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GOP Immigration Plan Details Leaking Out

“House Republican leaders are within weeks of releasing their principles for immigration reform — a blueprint that will detail positions on everything from border security to legal status,” Politico reports.

“The document, which has been kept under wraps until now, will call for beefed-up border security and interior enforcement, a worker verification system for employers and earned legal status for the nation’s undocumented immigrants, according to multiple sources familiar with the discussions. It will also call for reforms to visa programs and a system to track those in the country legally.”

“Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), who is driving the process, wants these principles released before President Barack Obama’s State of the Union on Jan. 28.”

GOP Leaders Prepare Ground for Amnesty

“Something peculiar is happening on the immigration front in Washington. With an eerie resemblance to the drumbeat leading up to Obamacare, Republican leaders are creating a sense of urgency that immigration must be addressed now. And much like Obamacare is doing to our already-broken healthcare system, their proposals will exacerbate the very factors that have broken our immigration system over the past few decades,” says Daniel Horrowitz at

“However, GOP leaders know that their party base is not buying their sense of urgency, their understanding of why our immigration system is broken, and their solution to “fixing” it. And unlike Democrats who seek to empower and energize their base to fight Republicans, GOP leaders are planning to bamboozle the base into supporting them in 2014, only to drop the hammer on them a year later.”

Sen. Vitter Wants DHS to Explain Transport of Illegal Aliens in U.S.

“After court documents revealed that the Department of Homeland Security has been ferrying illegal alien children detained at the border to their illegal alien parents living in the United States, Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter is looking for answers,” the Daily Caller reports.

“‘I am shocked to learn that the federal government is a participant in an international human smuggling conspiracy,’ Vitter wrote in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson Wednesday. ‘I cannot imagine a case in which such a policy would be in accordance with the established mission of the Department, particularly since this encourages additional smuggling and sometimes extreme abuse of the smuggled children involved.’”

Business Lobby Releases New Amnesty Letter

“America’s unique competitive advantage has always been its ability to attract the best talent. Congress should fix the broken immigration system to create a larger pool of visas for higher-skilled workers, enact a new visa system for lower-skilled workers, offer a path forward for undocumented workers already living in the United States, and allocate greater resources to strengthen enforcement and secure our borders. Done right, reform can increase our economic growth rate, reduce our deficit, and contribute significantly to America’s future,” says a letter by the Business Round Table.

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