Year of the Snake ZodiacI would wish everyone a happy Chinese New Year, but the prospects for it being a ‘happy’ year are rather bleak. Traditional astronomers warn that this coming year could bring economic upheaval and geopolitical strife. In Chinese symbology, snakes are regarded as intelligent, but with a tendency to be somewhat unscrupulous. Sounds a lot like our President, doesn’t it? Although I would like to say this is exclusively about Barack Obama, there are plenty of political snakes to go around. We have a virtual den of snakes currently here in America to choose from and they slither on both sides of the aisle.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest serpents in the American Garden of Eden:

  • Barack Obama – Wow… where to start. From tyrannical executive orders to his lavish lifestyle, Barack Obama embodies the very essence of an arrogant dictator. Among his greatest atrocities: Benghazigate, Obamacare, Fort Hood, the wooing of the Muslim Brotherhood, Cloward and Piven spending on a massive scale, attacks on the Second Amendment, illegal immigration, regulation on an epic scale, crony capitalism, executive orders bypassing the Constitution, drone wars, Responsibility to Protect Doctrine, class warfare (racism 2.0), Czars, the call for a second Bill of Rights and the list goes on and on and on. I firmly believe that Obama is a snake, but he is a puppet to the Progressive/Marxist movement. The puppeteers are the Marxists who have money and influence, such as George Soros and his fellow Marxist reptiles.
  • Karl Rove – Rove is almost as big an enemy to Constitutional Conservatives as Obama and the Progressives. In the last week or two, he has openly declared war on the Tea Party, while attempting to further RINO moderation (especially on illegal immigration) and Progressive principles in the Republican Party. He has been the ‘architect’ of the death of the Republican Party and making sure it goes the way of the Whigs.
  • Chuck Schumer – By all accounts one the most arrogant of the self-styled nobility in our government. He is anti-Second Amendment and just generally anti-Constitution. Corruption for him is a breakfast food and he sneers at the common man while collecting power and wealth. He is a detestable human being (and I’m not entirely sure he’s human).
  • Michael Bloomberg – Another arrogant elitist, Bloomberg is not only fascist, he’s downright batty. From banning salt, to banning large soft drinks to banning styrofoam – he’s the no-go nanny and is delirious with regulation authority. He is also anti-Second Amendment (having blatantly committed anti-2A crimes, e.g. gun stings across state lines) and he is tax happy.
  • Diane Feinstein – Feinstein is the queen of hypocrisy. She has armed guards and is armed herself, but she is the leader currently against the Second Amendment. If she had her way there would be universal gun registration and confiscation. Another elitist who sees two sets of rules – one for the wealthy Progressive elite and one for the rest of us.
  • Jesse Jackson – Another leftist, whacko extremist – Jackson hides behind the title of ‘reverend’ while violating every commandment in the Bible. He’s known for his sexual escapades, corruption, lies and racism. Lately, he has jumped on the anti-gun bandwagon like a good little Progressive soldier, spouting fascist proclamations while seeking more bribes and power. He’s the poster boy of the Progressive movement and the tip of the spear for racism 2.0.
  • John Boehner – Mister ‘cry me a river’ is a RINO Progressive coiled on the right side of the aisle. While forwarding more and more Keynesian spending, he tearfully proclaims that he can’t stop the left. Well, it’s hard to stop the left while enabling them. Boehner covets money and power and has made his bed with the Progressives. If this is what leads the Republicans, they would be better off with an old shoe. At least the old shoe would not betray his party base at every opportunity.
  • George Soros – Soros is an evil, wretched old spider. He has toppled currencies and countries, been responsible for the deaths of thousands and wields power as if he is king of the world. He is one of the chief power brokers behind the Progressive movement and plays global RISK like no other. He is a very dangerous man with an evil empire at his beck and call. If you want to see a prime example of an election fixer and an enemy to America, he’s your guy.
  • John Brennan – Don’t let Brennan’s incompetent facade fool you. He is a vile viper who is about to be confirmed as the head of the CIA. An evil, malicious power broker – he hates Israel and America. The latest revelation… Brennan is a convert to Islam– so says a former FBI agent, John Guandolo, who wrote the first Muslim Brotherhood training manual for the FBI. He converted while in Saudi Arabia. In my book, that makes him a national security threat – compounded by his love for the Muslim Brotherhood. His conversion was the fruit of a foreign service agency who recruited him to join Islam.
  • John Kerry – Swift Boat Kerry is now our Secretary of State. This is a wealthy, one-percent Progressive who hates America and all she stands for. He berated and dragged our military through the mud over Vietnam with many, many falsehoods that were proven lies repeatedly. And yet, here we are with a treasonous asshat as Secretary of State. And he was confirmed by a vast majority on both sides of the aisle.
  • Hillary Clinton – Speaking of Medusa, the ‘dirty dancing’ former Secretary of State is now prepping herself to run for the presidency in 2016. Some polls says she is the favorite. Either the whole country has lost its mind (which is very possible), or the polls are lying. She is fresh off of Benghazigate where she lied over and over with nary a peep from any opposition. On her worldwide tour, she spent more time drunk than not and was arguably the worst Secretary of State we have ever had. But man, she gets high scores for dancing the nights away with other women while pounding down those drinks. Maybe she should have been Secretary of Corona. But don’t look too hard or too closely at the Gorgon, you might wind up stoned.
  • Leon Panetta – Panetta is a two-faced political animal who is surpassingly cunning and I believe he is a Communist. Which could probably be said of most of the Progressive movement these days. He screams that sequestration will weaken our military on one hand, while doing all he can to gut our forces on the other. He has been the most expensive Secretary of Defense in US history; taking many, many lavish government paid trips. He denies culpability in Benghazi when it was his job to handle it. His lies on the subject are breathtaking. Between the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine, the attempts to undermine Israel and weakening our military worldwide, Panetta has been a busy little Progressive.
  • Chuck Hagel – Hagel is a Jew-hater extraordinaire. He has also received funds from Hamas related groups and others he won’t disclose. I would wager they are Communists and Iran related groups. Not only that, but he comes off as an incompetent boob. And yet, I can’t quite believe the headlines that he will withdraw from the nomination of Secretary of Defense. Why should he? Even with someone as evil as Hagel surely is, our esteemed leaders will almost certainly confirm this reprehensible power monger. He’s one of ‘them’ don’t ya know.

And there are soooo many more. We just let these monsters go on and on. We are willingly submitting to their rule over us. We have to get these thugs out of office and fast, 2014 may be our last off ramp… our last chance to get back enough seats in Congress to wrest back control of our government.

We need to make these evil asshats shake in their jackboots. If we don’t take massive action, all that will be left to us is revolt and with few exceptions, that always ends badly.

The above list does not even begin to touch the plethora of snaky Progessive organizationsbfunding and supporting these Marxist moves in our government. Take for example, Obama’s newly formed “Organized for Action.” I kid you not, it is a “non-profit, non-partisan” group. If you believe that, I have a bridge for you – a real steal. Involved with this false front for Obama are the likes of George Soros, Lockheed Martin, Citi Group and Duke Energy.

You’ll also find Walmart in that mix – Sam Walton must be turning over in his grave. And “Organized for Action” is not the only group providing money and cover for the Progressives. You have “Priorities Action USA” and the “Common Purpose Project.” And if that is not enough to garner attention, well take a gander at “Business Forward.”

This is an association of “more than 40 of the world’s largest and most respected companies” that makes “it easier for entrepreneurs, investors, small business owners and senior executives from across America to get involved in the policy-making process.”

These movers and shakers get involved in the policy-making process by forking over a membership fee to Business Forward, which then organizes meetings between company officials and White House personnel. To me, this is all very reminiscent of how Hitler worked with companies in Germany before and during WWII.

Yes, it is the Year of the Political Snake. By the way, our political snakes are poisonous and are crushing our freedoms. Whose up for a red snake hunt? 

I’ll leave you with the following from Daniel Greenfield of Sultan Knish (the man is brilliant and gifted)

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