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“Today’s debate about global warming is essentially a debate about freedom. The environmentalists would like to mastermind each and every possible (and impossible) aspect of our lives.”— Vaclav Klaus, President, Czech Republic,Blue Planet in Green Shackles

The Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) is launching a new web site,www.NIPCCreport.org. It is now going through its shakedown cruise. The objective will be to post the latest scientific literature that is of interest to the climate change community, particularly those who question IPCC claims.

759-al-gore-fireThis week, politics are tumultuous. Facing election, Prime Minister Rudd of Australia punted on “cap and tax” until 2013 showing that to him political survival is more important and the greatest moral imperative facing the world. New Zealand’s Environmental Trading Scheme (cap and tax) is facing opposition with the business community up in arms. Germany’s Chancellor Merkel is moving away from any binding international agreements on cap and tax.

The British government is in the middle of an election campaign and thus far the parties are all ignoring environmental schemes and their costs to the citizens. And at this moment, the Democrats in the US Senate are schizophrenic. Should they pass a sweeping immigration law giving citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants in hopes of picking up additional voters?  Or should they address the cap and tax bill disguised under any other name? It appears that politicians are beginning to realize that the citizens, “the great unwashed,” are becoming aware that the science is shoddy and the schemes are extremely costly.

ClimateGate continues but the great deference shown to those involved by the investigating organizations may be over.  Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has demanded that the University of Virginia produce a swath of documents relating to Michael Mann’s receipt of nearly half a million dollars in state grant-funded climate research conducted while Mann was at UVA between 1999 and 2005. To most, it may not be illegal to manipulate data thereby falsify science. However to receive Virginia taxpayer money by doing so may be a violation of the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayer Act. The caterwauling by the academic community should be most interesting.

In the interim, the US EPA continues its relentless march to control the US economy by demanding control of carbon dioxide emissions. In the name of ocean acidification, EPA is insisting on regulations to further control the run-off of water from rain. The logic is incredible. According to EPA, increased atmospheric carbon dioxide will increase carbon dioxide in the oceans – thus lower the pH. Yet, EPA claims that atmospheric carbon dioxide causes warming. As shown by the Vostok ice cores, warming results in increased atmospheric carbon dioxide, from ocean outgassing – warm water cannot hold as much dissolved gas as cold water. To EPA power and control take precedence over logical consistency.

A tour of the southwestern part of California’s San Joaquin Valley, once some of the most productive farmland in the world,  reveals the triumph of Federal policy by such agencies. Last year the Federal government cut off  90 percent of the irrigation water to about 500,000 acres, about the size of Rhode Island. This killed tens of thousands of acres of crops and thousands of acres of orchards. Unemployment in thriving farming communities went up to 40%. For thousands of years, a hallmark of civilizations has been irrigating arid lands to make them bountiful. These agencies are engaged in a campaign against civilization and the American citizen.

The leaking oil well and the resulting oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico are terrible news for those who have been supportingoffshore drilling. No doubt, extremists will seize upon this unfortunate event to try to prevent drilling everywhere.


SEPP SCIENCE EDITORIAL #14-2010 (May 1, 2010)

By S. Fred Singer, President, Science and Environmental Policy Project

Some Serious Questions about Nuclear Energy

The White House has announced the termination of the Yucca Mountain project to provide a long-term and safe ‘engineered disposal site’ for spent nuclear reactor fuel (what many enviros refer to as a ‘nuclear waste dump’).  Presumably, the WH action will help Senator Harry Reid (Dem-Nevada) as he seeks re-election in November 2010 (or am I just being cynical?).

A 1983 law calls for such disposal by the US government, so here are some questions for Secretary of Energy Dr Steven Chu:

1.  Is Yucca now irrevocably dead?  Y/N

2.  If YES, do you see another 20-yr search shaping up to qualify another site?  Y/N

3.  If NO, does DOE just ignore the law; can nuclear utilities stop paying fees to DOE, and claim a refund (approaching $20 billion)?

4.  Do you have any clue what this WH plans to do?

5.  Do you see this EPA ever approving any kind of disposal of spent fuel (aside from the status quo of on-site storage) – in view of exaggerated fears of minute amounts of radioactivity?

6.  Is this lack of a permanent disposal site likely to result in lawsuits that can stop nuclear energy — or seriously delay it or drive up costs prohibitively?

7. In other words:  Does cancelation of Yucca spell the end for a nuclear future for the US? 


ARTICLES:  [For the numbered articles below please see the attached pdf.]

1.Oh, Mann: Cuccinelli targets UVA papers in Climategate salvo

By Courteney Stuart, The Hook, Apr 29, 2010

[SEPP Comments: “There is a good chance that Virginia’s Attorney-General Ken Cuccinelli will come up with the “smoking gun” — where other so-called investigations have only produced one whitewash after another.]

2. The Climategate Investigation

By Dexter Wright, American Thinker, Apr 29, 2010


3. The UK election: what about the environment?

The Scientific Alliance Newsletter, Apr 30, 2010



4. The $10 Trillion Climate Fraud

IBD Editorials, Apr 28, 2010



5. California’s Man-Made Drought

By Monica Showalter, IBD, Apr 28, 2010



6. Galileo Silenced Again, The American Geophysical Union is sending science back four hundred years.

By Willie Soon and David Legates, Nov 13, 2009


7. Quote of the week #34: NASA doubts climate model certainty

By Anthony Watts, Watts Up With That, Apr 27, 2010




Kiwigate is a Carbon Copy of Climategate

By John O’Sullivan, Suite 101, Apr 26, 2010, [H/t Icecap.us]

[SEPP Comment: It appears that homogenizing data is somewhat like combining drinking water with bilge water.]

Krummholtz and the Yamal Chronology

By Steve McIntyre, Climate Audit, Apr 28, 2010


[SEPP comment: A series of posts further questioning the credibility of the Briffa hockey stick used by the IPCC in its 2007 Assessment Report. Briffa’s tree ring data was part of the ClimateGate emails called “hide the decline.” The aerial photo of the Yamal larch “forest” illustrates what was excluded from the Briffa articles. A view from “google earth” of the region is consistent with the aerial photo.]

Cap and Tax – The Orthodoxy vs. Reality

World Rethinks Climate Legislation: Costly cap-and-trade system isn’t the political winner it once was

By Tom Switzer, WSJ Asia, Apr 30, 2010

Cap and Trade Loses in Australia: The Rudd government bows to political reality.

WSJ, Opinion Asia, Apr 29, 2010

[SEPP Comment: Political reality interferes with the “moral imperative.”]


ETS go-ahead  risks business anger

By Ran O’Sullivan, NZ Herald, Apr 28, 2010 [H/t Bob Kay]



Meltdown of the climate-change bill: Democrats recalibrate their agenda for Election Day

Washington Times Editorial, Apr 27, 2010

Merkel Abandons Aim of Binding Climate Agreement

By Dirk Kurbjuweit, Christian Schwagerl and Gerald Traufetter, Spiegelonline, Apr 30, 2010



The Orthodoxy

Warmists desperate fightback

By Des Moore, Quadrant, AU, Apr 27, 2010


Twenty Years of Advocacy, Not Journalism, on Global Warming: The media has forged a consensus around climate change.

By Rich Noyes, Media Research Center, WSJ, Apr 23, 2010

On Earth Day, the environmental movements needs repairs

By Bill McKibben, Washington Post, Apr 23, 2010


EPA Solicits Input on Ocean Acidification and Carbon Dioxide Limits Under Water Pollution Law

By Miyoko Sakashita, Center for Biological Diversity, Mar 22, 2010 [H/t Jeff Miller]



Challenging the Orthodoxy

Scientist says Arctic getting colder

Science News, UPI, Apr 23, 2010 [H/t Marc Morano]



The Wrong Way To Get to Green

Review of “Power Hungry” by Robert Bryce

By Trevor Butterworth, WSJ Bookshelf, Apr 27, 2010


Sunset Looms for Global Warming Industry

By Viv Forbes, Carbon Sense Coalition Press Release, Apr 28, 2010


[SEPP Comment: Calling for sunset laws on global warming legislation.]


EPA’s New CO2 Rules: Bad News For Blacks

By Deroy Murdock, Human Events, Apr 26, 2010 [H/t Warren Wetmore]



IPCC’s River Of Lies

IBD Editorial, Apr 27, 2010



Latest Global Warming Oops Moment, local yet,

By Mark Landsbaum, Orange County Register, Apr 27, 2010 [H/t Cooler Heads Digest]



Energy Issues

The winds of climate-change

By Skyler Hype, Envirogy, Apr 15, 2010


[SEPP Comment: This MIT analysis concludes that using wind turbines to meet 10% or more global energy demand by 2100 would1) Require about 13 million wind turbines, 2) Occupy a continental-size area, 3) Cause surface warming exceeding 1 C over land installations, 4) Cause alterations of the global distributions of rainfall and clouds, 5) Cause climatic perturbation well beyond the installation regions, 6) Reduce convective precipitation in the Northern Hemisphere, 7) Enhance convective precipitation in the Southern Hemisphere, 8) Cause higher energy costs and undesired environmental impacts and 9) Require backup generation, onsite energy storage, and costly, very long-distance power transmission lines, all of which require technological advances to accomplish.

Five myths about green energy

By Robert Bryce, Washington Post, Apr 23, 2010 [H/t Brad Veek]



Cape Windbags: One approval down, only five more years to go

Wall Street Journal Editorial, Apr 30, 2010



Once-hidden EU report reveals damage from biodiesel

By Pete Harrison, Reuters, Apr 21, 2010 [H/t Mark Duchamp]



Drill, Barry, Drill

By Andrew Cline, The American Spectator, Apr 30, 2010 [H/t Cooler Heads Digest]



Miscellaneous Science

View of the Sun

New York Times Editorial, Apr 26, 2010


Into the Deep

By Alison Hawkes, Astrobiology Magazine, Apr 28, 2010 [H/t Toshio Fujita]


[SEPP Comment: Two articles, one on a possible new way to measure ocean temperatures. The second is on glaciers melting in the tropics. “To put it bluntly, climate change is creating conditions in the Andes last seen more than 5,000 years ago.” It did not dawn on the writer to ask what caused the warming 5,000 years ago – auto exhausts? The IPCC denies that the Holocene Climate Optimum was global. Probably not realizing it, the writer is contradicting the IPCC. Also, recent Chinese studies contradict the 2007 paper cited in the article on glacier melt in Tibet. (See Below)]


The Medieval Warmth of China

Temperature variation through 2000 years in China

By Ge, et al. Geophysical Research Letters,



Whale droppings ‘combat global warming by allowing oceans to absorb more carbon dioxide’

By Daily Mail Reporter, Apr 23, 2010 [H/t Malcolm Ross]



Report: Save the Whales and They’ll Save Us from Global Warming

By Marc Sheppard, American Thinker, Apr 27, 2010 [H/t Malcolm Ross}


Another polar rescue must send chills down spines of alarmists

By Andres Bold, Herald Sun, AU, Apr 21, 2010 [H/t Marc Morano]


[SEPP Comment: Perhaps all alarmists should attempt to “prove global warming” in this way.]


Climate Craziness of the Week – MSM jumps on alarming headline

By Anthony Watts, Watts Up With That? Apr 30, 2010


Alarming News: Scientists say that melting icebergs will increase sea levels by one inch in 526 years!


Climate Scientist, Heated Up Over Satirical Video, Threatens Lawsuit

By Ed Barnes, Fox News, Apr 26, 2010


[SEPP Comment: Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli will give Michael Mann something else of concern.]


Government Report Says Global Warming May Cause Cancer, Mental Illness

By Matt Cover, CNS News, Apr 28, 2010 [H/t Marc Morano]



Nature, Not Human Activity, Rules the Climate

For inquiries about NIPCC, to download the 2009 Report or the 2008 Summary, go to www.nipccreport.org/index.html
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