The cracks in the dam are visible.

Yet the media conspire to keep it invisible.

Tune in to the three major networks or CNN and you will see (in between their coordinated personal attacks on whichever conservative candidate is currently capturing attention) mob attacks in Greece, mob attacks in Yemen, mob attacks in Libya. 

victimWhat you won’t see is coverage of the ‘Flash Mob’ attacks happening in our own country, in Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami and Washington DC.

Could You Be Next?

Why, media, why?

Rhetorical question, that.

The homegrown mobs tell the story the dinosaur-media, the products of liberalized institutional education, wish to conceal – the unavoidable consequences of social programs designed not to solve problems but to build a base of voters dependent on Democratic politicians.

Witness the collapse of the dream that was The Great Society.

The goal of Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society was to end poverty in fifty years time.  The mission was noble in intent, but was quickly bastardized as the party of the Jackass’ colluded to exploit it into a personal get rich-and-powerful (and stay that way) scheme.

And now the myth of the viability of a one parent household, along with the Democrat’s profferred notion that a welfare check is as admirable as a paycheck, has led us to this critical point in our nation’s history.  Mobs of inner city youths, predominantly black, have taken to using social media to coordinate violent attacks on an unsuspecting public of ALL races, and if old media has its way the public will remain unsuspecting.

Yes, black.

RSN UPDATE: American Thinker: Minority Feelings and Violent Facts

They’ve already occurred in Atlanta, Kansas City, Boston, Nashville, Charlotte, St. Paul, Minnesota, Washington, D.C., Las Vegas, Columbia, South Carolina, and even in Iowa on what was called “beat whitey night.”

Attempting to mask this reality through disingenuous political correctness does not make the truth any prettier, though this will not prevent our deceitful media from trying their damndest.

This is not a racial issue. Fear of being called racist by the real racists cannot be allowed to foster silence and inactivity. Beware the accusers for often they are guilty of what they accuse others.  Never is this more in evidence than when liberals in Washington and the media shout cries of racist at others.

LBJ was wrong.  His Great Society’s War on Poverty and the enabling government programs it gave birth to have served only to ensure the battle will rage in perpetuity.

Benjamin Franklin was right. “I observed that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves.”

The Democrats seized on Franklin’s concept and perverted it as means to their own end, enacting deviously designed social entitlement programs not to give aid to those in need but to provide job security to the liberal overseers.  The modern day plantation owner does not give orders, he gives stump speeches.  Liberal politicians substitute dependency for chains.  They count on the very group they pretend to protect to be ignorant, to not see they are being used to pick candidates instead of cotton.  The by-product of this devolvement is the urban mob of today.

The Have-nots have declared war on the Haves.

It is only natural – the culture of dependency digresses to the culture of entitlement, which in turn caves to the culture of decadence.

The cracks are visible.

Will we, as a nation, repair them, or ignore them until the dam bursts at the seams and we’re left with roadside Apocalypse?

Franklin also said, “When people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic.”  He was right, again.  The people have found it, within the vote for the Democratic Party, the party that desires to utilize social justice and entitlement programs to propagate a society of poor people, their own personal flock of sheep.

But the sheep have turned wolf.

And the Republic suffers for it . . .

white-scroll-feather-ink-pen-icon-men_designSonny Palermo has scribbled columns for Winners Edge, Ring Sports and other magazines, and has appeared on websites such as The Daily Caller, David Horowitz’ NewsRealBlogs & Front Page Mag, American Thinker, BlogsLucianneLoves and He has done regular guest appearances on FOX Sports radio in Vegas and nationally on SIRIUS.