Every day, special agents, intelligence analysts, language analysts, and professional support staff within our division and in the field are working to inform and support FBI operational activities. A key component of the National Security Branch, the Directorate of Intelligence manages all FBI intelligence activities and works with all Bureau offices, making certain that intelligence is embedded in every investigative program and field office. We continue to adapt and improve upon our collection, analysis, and dissemination capabilities in a proactive fashion, while protecting the civil liberties of all Americans.



  1. Washington: Former CIA Officer Indicted for Disclosing Classified Information to JournalistsFBI_Badge_and_Gun

    John Kiriakou was indicted for repeatedly disclosing classified information to journalists, including the name of a covert CIA officer, and information revealing the role of another CIA employee involved in classified activities.Full Story

  2. Baltimore: Man Sentenced for Attempted Use of a Weapon of Mass Destruction

    Antonio Martinez, aka Muhammad Hussain, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction in a scheme to attack a U.S. Armed Forces recruiting station. Full Story

  3. New Orleans: Five Police Officers Sentenced in the Danziger Bridge Shooting Case

    Five officers from the New Orleans Police Department were sentenced in connection with the federal civil rights prosecution of a police-involved shooting that occurred on the Danziger Bridge in the days after Hurricane Katrina. Full Story

  4. New York: Man Re-Sentenced for Providing Material Support and Resources to Indian Terrorist Organization

    Khalid Awan was re-sentenced to 14 years’ imprisonment for providing material support and resources to the Khalistan Commando Force. Full Story

  5. Tampa: Florida-Based WellCare Health Plans Agrees to Pay $137.5 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations

    WellCare Health Plans Inc. will pay $137.5 million to the federal government and nine states to resolve four lawsuits alleging violations of the False Claims Act. Full Story

  6. Charlotte: Former Civilian Contractor Pleads Guilty in Scheme to Steal and Sell Military Equipment in Iraq

    David John Welch pled guilty to conspiring to steal military generators in Iraq in 2011 and selling them on the black market. Full Story

  7. El Paso: Juarez Drug Cartel Leader Pleads Guilty in Connection with U.S. Consulate Murders, Sentenced to Life in Prison

    The Juarez Drug Cartel’s leader in Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico pled guilty and was sentenced to life in prison for his participation in drug trafficking and numerous acts of violence in connection with the Barrio Azteca gang.Full Story

  8. New York: Former NYPD Auxiliary Sergeant Sentenced for Conspiring to Distribute Narcotics

    Rafael Jimenez was sentenced to 127 months in prison for participating in a conspiracy to distribute cocaine. Full Story

  9. San Diego: Leader of the Arellano-Felix Organization Sentenced

    Benjamin Arellano-Felix was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison and ordered to forfeit $100 million in criminal proceeds in connection with racketeering and money laundering offenses. Full Story

  10. Philadelphia: Former President and Owner of Schuylkill Products Convicted in Largest Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Fraud in Nation’s History

    Joseph W. Nagle was found guilty of conspiracy to defraud the United States Department of Transportation in a scheme that lasted more than 15 years and involved over $136 million in government contracts. Full Story