West Statement on President Obama’s Affront to the American Military and their Votes, as the DOJ prefers to have illegals vote and military members not to vote.

(WASHINGTON)— Congressman Allen West (R-FL) released this statement yesterday in response to the lawsuit Obama for America and the Democratic National Committee filed against the Attorney General and Secretary of State of Ohio in reference to giving the military three extra days of early, in-person voting:

Allen_West_R_Fla__112th_Congress“As a retired Army officer, I am appalled at the Obama campaign’s actions to bring a lawsuit against the State of Ohio for the early voting privileges it extends to our men and women serving in uniform. To have the Commander in Chief make our United States servicemen and women the target of a political attack to benefit his reelection actions is reprehensible. Unfortunately for all Americans, this President has never served in the military, so he has no comprehension of the lives our troops lead. Military voters deserve special flexibility as they are often subject to restrictions, uncertainties, and risks that often make it more difficult for them to vote.

West: The President is destroying our military

The voting privilege extended to these members of the armed services who represent the best among us should not be attacked by a President who is more concerned about his reelection than sequestration.

As a 22-year combat veteran, for this President to unleash his campaign cronies against our military is unconscionable. How dare this President compare the service, sacrifice, and commitment of those who guard our liberties to everyone else? Barack Obama is undeserving of the title Commander-in-Chief.

I pledge my full support to veterans organizations such as the National Guard Association of the United States, Association of the U.S. Army, Association of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps League, Military Officers Association of America, the Reserve Officers Association, the Association of Uniformed Services, as well as others who are taking this battle head on. This lawsuit is an affront to our men and women in uniform.”