The National Education Association, the NEA, is certainly one of the most powerful lobbying groups in the United States. The NEA holds a large convention every Fourth of July weekend and reaffirms its support of a long list of leftwing policies. When you hear the liberals and the feminists say the “village” should or can raise children, that really means the leftists want parents to defer to schools and let them make all important decisions.

Here are some of the NEA Resolutions that tend to put public schools rather than parents in charge of your kids. The NEA wants full-day, every day mandatory kindergarten for all children. That gets the children out of the home and under institutional supervision.

The NEA wants a full continuum of services for every child’s pre-K years with what they called “appropriate and diversity-based curricula.” That means the schools will start brainwashing children in their pre-Kindergarten years.

The NEA wants to veto all voucher plans and tuition tax credits that would allow you to move your kid to a private school, out of control of the busybody bureaucrats who think they know best about your children.

The NEA wants the public schools to start in the very early years indoctrinating children with political correct attitudes about racism, sexism, sexual orientation, gender identification, marital status, and family relationships.

The NEA resolutions enthusiastically support school-based family planning clinics that can presumably counsel girls without interference from parents.

The NEA opposes allowing schools to observe any moment of silence. The NEA still supports ratification of the now-defunct Equal Rights Amendment, which we now know would put same-sex marriage and abortion funding in the U.S. Constitution. And, the NEA resolutions are laden with the liberals favorite words, such as diversity, multicultural, and globalism.

phyllis-300dpi-dPhyllis Schlafly has been a national leader of the conservative movement since the publication of her best-selling 1964 book, A Choice Not An Echo. She has been a leader of the pro-family movement since 1972, when she started her national volunteer organization called Eagle Forum. In a ten-year battle, Mrs. Schlafly led the pro-family movement to victory over the principal legislative goal of the radical feminists, called the Equal Rights Amendment. An articulate and successful opponent of the radical feminist movement, she appears in debate on college campuses more frequently than any other conservative. She was named one of the 100 most important women of the 20th century by the Ladies’ Home Journal.