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  1. Jackson: Three Men Plead Guilty to Their Roles in the Racially Motivated Assault and Murder of an African-American ManFBI_Badge_and_Gun

    Deryl Paul Dedmon, John Aaron Rice, and Dylan Wade Butler pled guilty to federal hate crime charges in connection with an assault that culminated in the death of James Craig Anderson, an African-American man. Full Story

  2. Washington: Noted Scientist Sentenced for Attempted Espionage, Fraud, and Tax Evasion

    Stewart David Nozette, a scientist who once worked for the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, NASA, and the White House’s National Space Council, was sentenced to 13 years in prison for attempted espionage, conspiracy to defraud the United States, and tax evasion. Full Story

  3. San Juan: Former Police Officer Convicted for Role in Providing Security for Drug Transactions

    Arcadio Hernandez-Soto, a former officer with the San Juan Puerto Rico Municipal Police Department, was convicted for his role in providing security for drug transactions; he is one of 89 defendants in the Operation Guard Shack case. Full Story

  4. Los Angeles: Armenian Power Member, Associates Convicted for Roles in Identity Theft Ring

    Four defendants were convicted for their roles in one of the largest bank fraud and identity theft schemes in California history, with dozens of victims in four states and $10 million in losses. Full Story

  5. Oklahoma City: Psychiatrist Charged with Illegal Distribution of Controlled Prescription Drugs Resulting in Several Deaths

    Amar Nath Bhandary, M.D., was indicted for allegedly distributing controlled substances to eight separate individuals, five of whom later died. Full Story

  6. Baltimore: Final Baltimore Police Officer Pleads Guilty in Towing Extortion Scheme

    Baltimore Police Officer Jaime Luis Lugo was the last of 15 officers to plead guilty to his role in an extortion scheme. Full Story

  7. Portland: Man Indicted on Sex Trafficking of a Child

    Chris Cool Wilmer, a career offender with a violent history, was charged with sex trafficking of a child, coercion and enticement of a minor, and transportation of a minor and an adult for prostitution. Full Story

  8. San Antonio: Ten Arrested on Federal Drug and Money Laundering Charges

    Ten Austin-area residents were arrested by federal, state, and local law enforcement officers for their roles in a narcotics trafficking and money laundering ring. Full Story

  9. New York: Two Men Arrested for String of Thefts from U.S. Mail

    Two employees of a private mail-handling company were charged with stealing thousands of dollars worth of diamonds, jewelry, electronics, and other goods from express mail parcels at a U.S. postal facility at John F. Kennedy Airport. Full Story

  10. Albuquerque: Las Cruces Hotel Owners Plead Guilty to Aiding and Abetting Undocumented Aliens

    Two hotel owners pled guilty to providing lodging, food, and other resources to two Indonesian women, who were present illegally in the U.S., in an effort to help the women avoid detection by immigration officials. Full Story