Too often, when a company finds itself confronting a problem that seems unsolvable, it does not take the proper action to determine a solution. For example, when Jason Halek and Halek Energy Partners sought to find new ways to free up the excess reserves that were left behind when drilling for oil and gas, they were informed that there simply wasn’t any way to get to whatever was left behind.

The people at Halek Energy Partners knew that Jason Halek was not going to accept that as a reasonable answer. Therefore, he immediately surrounded himself with some of the top industry experts, including geologists and engineers, asking question after question, learning as much as he could about the situation and how it might best be resolved.

In the end, Jason Halek and Halek Energy Partners were able to develop a new method of drilling that managed to get much more of the in-ground reserves than any other technique currently available.

Businesses that are looking to find solutions to problems might consider trying the method Jason Halek used. As his associates at Halek Energy Partners point out, by learning all that he possibly could from outside sources, Jason Halek was able to take that knowledge to Halek Energy Partners and develop an entirely new method of drilling that has since been a shining example in the industry.

As Jason Halek has stated, whenever asked, what drives him: “We will never quit until we have the best wells with the highest production numbers and the highest recovery factors in every country, every county, and every state, in which we do business.”

Humanist in Action

Jason Halek, founder of Halek Energy Partners, has long been a champion of those who need assistance. While others are content to simply donate money when a charity comes calling, Jason Halek and Halek Energy Partners decided to take matters into their own hands, creating Halek Charities. After spending a great deal of time and energy on getting the appropriate paperwork filed with various government agencies, Halek Charities became an IRS-registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.

Jason Halek understands the meaning behind the sacrifices made by the men and women in the armed forces, which is why he and Halek Energy Partners, through Halek Charities, have become involved with the Wounded Warrior Project. Jason is excited about Wounded Warrior Project Restore, an innovative online program designed to provide educational content and self-help strategies to those veterans returning who need help coping with their civilian lives.

Jason Halek has always been fascinated with innovation and trying new things. Halek Energy Partners became one of the leaders in new methods of oil and gas extraction, working with some of the top industry experts to improve current extraction techniques. Refusing to just accept things as status quo, Jason approached the situation from every possible angle. Eventually, his new approach was shown to be more efficient and productive than previous methods.

Jason Halek is certain that Halek Charities, working with the many worthwhile organizations under its umbrella, will be able to reach some truly worthwhile and beneficial goals. As always, Jason Halek and Halek Energy Partners will be at the forefront of all things innovative and groundbreaking.