Afghan Donut Speech


by Linda Goudsmit
August 22, 2017

President Trump faced the nation last night and delivered an impassioned three-part speech on American involvement in Afghanistan. The first part eloquently addressed the military from the perspective of a grateful nation. President Trump thanked the military and complimented their extraordinary service and sacrifice. President Trump promised the troops full support for the equipment they need and for the freedom of the military generals in the field to make decisions without interference from Washington politicians sitting behind desks. President Trump announced a change to the rules of engagement – he promised a commitment to winning when engaged. The President spoke at great length about the exemplary military model of cohesion – the unity of men and women from all races and religions united by common cause and commitment to their pledge of allegiance to the United States of America. We are one family – one American family. The President implored the country to follow the military model of cohesion and heal the divisiveness at home.


The second part of the President’s speech announced a powerful new shift in purpose. The United States will no longer participate in nation building – we are finally out of the business of trying to build democracies in unwilling nations. Instead, our international involvement will focus on common cause that serves American national interests. President Trump expects our friends and allies to participate in the funding of these efforts – America will no longer unfairly accept the financial burden of military engagement alone.


The third part of President Trump’s speech was directed at our terrorist enemies. The President spoke to the terrorists directly saying America will stay the course and we will prevail. Here is the problem. President Trump never identified the terrorist enemies as radical Islamists. That is the donut hole. Candidate Trump was very specific about naming radical Islam as the enemy and identifying its existential threat to Western freedom. President Trump did not. Candidate Trump understood that the misrepresentation and censorship of the colluding mainstream media gives safe haven to the radical Islamic terrorists because the void in the coverage deceitfully minimizes the Islamic threat. President Trump ignored the fake news contribution that emboldens radical Islamic terrorism.


Wars cannot be won without clarity and an explicit identification of the enemy. Worldwide Islamic terrorism is ideological. Our terrorist enemies abroad and at home are inspired by their religious commitment to Islam and their Koranic dream to re-establish the caliphate and impose supremacist Islamic sharia law worldwide. Islam is a comprehensive socio-political expansionist movement with a religious wing (mosques and imams), a military wing of jihadists (terrorists), and a political wing (Muslim Brotherhood/CAIR/MSA). Islamic terrorism is a war of ideas as much as it is a savage physical war. The war of ideas can only be won by an informed West that understands the comprehensive ideology driving the Islamic terrorism.


President Trump’s eloquent speech of determination and commitment to the troops collapses into the donut hole because without naming the ideological inspiration of Islamic megalomania the Muslim Brotherhood remains free to recruit and infiltrate every government agency in America. CAIR operatives continue to disinform the public, and the Muslim Student Association continues to infiltrate and incite violence on campuses across America. The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical Islamic terrorist organization and must be designated a terrorist organization. Candidate Trump had the courage to say so – President Trump did not.


It is not enough to supply our men and women in uniform with the commitment and necessary equipment to win on the battlefield overseas. It is essential to name the terrorist enemy as radical Islamic terrorists to rid our country of the enemy within or our fully equipped soldiers overseas will die in vain. President Trump has surrendered to the leftover Obama national security team of McMaster and his gang. McMaster et al are loyal to the pro-Muslim Obama doctrine that adamantly refuses to identify radical Islamic terrorism as the enemy. They have deliberately and catastrophically censored every mention of the religious Islamic ideological motivation for the terrorist threat from every training manual pertaining to our national security. Instead, Obama’s leftovers continue to welcome CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood to “tutor” America on national defense and deceitfully consider every possible motivation for terrorism except the actual radical Islamic motivation. Our national security depends on accurate information. Our intelligence depends on an intelligent policy of intelligence gathering. It is not intelligent to deny reality and pretend that Islamic terrorism is not Islamic. Even the supremacist war cry of radical Islamic terrorists screaming Allahu Akbar – Allah is greater – before they slaughter innocent “infidels” is intentionally ignored.


Candidate Trump has slid into the donut hole and is being drowned by the swamp. The echo chamber of disinformation and misinformation continues in the military, the national defense agencies, and the colluding mainstream media under President Trump. President Trump must find his way back and clear the Obama leftovers from his administration to pursue the policies of his candidacy. Only then he will be the President Trump that Americans elected and expected. The Afghan donut speech was a very sad for America – everyone knows donuts are hazardous to your health.