Every day, special agents, intelligence analysts, language analysts, and professional support staff within our division and in the field are working to inform and support FBI operational activities. A key component of the National Security Branch, the Directorate of Intelligence manages all FBI intelligence activities and works with all Bureau offices, making certain that intelligence is embedded in every investigative program and field office. We continue to adapt and improve upon our collection, analysis, and dissemination capabilities in a proactive fashion, while protecting the civil liberties of all Americans.


  1. Washington Field: Reward Offered for Information on Missing Retired FBI AgentFBI_Badge_and_Gun

    The FBI is offering an award of up to $1 million for information leading to the safe location, recovery, and return of Robert Levinson, who disappeared in Kish Island, Iran on March 9, 2007. Full Story

  2. New York: Six Hackers in the United States and Abroad Charged for Crimes Affecting Over One Million Victims

    Five computer hackers in the U.S. and abroad were charged and a sixth pleaded guilty for computer hacking and other crimes. The six hackers identified themselves as aligned with Anonymous, a loose confederation of computer hackers, and/or related offshoot groups. Full Story

  3. Houston: Allen Stanford Convicted for Orchestrating $7 Billion Investment Fraud Scheme

    Robert Allen Stanford, the former board of directors chairman of Stanford International Bank, was convicted for orchestrating a 20-year investment fraud scheme in which he misappropriated $7 billion from SIB to finance his personal businesses and fund his lavish lifestyle. Full Story

  4. Chicago: Two Doctors and Four Nurses Charged in Connection with $20 Home Health Care Fraud Conspiracy

    Two doctors and four nurses are among 11 new defendants added to a federal indictment against a Chicago man who operated two home health care businesses that allegedly filed $20 million worth of fraudulent Medicare claims over a period of more than five years. Full Story

  5. Dallas: Couple Pleads Guilty to Role in $3 Million Fraud Scheme Using Art as Collateral 

    A husband and wife pled guilty to running an investment fraud scheme in which they advised individuals to make short-term loans to museums in Europe. Rather than investing the funds as promised, however, the couple used the money for their own profit. Full Story

  6. Omaha: Former Bank Official Sentenced for Embezzling Nearly $6 Million from Bank

    A former cashier and member of the board of directors for an Iowa State Bank branch was sentenced to more than 10 years in federal prison for embezzling almost $6 million from the bank over the course of 19 years. Full Story

  7. Denver: Jury Convicts Inmate of Second-Degree Murder

    A man at the Administrative Maximum Prison (ADX) in Florence, Colorado was convicted for the 2005 murder of a fellow inmate. At the time, both men were enrolled in a “step down unit” that offered prisoners the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to interact with other inmates. Full Story

  8. Buffalo: Six Charged in Connection with Gang Case

    Six people were charged as part of an investigation into the activities of the LRGP street gang, an organization allegedly engaged in violent criminal activity, including the distribution of cocaine and crack cocaine and the use of firearms. Full Story

  9. Headquarters: Justice Department and FBI Raise Awareness of Disaster Fraud Hotline

    The Department of Justice, the FBI, and the National Center for Disaster Fraud remind the public there is a potential for disaster fraud in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Suspected fraudulent activity pertaining to relief efforts associated with the recent series of tornadoes in the Midwest and South should be reported to the NCDF hotline at 866-720-5721. Full Story

  10. Kansas City: Two Men Guilty in Connection with Racially Motivated Acts

    Two men pled guilty to federal hate crime charges for their roles in the vandalism and arson of another man’s mobile home. Full Story