Americans should be fed-up with the horror of illegal aliens.  It is time to demand that these pieces of human excrement be scooped up and piled back across the border into their sewage pit of a country.  Any person who is ignorant enough to believe that illegal aliens “are just trying to have a better life for their families” or “they have a right to seek a better life”, or “they don’t apply for or use anything they are not really entitled to in this country so they don’t hurt anyone” needs to take a trip to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, California and ask the LEGAL American citizens how those asinine platitudes are working out for them.

no_amnesty_secure_the_borders_deport_the_illegals_design“They don’t hurt anybody, why can’t we just give them a chance?”  Really?  Read the following and tell me who “didn’t hurt anybody” . . .

The following was submitted as a comment by Jeff Fusselman following the article found here.

Maybe New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, President Obama and the delegation from Mexico would like to explain to me why I have no legal recourse against the illegal alien that crossed the double yellow line and ran my wife down on her motorcycle while driving his employers truck on NM 337 on May 8th at 3:30 PM about 5 1/2 miles South of Tijeras, NM.

Maybe Gov. Richardson can explain why the Bernallio County Sherriffs on site threw up their hands and said “We can’t touch him” when his name (Cruz Hernandez-Carrasco) didn’t match his SS number. Maybe they can explain why they allowed him to change the destroyed tire on his employers (Ramon O. Gonzales) Dodge dually truck and drive away after my wife was transported to the trauma center at UNM Hospital in Albuquerque, NM without giving him so much as a field sobriety test or breathalizer. He didn’t even get a ticket.

Maybe they can all decide who will cover the medical expenses that have accrued to this point and will continue to accrue for the rest of her life. Then they can go to the skilled nursing facility in Albuquerque that my wife is in and explain it all to her.

Maybe some gov’t official can explain to me why this worthless illegal was in the country at all.

This is the price American citizens pay for illegal immigration.

Those who support illegal aliens being in this country are such hypocrites!  Do you believe for one instant that any one of them would tolerate an intruder breaking into their home, rummaging through their refrigerator, eating all their food, stealing what they didn’t eat, urinating on their family room carpet, defecating in their kitchen sink, stealing all the clothes from their closets, stealing any family heirlooms and jewelry, raping the daughter and mother of the family, brutalizing and beating to a bloody pulp the father and son of the family and then demanding that they needed a clean place to stay for the night because they didn’t have enough cash for a hotel?

This is exactly what illegal aliens are doing to our country, they are violating our home, they are “breaking and entering” into our private property, they are defecating in our living room and then jeering at us when we tell them to clean it up and get out.

The 2nd Amendment needs to be reinforced  –  it needs to be remembered that an armed citizenry is Constitutional, shall not be infringed and that defending our “homes” should NOT be limited to a house, but includes any dwelling place, especially our country. 

I’m angry, I’m fed-up and I’m ready for my country to stand up and enforce our laws.  Are YOU ready??


angry_wolf_75 Kelly Wolf – writes opinion under full color and protection of the 1st Amendment. Contributing author, politically incorrect conservative and independent, fiercely protective of God, Country & Constitution.


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