With crowds of Democrats booing the inclusion of G-d and Jerusalem in their own platform, with Caroline Kennedy bashing the Catholic Church and Sandra Fluke acting as cheerleader for the end of religious freedom in America, the Democratic National Convention may go down as a unique creature, the first national convention that seemed to be as much about attacking religion as it was about attacking the opposing candidate.

CarolineKennedy_Slams_Catholics_and_AmericansWith the Obama campaign’s proxies continuing to dumpster dive in their attacks on Romney’s Mormon religion, the truly ugly spectacle that we are witnessing is the triumph of political religious intolerance by a man whose elevation was due in part to an American desire to express religious tolerance toward the Muslim minority whose culture and religion Obama was intimately familiar with.

In return for elevating Obama, Jews and Christians experienced repeated attacks on their religious beliefs and values at a convention to renominate Obama.

JFK made it safe to be Catholic and president. Caroline Kennedy took the stage to make it unsafe to be Catholic and American. There can hardly be a better symptom of the decline of the Democratic Party than that simple fact