James Simpson

I told you about what happened earlier this week when Fox News reported a secret meeting of #DisruptJ20, a collection of anarchist groups planning to disrupt the inaugural. The covert recording was a project of Matthew Vadum’s Capital Research Center to expose these leftists:

That story was an intro to a 20 minute video, “America Under Siege”, that CRC will release Thursday, available for free on YouTube. Here is the trailer to the video:

It is part of CRC’s Dangerous Documentaries series.

Project Veritas also came out with covert videos of #DisruptJ20 planning meetings:

Part I. They talk about using butyric acid, which smells like vomit, in the ventilation shafts of buildings and setting off fire alarm sprinkler systems. These people should be arrested in advance for planning these terroristic activities.


Part II. They talk about “throat punching” which can be fatal, and shutting down the Metro.

If these people try to provoke you to mix it up, be aware that these are the kinds of things they are planning. Regarding shutting down the metro, I think the idea is to hook a chain on the Metro train door when it opens and hook the other end to the train so the door can’t close.

Judicial Watch reports that there may be actual terrorist attacks along the border to disrupt the inaugural:

There has been an attack inside Mexico on the building site of a new U.S. Consulate near the border:

You should share all of this information with everyone you know. America made its decision in this election, and a big part of it was, “We are sick and tired of the Left and its destructive agenda.” But the Left refuses to get the message. Instead, their kicking and screaming is evolving into violence. They need to get the message, loud and clear, that their behavior is unacceptable. In the meantime, we need to be ready for their attacks.


James Simpson