By Eric Cornett, Right Side News

When I was initially approached to pen a series of articles on technological threats to the freedoms we enjoy in America, I figured I might do a two or three part series on Smart Meters and move on to other topics. But as I began to research this topic I started to gain a better perspective on how new technology and societal shifts are altering the very definition of liberty in our nation and around the world.

Yet_Another_Thing_We_Dont_WantIndeed the trend seems to be toward a more totalitarian state in general. Individual freedoms we now take for granted are whittled away little by little as we “progress” inexorably toward a socialistic society. Some would even make a valid argument that the end result is not socialism so much as it is Marxism , and on a global scale. The New World Order that has been the focus of fringe-dwellers for decades seems to be becoming more mainstream as world events cascade our culture ever-“forward” toward this end. These issues, taken individually, may seem less threatening. Taken as a whole and assembled into an agenda they become clearly frightening.

In this series, I will be examining a multitude of technological “advancements” that threaten our freedom, as well as sociological trends that may at first glance seem like good ideas for America. But as with any change there are drawbacks and downsides, unintentional and more troublesome, deliberate. These ideas and concepts are being presented to us by media, politicians and industry as progress. We are told that they are being done for our own good, in the name of saving the planet or for balancing the scales of justice in our out-of-balance society. But there is a darker side to all of these ideas and “solutions” in that they all erode our liberties individually and collectively, on scales ranging from the family unit upward to the entire populations of nations. These are some of the “Things We Don’t Want” no matter how creatively marketed or attractively presented. It is my intention to offer up for debate the reasons why these things are not in the best interest of America or world society as a whole.

An overview of what to expect in this series over the next several months (these may change as our nation prepares for decide its direction):

  • Smart Meters and the Smart Grid: Dangers to Privacy, Security and Health
  • The Incredible Shrinking Drone: Eyes in the Sky (And Your Bedroom) Too Small to Be Seen
  • Eminent Domain: What’s Yours is Yours… Unless Government Needs it More
  • RFID: It’s Not Just for Groceries Anymore – How We Are Tracked Daily, Why and By Whom
  • Bike Lanes and Paths: Property Rights, Traffic Concerns and How We’re Being Herded Into Cities
  • ICLEI and Agenda 21: Sustainability At The Expense of Today
  • Plan B and Parental Consent: Why The Government Thinks They Know How to Raise Your Kids Better Than You

Many proponents of these societal and technological “advancements” will tell you that anyone that speaks out against this progressive agenda is selfish, wrong-headed, mean-spirited or a conspiracy nut. These folks have little fear of losing personal liberties because they believe at their core that our society is unjust from its very founding principles. They will argue that we must change who we are as a people in order to usher in a brave new world where everyone is made equal in circumstance and prosperity by government decree. While equality is one of our core values as Americans, let us not forget that what we believe in is equal opportunity, not equal handouts. We believe in trickle-down economics not trickle-down government. We believe in a nation where everyone is equal in their rights topursue happiness. We are not guaranteed to achieve it, and those who doachieve success and happiness in America do so through hard work and self determination.

Eric_CornettEric Cornett, Right Side News

Writer/Photographer/Graphic Artist

Eric is a writer and professional photographer in charge of the Right Side News graphic design projects.  Devoted father of four and husband, Eric is proud to be head of a traditional nuclear family in times where proclaiming such is politically incorrect.