Feb 25, 2009
Michael Webster: Syndicated Investigative Reporter

DEA captures suspects, drugs, planes, boats, cars in over 100 U.S. Cities

In the first arrests of Mexican Drug Cartels in U.S.history U.S. Federal agents rounded up and arrested over 750 suspected Mexican Drug Cartel members across the country in a wide-ranging task force crackdown on a Mexican Drug Cartels operating inside and on the United States soil, Federal law enforcement officials told this reporter Tuesday.

This massive undertaking was started in the Bush administration 21 months ago and carried out by the Obama presidency.

The DEA said that they seized $60 million in U.S. currency; 12,535 kilograms of cocaine; more than 16,000 pounds of marijuana; more than 12 pounds of methamphetamine; approximately 8 kilograms of heroin; approximately 1.3 million pills or 500 pounds of Ecstasy; approximately 120 kilograms of MDMA powder; and more than $6.5 million in other assets, including 149 vehicles, 3 aircraft, 3 maritime vessels and 169 weapons.

The arrests against the Mexican Drug Cartels culminated in a series of Drug Enforcement Administration raids Tuesday night and Wednesday morning in cities and towns across America totaling more than a 100.

The agent spoke with me on condition of anonymity because authorities were still gathering evidence and more arrests are expected.

Kidnappings, killings and other violence related to the cross-border drug trade have escalated as well financed and heavily armed Mexican drug Cartel gangs battle for territory on both sides of the border feeding the huge U.S. narcotics market.

Many feel that it has now become a full blown civil war in Mexico and the United States is doing what it can to stem the tide of that war and are incorporating it into the U.S. war on drugs and terror.