Dick Morris is on the case:   Soon all the immigrants coming to America will be called refugees!

A couple of thoughts on political commentator Dick Morris (well known for his earlier friendship with the Clintons) who has a presentation on the Refugee Admissions Program of the UN/US State Department.  (hat tip: Peter)  It is pretty good.  I think he is on target when he says the Obama Administration (and its No Borders cabal) is purposefully calling anyone who gets here for any economic reason (the Unaccompanied alien children for instance) “refugees” because the word triggers an emotional response from those who know nothing.

I was going to point out that Morris’ numbers are bit high, but then if you do include (in addition to the annual 70,000 refugees themselves), the UACs, the asylum seekers, the Special Immigrant Visa holders, the Cuban/Haitian parolees and so forth, the half a million for Obama’s term in office is actually low.  But, don’t ever forget that George W. Bush brought in nearly the same number!  This program is 35 years old this year!

Morris says that Congress has no role, but they do!  They just don’t exercise it.

When the President sends up his annual “determination” in late September*** for consultation, Senators and Members of Congress could say “NO” to what the President is proposing.  We don’t know what would happen then because saying NO, as far as we know, has never been tested.  I doubt anyone, but some lowly staff person, ever looks at the presentation from the White House/US State Dept.

Indeed, it is now shameful that with all the concern about the program around the country, that Rep. Trey Gowdy, who is responsible as chairman of the immigration subcommittee in the House for the refugee program, has apparently not made one move to hold oversight hearings of any sort!

The Babin bill, which Morris mentions, would be a good reason to hold a hearing!

Go here for more on the video and on how to contact Morris.

*** Here is the FY2015 Determination letter.   It is accompanied by a very large, very useful, report to Congress.  Although the new fiscal year (2016) begins on October 1, 2015, don’t expect the determination to be sent much before Sept. 30th, so there is virtually no time for Congress to seriously look at it before the State Department is sending thousands out to colonize your towns.

This is a warning I posted recently.  I have no inside information.  I could be wrong, but, just in case, better to be ready and start talking about it now!


By the way, on this Presidential determination letter, the Obama Administration is working on that right now for FY2016. They will send it to Congress around Sept. 30th since FY2016 begins on October 1.   I am very concerned that instead of the usual 70,000 refugees the Obama Administration has been bringing in each year, that they will dramatically increase the number for 2016 to accommodate the 65,000 (mostly Muslim) Syrians that the United Nations wants us to take. The reason I suspect a rat is that it has been very very quiet ever since the Jihad Caucus wrote to Obama.   I’m guessing Obama/Kerry told them to hush-up for now because something is in the works!  

Watch for it!