Illegal aliens and their dependent children cost taxpayers $100 billion annually, according to a 2010 study by FAIR. Sixteen of the 50 states spend between $1 and $20 billion every year.

Although illegal aliens pay some taxes, including state taxes on eligible purchases, the costs to federal and state governments are far greater than the taxes collected from them.

State and federal money that could be used for other public priorities or returned to taxpayers is used to fund college financial aid, healthcare, justice and law enforcement, public benefits and schooling for individuals illegally residing in the U.S.
States with higher illegal immigrant populations typically see a higher net cost. Some states bear a heavier fiscal burden than others, like states neighboring the southern border and non-border states with sanctuary city policies.

See if your state is one of the 16 to spend more than $1 billion per year on illegal aliens. Go to page 81 of our cost study or click on the map: