This story is interesting both for the content the media share and for the content the media avoid sharing.

Both Saint Louis suspects are admitted members of the New Black Panther organization; both suspects are also admitted Islamist Radicals and believers in ISIS jihad….

However, as previously pointed out, you’ll have a hard time finding the connection between NBPP and ISIS in any media article.   Contrast against the media reports yesterday about “right-wing” domestic terror threats and the DOJ inquiry.

We previously noted the avoidance of linking “Black Lives Matter” protests to the New Black Panthers, and the short trip to ISIS advocacy within both groups as exemplified by Eric Sheppard Jr at Valdosta State UniversityWe saw it again in Baltimore.

The PC media is desperate to avoid using the chosen names of the black panther terror suspects Brandon Muhammad, and Olajuwon, also known as Olajuwon Ali and Brother Ali.  This is a follow-up to the previous outline where the FBI revealed the two men were involved in straw purchases for firearms and making pipe bombs.

We now know they were plotting assassinations of Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson, and Saint Louis Prosecutor Robert McCulloch, in addition to bombing the Gateway arch.

1 Brandon Muhammad   Olajuwon Ali1

(Left) Brandon Muhammad – (Right) Olajuwon Ali

Today they admitted to their plans in federal court. ST. LOUIS • Two men admitted in federal court here Tuesday that they plotted to blow up a police station, vehicles and perhaps other targets, including the St. Louis County prosecutor and Ferguson police chief. 

Federal Indictment Against Saint Louis Bombers

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Olajuwon Ali Davis, 23, and Brandon Orlando Baldwin, 24, each pleaded guilty of four explosives and gun charges that will carry seven-year prison terms when they are sentenced Aug. 31.

The pair met in August in Ferguson, during the protests over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, 18, by then-Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. They started talking about buying guns and organizing protesters to “be like an army” and fight back against police, their plea agreement says.

For weeks as federal agents and police tracked them and their calls and texts, Baldwin and Davis discussed using Baldwin, who was at the time an employee of Cabela’s in Hazelwood, to buy guns for felons and others. And Baldwin admitted that he did buy three guns. They also talked about buying bombs. The men mentioned Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch and then-Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson as targets. Neither was harmed. Law enforcement sources and neighbors said the home of both had been closely guarded.

They also intended to bomb an unspecified police station to disrupt communications, according to the plea.

There was no mention in court or charging documents of the Gateway Arch as one of the targets, although law enforcement sources previously said it was.  (read more)

The DOJ wants you paying attention to THIS:


The DOJ does not want you paying attention to THIS:

 3 valdosta-state-university


 4 eric-sheppard-flag

 5 occupy-slu-2

St Louis University

 6 ferguson-shaw-5


7 saint-louis-flag-burning

St Louis

…. And the DOJ does not want you paying attention to this:

 8 baltimore-noi-creepy-carlos-muhamad

Nation of Islam

 9 baltimore-noi-creepy-2


 10 baltimore-jamal-bryant-carlos-muhamad


Because the DOJ does not want you to recognize THIS:

 11 baltimore-bloods-crips-and-noi-3

So ask yourself:  ‘how are the media portraying the arrested and charged domestic terrorists’?

Are the media pointing out that Black Lives Matter, F**k The Police, Ferguson, Saint Louis, Baltimore et al, are all connected by the New Black Panthers and Nation of Islam – Both who support ISIS jihad ?

Or are the media directing definition of the domestic terror threat toward something else entirely? 


Any Questions?