March 4, 2009
Mexico Specialist on International Issues feels closing of the border with U.S. without a Migratory Reform poses a danger of instability to Mexico

El Diario de Xalapa  (Xalapa, Veracruz)  3/3/09  (also in dozens of papers of same publisher in cities around Mexico)              – full transl. of article –  Only the items in italics were added for clarity or explanation.

“Only one thousand 500 Mexicans will be able to cross to the U.S., according to specialist ” “Because of the double steel fence”
Puebla, Puebla, –  If the United States builds the double steel fence to close the border with Mexico, out of the 500 thousand countrymen who annually cross those territorial limits only one thousand 500 will be able to cross into that neighbor country to the north, for which reason ( Puebla would also reduce the number of 60 thousand residents who depart in that same period of time to that nation, said Werner G.C. Voigt, a specialist on international issues at UPAEP. He explained that on the issue of migration things will be harder for Mexico if the North American government reaches strategies such as the so-called fence, thus the need for Mexican authorities to begin negotiations and set out the impact which this would generate, from public security problems ( reaching up into conflicts in the ability to govern in certain regions of the country.
It must be remembered – he said – that the first priority the U.S. has is to close the border, for which reason the government of Barack Obama agrees that it is disposed to introduce a law about a Migratory Reform but only after the closing of the border.
The specialist pointed out that what’s alarming here is that economic resources are being added to the package of ex-president George W. Bush, who a year and a half ago authorized 1.4 billion dollars, of which 400 million have already been used in the initial phase of that fence. Besides, with President Barack Obama’s new package, the U.S. has available 2 billion dollars to close the border.
It must not be forgotten – asserted Werner Voigt – that the intention the North Americans have is not a positive one neither for Mexico nor for the migrant originating nations (Central America, mainly), since the proposal is that the United States government is going to deal only with the undocumented already present in North American (territory.
The idea – he added – is to register the migrants, and they reach 12 million persons of which half are Mexicans (6 million). All of them will have to go to the United States Migration offices and report their illegal status, (present proof of residence where they show they have been a minimum of 5 years (since if it is less they will be expelled.)
The internationalist of UPAEP also said that the migrants will have to present documents of non-criminal records, but if they have even one arrest for illegal border crossing they will not be allowed to stay.
He mentioned that they will have to pay a fine between 20 and 25 thousand dollars per person, due to which for a family (of four migrants) on average it would rise to almost 100 thousand dollars.Besides, they would have to cover the fee for a residence application (approximately 2 thousand 400 dollars per person), but also every illegal must demonstrate his knowledge on the English language to officials of the Migratory Service.
He added that the person interested in remaining in the U.S. must show in a written exam his knowledge of the history of that nation as well as the system of government they conduct. Werner Voigt said that after meeting all these steps the undocumented ( could be processed to enter into the waiting list as candidate for residency in the United States.
Nevertheless, with all these characteristics practically 75 percent of the undocumented who are there are eliminated.
Because of this it is necessary to lobby and begin a dynamic and aggressive campaign as much in the Mexican governmental structure as in the American one, and point out the impact that this would have on Mexico, he added.
He emphasized that with the reality of an almost out of control economic crisis, Obama is not going to put too much time into Migratory Reform, yet, his work team composed of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden could put emphasis into this.
It’s clear that the danger for Mexico is the closing of the border during the coming year without having a Migratory Reform. (— La Prensa Grafica  (San Salvador, El Salvador)  3/3/09 Salvadoran police recorded 30 homicides in 48 hours during this past weekend. While 2008 closed with a daily nationwide average of 8.6 such deaths, since the beginning of this year that average is now 12 and the tally has reached 510 victims.  Diario de Yucatan (Merida, Yucatan) 3/3/09 *     The Commander of the State Police of Chihuahua was having dinner at a restaurant in the city of Camargo; with him was the uncle of the state’s ex-Attorney General. Then a number of killers burst in and shot and killed the two on the spot.
*     In Baja California: “Five persons executed, three dismembered and two women found today in the cities of Tijuana and Tecate.” The bodies of the two females were found dumped in a deep ravine off the Tecate-Ensenada highway; they had been tortured and both had their feet and hands tied. The three men were wrapped in bed clothes; their legs, heads and arms had been removed and placed in bags near the bodies; that location was near the Tijuana bull ring (OceanA “narco message” was left with the remains. 
*     West of Tapachula, Chiapas, the commander of the state police was gravely injured during a car-to-car gunfire attack. His wife and two daughters, also in the car, escaped injury. The police officer was hit with five rounds.— El Diario  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  3/3/09 The head of the Juarez Police Intelligence Center announced that around 20 of its agents have flunked trustworthiness exams.—- Reforma  (Mexico City)  3/3/09 Nearly 2 million 916 thousand pesos worth of Mexico City’s police equipment, including firearms, ammo, radios and  electronic equipment was lost or stolen during 2008.—- El Porvenir  (Monterrey, Nuevo Leon)  3/3/09 An anonymous call led police to a car on fire at an industrial park north of Monterrey. Inside the car: the bodies of three dead men. Around the car: a number of shell casings.—- El Sur  (Acapulco, Guerrero)  3/3/09 At least three men in a light truck shot Jose Angel Jaimes Tapia, a Zihuatenejo “preventive police”, when Jaimes left his home in the morning and was walking to work. Twelve AR15, 10 AK47 and two .40 shell casings were later collected from the site. The right side of Jaimes’ face was totally disfigured by the final coup de grace. Jaimes is the fifth Zihuatenejo police officer to be assassinated in the last eight days. A foul mouthed and crude threatening message to the police was left with the body. —- El Universal  (Mexico City)  3/3/09 “The arrival of more than 4 thousand military and federal agents in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, to combat criminality, produced its first results. In the last 48 hours six executions were recorded, a number that contrasts with days past when around 10 and even 20 have occurred.”
“There were six executions in Juarez yesterday, two in the capital city and one in Namiquipa.”Elsewhere, the “First Commander” of Durango’s Preventive State Police was murdered in a car-to-car attack, just 100 meters away from the city’s Public Security offices.— Norte  (Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua)  3/3/09 25 automobiles were stolen every day in February in Juarez. The average for 2009 is now 25.86. During the first two months of this year the total has reached 2,526.

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