Listening to liberals, you would think the most destructive phenomenon in the US is the so-called War on Women. It’s not really a war on women generally. It’s a war about who will pay for reproductive services plus the eternally tortured dispute about abortion. 

Meanwhile, vastly more Americans, both male and female, are hurt by what goes on in our public schools. Many statistics, studies, commissions, and pundits have made the same point: the country is spending hundreds of billions for education but somehow children don’t end up well educated. 

Many observers have gone so far as to suggest that our Education Establishment is not seriously attempting to educate children. Rather, the goal seems to be to level children, to dumb them down, as argued by Charlotte Iserbyt in her famous book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.”

 This leveling is not an all-or-nothing project. Rather, it functions in scores of ways large and tiny. The details are easy to overlook. But the cumulative impact is like a tsunami flowing through a coastal city.

Public schools can’t seem to do a good job with literacy. They don’t seem able to teach elementary arithmetic. They don’t emphasize learning basic knowledge. 

 The basic sophistry seems to be bait-and-switch. The schools say, “We will educate your children.” But in reality the schools have created dozens of excuses for not doing that. All failure is someone else’s fault.  

 Practically speaking, what the schools seem to be saying is: “We will not educate your children. We will create so many distractions and diversions, so many alibis and lies, so much propaganda and jargon, that everyone’s head will spin. We will keep entire communities off-balance and dizzy. We will give your children dyslexia and then Ritalin. No matter what you complain about, we will assure you it’s unimportant. We will constantly brag about exciting new programs that will soon make everything perfect. The schools and the children belong to us. It is our duty as progressives to separate these children from their ignorant parents, to empty them of religion and patriotism, to dismantle all of their old-fashioned and traditional ideas, and to prepare them for their place in our New World Order.”

 If you count the numbers of victims and the billions of dollars wasted, if you measure the destructive impact on the society’s ability to survive and thrive, the War on Children would seem to be the bigger war by far. Perhaps 10% of the population do receive a good education; but the great majority, no matter how you fiddle with the statistics, receive an inferior, dumbed-down education. This is killing the country from the inside out.

People conducting this bait-and-switch operation are unlikely to change their thinking. They drank the Kool-Aid and liked it. So they try, as they have for almost 100 years, to do whatever damage the public will let them get away with. 

The only hope is that the public will change its thinking. People everywhere will look around at the wreckage -– children who can’t do arithmetic without a calculator, adults who can hardly read, citizens who know nothing about their country’s history, millions of so-called college graduates who have little more than a tenth-grade education -– and everyone will feel revulsion. They will say, “Enough with your endless insincerities, incompetence, and downright evil. The country has schools so children can be educated. Get busy doing your job! We want to move in a new direction. Away from dumb. Toward smart.”

There is an easy way to reach this goal, easier than most people think. All the phony math programs (generally known as Reform Math) must be entirely eliminated. Real math (for example, Saxon Math, Singapore Math) must be used instead. Simultaneously, all the phony reading programs (generally known as Whole Language or Balanced Literacy programs) must be eliminated. There are many excellent phonics programs available; pick one. Simultaneously, all the phony instructional approaches (generally known as Constructivism or Discovery) must be largely dismissed. We want expert teachers teaching expertly.

It’s no mystery how you run a good school. Make a list of the hundred best private schools. Pick one at random. Copy it. 

 Truth is, the so-called War on Women could be won or lost, no matter how you define won or lost, and the country could still survive and prosper. 

But the War on Children cannot be lost. Losing that war means losing the country.

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