The United States of America is being threatened—and this may be your last chance to stop it.

I’m not talking about terrorist threats, which of course still exist. We are being threatened today, right at this moment, from WITHIN OUR OWN BORDERS.  

ILLEGAL ALIEN advocates are pressuring the government to grant them amnesty, and Liberals are happily going along with their request! Harry Reid is putting the DREAM (Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors) Act up for vote in the Senate, and Nancy Pelosi wants the House to vote on it the Monday after Thanksgiving.

I’ll get to the nuts and bolts of this legislation in a second—you really need to read exactly what is in the bill. But take a look at what Hispanic activists are saying will happen if they can’t get what they want:

“We will go into the field like the civil rights movement and the suffragists did.” Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL)

“We will escalate to civil disobedience.” Gustavo Torres of Casa de Maryland

Please read that last line again—We will escalate to civil disobedience. Doesn’t that sound like a THREAT to you?

I know why Reid and his Liberal Democrats want to pass the DREAM Act. They just lost an election, and they’re scared. When they look at 2012, they see their prospects for success are dismal, because Americans aren’t coming on board with their big government agenda. They desperately need to gather up millions of new voters who will support them. What better way to do this than to open up a wealth of entitlements for millions of people here illegally, making them beholden to Democrats and their socialist agenda!

The DREAM ACT is a DREAM for Liberal politicians who hope to see their votes balloon after passing this. Its amnesty, pure and simple, but they think saying it’s “for the children” will make the poison pill go down better.

Take a look at what’s really in the bill:

  • IT IS NOT JUST FOR CHILDREN—Illegals under the age of 35 are eligible; so this is clearly not designed to target only high school and college-age immigrants; it sounds like amnesty, not education.
  • YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR IT—The DREAM Act requires that all applications be processed, with no increased fees. That means Congress is going to have to appropriate more money to handle the extra work—and you the taxpayer are going to pay for that. Also, DREAM Act recipients will immediately become eligible for federal student loans, work study programs and other forms of financial aid—all on your dime.
  • CRIMINALS ARE WELCOMECriminals are welcome to apply, and once they do, they can’t be deported. This includes gang members, those who have received a DUI, and illegals who have engaged in voter fraud.
  • THEY WILL QUALIFY FOR IN-STATE TUITION—The DREAM Act will allow illegal aliens to qualify for in-state tuition, even when it is not being offered to U.S. citizens. A few states allow this travesty of justice now, such as California, who just recently joined in. If the DREAM Act passes, every state will be told to do the same.
  • THEY DON’T HAVE TO COMPLETE SCHOOL—Again, this bill is about amnesty, not education. The DREAM Act does not require that an illegal alien finish any type of degree in order to become a citizen.
  • CHAIN MIGRATION IS ENCOURAGED—Illegal aliens who receive amnesty under the DREAM Act will have the right to immigrate their family members—including the parents who sent for or brought them to the U.S. illegally in the first place—in unlimited numbers as soon as they become U.S. citizens. They can also petition for their adult siblings living abroad—and once that adult sibling is allowed into the U.S., their spouse and children are granted a pass, as well.

If they pass this legislation it will be one of the single most catastrophic bills ever to come out of Congress.

America is already sagging under the weight of so many illegals. You may not be able to pay for your child to go to college, but Liberals have no problem taking your money and spending it on illegal aliens and their education. Your taxes may keep rising, but Liberals have no problem allowing illegal aliens to work off the books and skirt payroll taxes. You may not be able to afford the penalty for not signing up for Obamacare, but Liberals have no problem waiving the fee for illegal aliens—and if you can find an emergency room that is open when you need one, you can thank illegals for the long wait you likely will experience.

I love this country. It is devastating to me that Liberals are attempting to destroy it by flooding our cities with millions of people we don’t know anything about, who will tax our wallets and our resources, and who have committed an illegal act in order to get here.

Illegal immigration is harmful to our economic system.

Barron’s estimates illegals may create an output of $400 trillion a year in their underground economy. That means a loss of about $400 billion in tax revenues for America, not to mention the money we lose that is sent back to relatives in their home country. Bear Stearns believes 4-6 million jobs have gone underground to illegals, which harms the American worker. And legitimate businesses suffer when forced to compete with the low prices and cheap labor of competitors who employ illegals.  

Illegal immigration is harmful to our education system.

School districts are struggling to educate millions of extra children. Class sizes are rising, teachers are being laid off, and programs like sports and arts are being eliminated. Activist groups are pushing for bilingual classrooms, which would harm the education of everyone, and they also want to change tests and other academic assessments to better accommodate the children of illegal immigrants. This will mean lower standards for every child in America. 

Illegal immigration is harmful to our healthcare system.

Free healthcare is available to every illegal alien in America. That means hospitals and medical centers are closing due to overcrowding and lack of resources. In California, the wait time in an emergency room can be up to 10 hours. We are also seeing diseases in the United States that were cured years ago, because illegals from countries with non-existent healthcare systems are coming into the country, unscreened. Obamacare is supposed to insure “31 million” Americans who are not currently insured, many of whom are undoubtedly illegal aliens. But the penalties the administration plans to assess on citizens for not having coverage will not apply to illegals—so you are paying for their healthcare one way or the other. 

Illegal immigration is harmful to our national defense.

We don’t know who is crossing our borders—but we do know criminals and terrorists are among those who do. Terrorists have taken advantage of our open borders to smuggle in people and weapons. Passing the DREAM Act will just make it easier for them to put dangerous cells in place throughout the U.S. In addition, American cities along the southern border are being terrorized as the Mexican drug war crosses into this country, and U.S. citizens are dying. When will we say enough is enough?

Illegal immigration is harmful to our infrastructure.

Our country is only so large, and we can only accommodate a certain number of people before we burst at the seams. Parks, roads, neighborhoods, prisons and other components of society simply can’t handle a constant influx of people without an equal amount of attrition, and that’s not happening. The DREAM Act will open the floodgates and overwhelm America’s population. 

Illegal immigration is harmful to our national fabric.

When immigrants arrived at Ellis Island, they knew they they needed to learn English if they were going to make it in America. If they couldn’t adopt the language or couldn’t make a living here, they went back home. Today, we don’t insist immigrants learn English and in fact, we make it just as easy for them if they don’t. America is no longer a melting pot, but is fast becoming a set of borders with isolated communities set within it. Illegals have no interest in adopting American culture, they cling to their own. In recent years, they have even become militant against the United States, taking advantage of our freedoms in order to get here, then denigrating us at the first opportunity. We cannot remain a united nation without a national identity. 

The United States of America has borders, and we operate under the rule of law. Eliminating both of these things, and you eliminate our sovereignty. What, then, would make America any different from Mexico, Canada, China or Iran?

We have to secure our borders immediately and demand that Congress work on meaningful immigration reform—no matter how uncomfortable or politically-correct the process may be. The future of our country depends on it.

Americans are against amnesty.  It’s been tried in the past, and despite claims that it slows down or inhibits further immigration, it’s a proven fact that it actually increases it! And it’s logical that it would do so! Anyone who wonders what the impact millions of illegal aliens will have on America need only look at California—it is a clear illustration of what the United States is going to look like if this DREAM Act passes.

The United States cannot absorb an infinite number of people and preserve American culture and identity—nor can we maintain an orderly society if we reward those who violate our laws to get here.

Washington is once again ignoring the will of the American people: 68% of Americans want stricter enforcement of immigration laws. 58% oppose granting immediate citizenship to children born of illegals in the U.S.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama want to make sure “No illegal is left behind.” But in doing so, they are leaving behind the American people. I hope I can count on your support to stop them.


For God and Country,



E. W. Jackson, Sr.
Executive Director, STAND PAC

S.T.A.N.D. is a grassroots organization led by Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., dedicated to bringing people back to the Judeo-Christian values that made America the greatest country ever known, and uniting people across racial and cultural lines as “One Nation Under God.”