the law. He said the exact opposite. The moral law of the Old Testament, like the Ten Commandments, are still very much alive and active today.

Islam lives withing the early teachings of Muhammad when it is not in a position of power. When they are in this situation, it is said that they are in the house of war. They can live in the Islam of no compulsion in religion in this house. They can take Jews and Christians as allies.

There are a few passages in the abrogated portions of the Qur’an that say Muslims and Christians can be friends. There are many verses in other parts of the Qur’an that have abrogated these passages and say Muslims are not to take Jews and Christians as friends.

The question is, which is it? The answer is both, because it depends upon which house you are living in at the time. The lower house is called the house of war because they are at war, and according to Islam, war is deceit. The other house is called the house of Islam, and this is when Muslims have the power to enforce Islam.

There are Muslims that say the abrogation did not happen. I don’t understand how they come up with this because to do so, one must call Muhammad a liar. I have no problem saying Muhammad is a liar, and I will stand with any Muslim who is willing to do so. They won’t do it because Muhammad is the holy Prophet, yet they deny abrogation, which Muhammad used to explain the contradictions in his revelations.

Pseudo Islam is a make-believe dream that some Muslims want to create for themselves.  According to Islam’s history, according to the objective reading of Islamic scriptures, it is quite evident that Islam is militant in nature. Muslims are commanded to kill those who do not believe in Islam.

I said before that someone who is following the teachings of the Islamic scriptures, is the true face of Islam. Someone who is following something contrary is practicing pseudo Islam. Those who want Islam to be peaceful try to find some justification for their beliefs so they go to the scripture passages that have been abrogated by later passages.

Because many in America are ignorant of what Islam teaches, they are deceived by Muslims who quote the abrogated passages. We are fooled into thinking that they are the true face of Islam.

It would really be nice of the Reformed Muslims were right, but they are not. It would change the world if their invented Islam were the true Islam. They want to eliminate 1,390 years of Islamic history, and make Islam something it never was. When the reformers say that jihad is wrong, they are denouncing most of the 1,400 years of Islamic practice. They are also denouncing Muhammad, because he is the one who commanded jihad.

You can try to use isolated verses to justify the reformed position, but you can’t reform Muhammad’s words and practice. He is the authority on the interpretation of the Qur’an.

When the reformers denounce the treatment of women in Islam, they are denouncing Muhammad because he is the one who ordained the treatment of women as they are treated in Islam.

The reformers tell us they are trying to protect the real Islam. What they are trying to get rid of is Islamism. They say that Islamism is the idea that Islam should be dominant, that Islam is political, that Islam is militant, that Islam wants to force people to convert to Islam, and so forth.

Those who will take the time to study things out will find that the Islam the reformers denounce is the real Islam. It is supported by texts and by practice. The authority for jihad against non-Muslims is supported in the Qur’an, and in the practice of Muslims throughout Islam’s history. It is also supported in the Sharia, and in the Sharia law book, the Reliance of the Traveller. All of these sources command the reestablishment of the caliphate. The idea that Sharia law is to be superior to all other law is supported by these same sources.

We are not taking things out of context, or interpreting them. We are looking at what I call scriptural Islam.  Muhammad’s words and practice back this up. The proof is there for anyone who wants to to see it.

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I want to look at some of those who are presenting this new Islam so we will see it when it is presented to us. The reformers are redefining terms and coming up with sound bites that are being picked up and used by the news media. This needs to be exposed if we are going to win the battle against jihad and terrorism.

One of the big mistakes made by many is placing the word “radical” before the word Islam. I think we would get more calls from the media it we used the term “radical Islam.” The reason is that it establishes that there is a peaceful and tolerant Islam, and that this is the true Islam.

What really concerns me is that I see counter terrorism and national security officials and organizations using this term. We prefer terms like militant Islam and fundamental Islam. These term describe what we see much better than radical Islam.

We have no problem admitting that there is a large number of Muslims in the world and in America that is composed of agnostic, atheistic, or cultural Muslims who do not support the terrorism that is going on. These are not practicing Muslims.

While it may be true that the behavior of “radical Muslims,” is radical by our standards, it is not radical by true Islamic standards. The term “radical” means a departure from what is normal. A look at Islamic history shows that the jihadis are acting according to what is normal for Islam. The Islamic scriptures, Muhammad, and 1,400 years of history prove that Islam is, by nature, militant and violent.

A goal of true Muslims is to bring the lukewarm Muslims back to true Islam. This is why they will kill their own people if they don’t go along with the program. This is why it can be shown that Muslims kill more Muslims than they do non-Muslim. At the end of the day, Islam is, and must be, militant.

The Qur’an says, “Strike terror in their hearts.” This is the purpose of terrorism, and it is a normal practice of Islam. While killing those who don’t submit to Islam may be radical to us, it is not radical to Islam, it is normal.

“Radical Islam” is at best a poor choice of words, and at worst, deceptive. It is trying to convince us that the jihadis do not reflect the true face of Islam.

We must point out those who are trying to impose this false image of Islam upon the world. The leader of the pack is Zuhdi Jasser. We see him in the media a lot. He is a former Navy commander and the founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. He is a strong advocate for the US Constitution and for democracy. His problem is that he wants to keep Islam, but to fit it into a system that works here in America. He loves the freedoms that we have in America, and that are not allowed in Islam. He has invented an Islam that does allow them.

Another reformer is Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She is a very popular spokesperson for Reformed Islam. Her latest book “Heretic” deals with why Islam needs a reformation now. These people never would have called themselves reformers 10 years ago. Now they claim to be reforming Islam. Here are some of the things I witnessed her saying:

“I stand before you, not as an apologist for Islam, but as a reformist.”

In other words, she want to reform, or change, Islam to something different from what it is. This is an admission that her version of Islam is not true Islam. She defines herself as a humanist Muslim. She lives in Canada and she said:

“It’s horrifying, after 30 years, the ideology is following us into Canada.”

She is admitting that the real Islam is finding its way into Canada, and this is horrifying to her.

“I follow a spiritual form of Islam, political Islam is a problem.”

She doesn’t want what Muhammad gave us, she only wants the spiritual part. She seems to think that Islam is a cafeteria where you can pick and choose what you want.

After she was asked about some passages in the Qur’an about killing and murdering, she replied:

“Keep the violence in the 7th century, we can put away those passages.”

As a  preacher of the Gospel, I believe the Bible is God’s Word. I don’t see the Qur’an as God’s Word, but a Muslim would. My question is, Who is man to say that what God says doesn’t matter anymore? We don’t have the right to say that what God said doesn’t apply today. This is the attitude of the pseudo Islamic reformers.

Here is something else she said:

“Read biographies of Muhammad by non-Muslims.”

“We do not give credence to the Hadith and the Sharia.”

“Every word can have many meanings.”

So, non-Muslims have a better grasp of Muhammad than Muslims do. We don’t need to know what Muhammad said in the Hadith. Every word can have many meaning, so we can interpret the Qur’an however we want.

About the killing she said:

“I can park all of this in the parking lot and that works for me.”

How can someone call themselves a Muslim, and just pick out a few passages in the Qur’an, rejecting all those they don’t like?

These are the voices that past administrations have listened to, and I am afraid the Trump administration will do the same. Ayaan was speaking at the largest grassroots organization on national security. The truth is, we can’t separate the spiritual Islam from the political Islam. If we try to ban political Islam, we are faced with the problem that a true Muslim cannot separate the two.

The greater jihad, which is the spiritual jihad, cannot be separated from the lesser jihad, which is the militant jihad. To do so requires denouncing Muhammad as a prophet. Muhammad not only said the violent things in the Sunna, he also said them in the Qur’an.

Remember, Muhammad claimed that he received these things from his god, Allah. If this is true, then to reject the violence in Islam is also to reject Allah. We also need to remember that there is no one to corroborate what Muhammad said.

If someone wants to reform Islam, all he has to do is say that Muhammad was a false prophet and he lied about many things found in the Qur’an. He needs to be rejected as the true prophet of Islam if Islam is to be reformed.

The moment you do this, Islam no longer has any revelation from Allah. When you refute some of what Muhammad said, you have to refute it all because there is nothing but Muhammad’s word that any of it was true. The same would be true if someone wanted to refute part of what Jesus said. If any part of it is false, then He is not God, and therefore cannot be trusted on the other things. This whole idea of reforming Islam is a fairytale and a pipe-dream.

Islam is a spiritual entity. We have shown many times that Islam is an antichrist spirit. It denies everything about Christ and every major tenet of Christianity. The very purpose of Islam is to refute the Bible and Jesus Christ. It refutes that God is the Father, that Jesus is the Son, that the Holy Spirit is God, that Jesus was crucified, buried, and rose again.

We must recognize that there is no version of Islam, nor can their be, that Christians can be friends with. It is demonic, it is an antichrist spirit, and it is the enemy of Christianity.

As Christians, our most important thing to do toward Muslims is to present the Gospel to them. The only thing that changed Shahram’s view was to come out of Islam. There was no reforming of Islam for him. It was the preaching of the Word of God that worked in his heart and brought him to salvation.

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. (Romans 1:16)

If I could talk to any of these reformers I would tell them that they are half way there. They need to finish the journey and come all the way out of Islam. They need to come to Christ, and He will do more than reform them, He will transform them into a new creature.

We will not win Muslims by showing them their faults, we will win them by showing them the truth. We need to get them into the Bible. If possible, we need to get them into the Gospel of John. We need to read it along with them and answer their questions.

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