The very heart of FBI operations lies in our investigations—which serve, as our mission states, “to protect and defend the United States against terrorist and foreign intelligence threats and to enforce the criminal laws of the United States.” We currently have jurisdiction over violations of more than 200 categories of federal law, and you can find the major ones here, grouped within our three national security priorities and our five criminal priorities. Also visit our Intelligence program site, which underpins and informs all our investigative programs.


  1. Detroit: Two Japanese Companies, Four Executives Guilty in Automobile Parts Price-Fixing and Bid-Rigging Conspiracies

    Two Japanese suppliers of automotive electrical components, Yazaki Corporation and Denso Corporation, have agreed to plead guilty and to pay a total of $548 million in criminal fines for their involvement in multiple price-fixing and bid-rigging conspiracies in the sale of parts to automobile manufacturers in the United States; and four executives, all Japanese nationals, have also agreed to plead guilty and serve prison time in the U.S. Full Story

  2. New York: Credit Suisse Employees Charged in Subprime Mortgage-Related Bond Manipulation Scheme

    A vice-president and two former managing directors at Credit Suisse were charged with fraudulently inflating subprime mortgage-related bond prices, which contributed to a more than $2.6 billion write-down in the bank’s reported net income. Full Story

  3. Tampa: Florida Man Indicted for Attempting to Use Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Sami Osmakac, of Pinellas Park, Florida, was charged with attempting to use weapons of mass destruction against persons and property in the U.S., as well as possessing an unregistered machine gun. Full Story

  4. New York: Seven Linked to Folk Nation Gang Indicted on Racketeering and Murder Charges

    Seven members, associates, and leaders of the violent Brooklyn street gang “Six Tre Outlaw Gangsta Disciples Folk Nation,” also known as the “Folk Nation,” were charged in a superseding indictment with crimes including racketeering, murder in aid of racketeering, murder conspiracy, attempted murder, robbery, assault, and illegal use of firearms. Full Story

  5. Newark: Vending Company Executive Charged with Defrauding Pepsi of $2.9 Million

    Joseph Belasco, the chief financial officer of New Jersey vending company Culinary Ventures Vending, was charged with defrauding Pepsi Bottling Group of approximately $2.9 million through a decade-long scheme to receive commissions for customer referrals for which he was not responsible. Full Story

  6. Los Angeles: Man Sentenced to 35 Years in Prison for His Participation in an Online Child Pornography Bulletin Board

    Billy Wade Carroll, of Dayton, Ohio, was sentenced to 35 years in prison and lifetime supervised release for his participation in the Lost Boy online bulletin board, which was dedicated to men who have a sexual interest in young boys and was established to provide a forum to trade child pornography. Full Story

  7. San Antonio: FBI and Local Law Enforcement Announce Bandit Shield Initiative

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation and regional law enforcement announced the implementation of a new regional crime reduction venture, the Bandit Shield Initiative, which was developed to reduce bank robberies and to assist local, state, and federal law enforcement with their robbery investigations. Full Story

  8. Chicago: Strip Club Operators Charged with Concealing More Than $4 Million of Income from the IRS

    The operators of an adult entertainment club were charged with conspiracy to impede the Internal Revenue Service in the collection of federal taxes, as well as separately operating an illegal Internet gambling business, in connection with allegedly diverting more than $4 million in unreported income to themselves from the two businesses. Full Story

  9. New Orleans: Patient Recruiter Pleads Guilty in Louisiana Health Care Fraud Scheme

    A Georgia man pled guilty to his role in a Louisiana-based Medicare fraud scheme involving $1.15 million in fraudulent claims for unnecessary durable medical equipment. Full Story

  10. Portland: $5,000 Reward Offered for Information in Fugitive Case

    The FBI is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of Rick Devan Hendrix, age 56, and Sarah Candace Deswert-Hendrix, age 30, who are wanted in connection with an alleged Internet fraud scheme. Full Story