Right Side News knows this is occuring in every state in our nation and is not being reported by major national news outlets. We have reported on this issue and published over 3,500 content articles over the last four years. EYES WIDE SHUT is exactly the correct title here. The Republican Party is running blind and the prospect of a third party grows every day due to their total lack of spine and resolve to preserve our Constitution, balance of powers and State’s rights.   The Republican Party of 2011 is yesterday’s Democrat Party and they are all moving LEFT in LOCKSTEP towards our nations demise.  The Blue Ridge Forum is an excellent snap shot on Virginia and highly recommended to our RSN readers.


  • Veteran journalist Cliff Kincaid points out today in Accuracy in Media that Republicans Boost Al-Jazeera. (cross posted on RSN) Reports long-time investigator Kincaid: “Meantime, an Al-Jazeera contributor, Republican David Ramadan, who supported McCain for president, is running for the newly created 87th House of Delegates seat in the Commonwealth of Virginia and seems poised to win. He has been interviewed by Al-Jazeera, which the Muslim Brotherhood describes as the ‘great Arab media organization,’ and says that his mission includes ‘educating the Republican party on the Arab-American and Muslim community on what we need from candidates in order to support them.’”

Both the Nova chapter of Act for America, and The Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force are also weighing in on the stormy Ramadan candidacy.

  • Nova’s chapter of Act via Gil St. John announces a 5:30 PM press conference tomorrow at Government Center in Leesburg. St. John declares “The background, relationships and beliefs of Imad Afif ‘David’ Ramadan, a candidate seeking the Republican nomination for the Virginia House of Delegates seat in the new 87th district in Loudoun County, have lately become a matter of increasing controversy. To explore what is known – and as yet unknown – about Mr. Ramadan’s character and caliber, a group of local and national figures will hold a press conference at the Government Center in Leesburg, Virginia at 5:30 on Wednesday, August 10. Among those participating in the press conference will be . . . .” Read more.

  • Meanwhile Jim Lafferty chief of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force revealed that “A dozen conservative leaders from across America delivered a letter to former Reagan Administration Attorney General Edwin Meese today asking him to withdraw his support for GOP pro-Ground Zero mosque candidate David Ramadan who is running for the Virginia House of Delegates.“ Here is the entire text of the Lafferty statement including the letter to General Meese.

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David Ramadan: Are Virginia GOP Eyes “Wide Shut”?

Today, in Big Peace, Kent Clizbe raises in his “Foreign Influence in American Politics—Imad Ramadan in Virginia” a whole new set of questions here about Republican House of Delegate candidate David Ramadan.

In short, author Clizbe declares –

“As I’ve advocated for some time now, the American political system needs to better vet our candidates. Barack Obama was allowed to pass through without providing basic details about his background. Is vetting of Republicans/conservative candidates any better?

Imad ‘David’ Ramadan is running for the Republican nomination for the House of Delegates in Virginia’s 87th district. After a few years of generous donations to Virginia Republicans, Ramadan made his move. Investing an estimated $500,000 in his campaign, hiring out-of-state consultants, and pulling the strings of his obligated donation recipients, Ramadan appeared to believe he is owed the seat.”

Clizbe lists what he describes as “some questions that would help Virginia’s voters better understand” Mr. Ramadan’s activities.

There is much detail in Clizbe’s Big Peace post.  Readers should take the time to consider his major points, and make their own assessment.

But let’s review what we have written about the Ramadan political history in Loudoun County and Virginia – – step by step.

Nearly a year ago, last August 23, well before David Ramadan was a candidate for any Commonwealth office, we raised questions (scroll down in the foregoing link) about Mr. Ramadan’s outreach role for the Republican Party of Virginia. Specifically, we wrote –

One of the leaders of the Republican Party of Virginia’s (RPV) “Outreach Coalition Committee,” David Ramadan, has a different take (from most Republicans as well as Americans) on the proposed building of the Mosque. “’I really think it was not coordinated,’ says Ramadan. ‘I truly believe this started out on a couple blogs, people went against it. One way or another it got to Speaker Gingrich and Governor Palin. They didn’t really think hard about or strategize on. It took off. After that it was a slippery slope. But they didn’t back out and used it to take shots against the President…and now it’s too late’”. . . . “Ramadan echoed a sentiment that conservative activist Grover Norquist shared with Slate: in Norquist’s words, ‘Republicans will lose Jewish votes by focusing on a mosque in New York…. You’re going to lose Jewish votes, Indian votes, Buddhist votes. Every member of a minority group looks at a situation like this and says, oh, the people hitting this minority will eventually start hitting me.’”

Readers should consider the entire TPM post. Mr. Ramadan is certainly entitled to his perspective.  But will his words be heard as only those of himself, or as those of the RPV’s “Outreach Coalition Committee.”  And if the latter, is Mr. Ramadan’s message the one the RPV wants to be sending to those Virginia Muslims who want no part of Shariah law and its growing reach throughout the land?

We followed up with this post of August 28 (scroll down in the foregoing link)

“Republican Party Of Virginia (RPV) Outreach Paper Recommends Two Websites — Which Many GOPers Would Find Questionable –· Dealing With Islam.”

Then on April 11, we wrote at some length about House of Delegates candidate David Ramadan here.

We asked, in April, about Mr. Ramadan’s support for the Ground Zero Mosque, his detailed views on Shariah (there is nothing about his attitude toward Shariah on his current website at the time of publishing this post) and Political Islam, and about the company he keeps when lobbying on Islamic matters — the signers of his Ground Zero Mosque letter. (Click on foregoing link for text of letter.)

In addition to David Ramadan, identifying himself as “Vice Chair, Ethnic Coalitions, Republican Party of Virginia,”  Suhail A. Khan was one of the six signers of the Ground Zero Mosque letter. Mr. Khan is a close associate of Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform.  Grover is Mr. Ramadan’s heavy-hitting national GOP endorser.

One explanation of how all these figures tie together can be found in Gary Johnson’s June 11 post (Family Security Matters) entitled “The Norquist Cell: Operation GroverKhan.”

Shariah, a Key Concern — Especially in Northern Virginia

For GOP leaders offended by anyone raising the subject of Shariah in polite society, we suggest they visit northern Virginia Republican Representative Frank Wolf’s proposed legislation and statements on Shariah. In a June 23, 2011 letter, Mr. Wolf writes

“I have grown increasingly concerned over the past few years that other forms of law outside federal and state laws are being applied in court cases in the United States. My concerns were recently confirmed by a Center for Security Policy study which reported that 50 appellate court cases from 23 different states involve conflicts between Shariah (Islamic Law) and U.S. state law. The analysis also found that Shariah has been applied or formally recognized in state court decisions, in conflict with the Constitution and state public policy.”

In December 2008, Mr. Wolf and Representative Sue Myrick wrote to the American International Group

“Since Americans are now de facto stockholders in your company, we feel it is our duty to inform them that your press release ignores the fact the AIG is marketing products that support a radical political ideology, Shariah law. Shariah law is a politicized and radical doctrine created in the 1920s, by the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) founder Hassan Al-Banna, to compete against Western economics and values. Due to radical ideas put forth by the Brotherhood, the Egyptian government banned the group, but it flourish elsewhere. Today, Shariah law uses the same legal code championed by the Taliban and Osama bin Laden’s al Queda. It promotes Stone Age family laws that that amount to making women property, and enshrines horrific human rights abuses.”

Readers should consider the entire Wolf-Myrick letter.

David Ramadan: A Generous Man

As we have written, Mr. Ramadan is a generous man politically.  On August 11, 2008, he gave $10,000 to the McDonnell for Governor campaign and another $10,000 September 30, 2009.  He also gave a total of $2,850 to the Loudoun County Republican Party in 2008 and 2009.

Virtue, as we all know, is its own reward. But governor Bob McDonnell apparently wanted to complement virtue by recruiting Mr. Ramadan’s academic and administrative talents for the Commonwealth.  The governor appointed him to the Board of Visitors of George Mason University a year ago July 1.

As a mark of his selflessness, Mr. Ramadan — even carrying the burden of his own campaign for  delegate — has contributed,  by our count, to seven of the nine GOP candidates currently running for supervisor in Loudoun County: starting with $5,000 to Matt Letourneau in the Dulles District, then $1,000 to Suzanne Volpe in the Algonkian District, $500 each to Eugene Delgaudio in the Sterling District and Ralph Buona in the Ashburn District, and a modest $250 each to Ken Reid in Leesburg, Geary Higgins in the Catoctin District, and Janet Clarke in the Blue Ridge District.

Readers can click here for the Virginia Public Access Project’s list of Mr. Ramadan’s current posted contributions. And here readers can find the contributions from Mr. Ramadan’s company Rama International.

So where does David Ramadan get this largesse? Why does he distribute it so widely? What does he expect from the recipients? In the short run?  In the longer run?

Readers should take the time to review all the material concerning David Ramadan’s qualifications for holding public office in the Commonwealth.

Anyone who finds the Ramadan record troubling should not hesitate to discuss their concerns with the leaders of the Loudoun and Virgina GOP.  And these GOP leaders should not immediately brush off such concerns as “bigoted” or “politically incorrect.”

Such knee-jerk responses say vastly more about those who utter them than they do about analyzing the concerns at hand.

Our cautionary message to the Virginia GOP Establishment: If we still have dispassionate historians 20 or 30 years from now, we don’t want them to be able to equate fearful blindness on the part of the GOP toward Political Islam and the Muslim Mafia with the blindness of some (but not all) prominent Democrats in the 1940s and 1950s to Communist infiltration into our government and institutions.