Peter Wright
February 3, 2008

Right Side News – Southlake, Texas. Almost 200 experts and community leaders from all over the globe converged on the scenic Lonesome Dove Ranch on Saturday for the third Symposium Exposing the Threat of Islamic Terrorism, organized by America’s Truth Forum in association with Basics Project. Talk radio host Roger Hedgecock was the master of ceremony and broadcasted his radio show from the event.

Attendees were given a concise and entertaining synopsis of the origin of American civilization. Speakers brought up in the Muslim tradition discussed their experiences and outlined the dangers of Islam and informed the attendees that female mutilation is being performed in the United States now.
Attorney David Schippers, the prosecutor of President Clinton’s impeachment, presented his case that the Oklahoma City bombing was in fact a joint Iraqi Republican Guards/al Qaeda operation that the Clinton administration suppressed for the purpose of harming conservative talk radio and to avoid the international complications of this attack.

Research on the startling growth of Mosques and madrasas in the United States was presented along with an analysis of the Qu’aran’s structure and call for it’s adherents to kill non-believers.

Finally, Frank Wuco, President of Red Mind Solutions, Inc., presented his red team view of the belief system of a typical Guantanamo Bay Taliban/al Quaeda prisoner. Attendees departed determined to work to find a solution to this dire threat to Western civilization. The previous evening, about 150 experts and leaders met at the Hilton Lakes of Texas for the two hour program kick-off and dinner. Special guests included John O’Neill, attorney, officer in charge of PCF 94 and author of Unfit for Command, and talk show host Mike Gallagher.

A complete list of the speakers and their subjects may be found on the America’s Truth Forums website
Right Side News will be publishing materials gathered at the event over the coming days, weeks and months.