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The FBI focuses on threats that challenge the foundations of American society or involve dangers too large or complex for any local or state authority to handle alone. In executing the following priorities, we will produce and use intelligence to protect the nation from threats and to bring to justice those who violate the law. 

The FBI was established in 1908. See our History websiteand How the FBI Got its Namefor more details on our evolution and achievements over the years. The FBI motto: “Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity.” Learn about the origins of this motto

  1. New York: New York Hedge Fund Billionaire Convicted on Insider Trading Chargesfbi

    Raj Rajaratnam was found guilty in federal court of conspiracy and securities fraud crimes stemming from his involvement in the largest hedge fund insider trading scheme in history. Full Story

  2. Richmond: ’Grandad Bandit’ Sentenced to 25 Years for Robbing 26 Banks in 14 States

    Michael Francis Mara, aka the “Grandad Bandit,” was sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment and was ordered to pay restitution in the amount of $83,868 for robbing 26 banks in 14 states. Full Story

  3. Springfield: Illinois Man Sentenced for Plotting to Bomb Federal Courthouse

    Michael C. Finton, aka Talib Islam, pled guilty to attempting to bomb the federal courthouse in Springfield in September 2009 and was sentenced to serve 28 years in prison. Full Story
  4. Los Angeles: California Man Sentenced in Scheme to Smuggle Surface-to-Air Missiles Into U.S.

    Yi Qing Chen was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison after being convicted on a series of federal charges related to schemes to smuggle many items into the United States, including surface-to-air missiles designed to shoot down aircraft. Full Story

  5. Kansas City: Uzbek Man Sentenced in Multi-National Racketeering and Forced Labor Enterprise

    Uzbek national Abrorkhodja Askarkhodjaev was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his role as the leader of an illicit enterprise that engaged in numerous criminal activities, including forced labor, fraud in foreign labor contracting, visa fraud, mail fraud, identity theft, tax evasion, and money laundering. Full Story

  6. San Juan/New Haven: Fugitive Wanted for 25 Years Arrested in Puerto Rico

    Norberto Gonzalez-Claudio, who has been a fugitive from justice for the past 25 years, was arrested in Cayey, Puerto Rico. Gonzalez-Claudio was wanted in connection with his participation in the armed robbery of approximately $7 million from a Wells Fargo Depot in Hartford, Conn. Full Story

  7. Chicago: Two Illinois Men Charged in $16 Million Investment Fraud Scheme

    Michael Morawski and Frank Constant, who operated a now-defunct real estate investment company, were charged in Chicago with engaging in an alleged investment fraud scheme that obtained more than $16 million from more than 300 investors. Full Story

  8. Philadelphia: Chiropractor Sentenced in Phony Accident Scheme

    Dr. Stephen Rios was sentenced to four years in prison in connection with a scheme to defraud insurance companies by staging phony automobile accidents. Full Story

  9. Houston: Former Houston Gas Trader Sentenced to Prison in $7.9 Million Wire Fraud Case

    Former Houston gas trader Stephanie Roqumore was sentenced to six years in prison without parole for defrauding numerous natural gas trading companies of nearly $8 million. Full Story

  10. Newark: Two Former Executives of Athletic Equipment Company Charged with  Extensive Fraud on New Jersey Schools

    The former chief financial officer and chief executive officer of a leading supplier of athletic equipment and reconditioning services were charged for allegedly directing a long-running fraud against schools in New Jersey and elsewhere. Full Story