Frontera – Tijuana, B.C. – 09/25/09

 Two men executed; one a policeman

 Two men with multiple gunshot wounds were found in a private vehicle which was riddled with bullets; other vehicles in the area were also struck.  A sign threatening municipal police was found at the scene.  Neighbors said that the assassins were in a white Jeep Liberty, and a passerby was wounded.

 – – – – –

 Police chief Leyzaola reports ten officers AWOL

 There are at least ten municipal policemen who abandoned the force after finding out that they were being sought for presumably having ties to organized crime, and seeing their fellow officers being confined.  Leyzaola said that these detentions do not bother honest officers, as they know that if interrogated it will be discovered quickly that they have not committed crimes. 



As for the last four who were detained, two were active and two were former officers.  They were taken into custody by the Army as they were attempting to flee to the U.S.


 El Diario de Juarez – Cd. Juarez, Chih. – 09/25/09

 Four decapitated bodies found in Guerrero

 The Secretariat of Public Security and Civil Protection reported that four ice chests with a head inside of each were found near Acapulco.  Four plastic bags with the corresponding bodies were found nearby.  Also found with the bodies was a message, the contents of which were not revealed.

 – – – – –

 Los Zetas control the person trafficking

 The trafficking of persons and the kidnapping of migrants in the Gulf of Mexico zone are controlled by “Los Zetas.”  Police authorities, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) and the Catholic Church agree that between Tenosique, Tabasco and Reynosa, Tamaulipas, the transfer of persons is the exclusive business of said criminal group.  And in order to make it an income-producing effort, they have co-opted or threatened the municipal police and the Immigration Service (INM).

 In just twenty days, the CNDH recorded the rescue of 177 migrants, mostly Central Americans, kidnapped in Reynosa.  A special report on “Kidnapped Migrants”, presented by the group last June, showed that in six months, 9758 migrants were victims of kidnapping.  

A source on the Reynosa Police revealed that “Los Zetas” have complete control of migrant trafficking through the gangs of “Pateros” (those who cross the migrants across the Rio Grande River to the U.S.), the agents of different police forces, principally the Municipal Preventive Police, and the Immigration Service.  Previously, “Los Zetas” limited themselves to charging a fee to “Los Pateros,” but assumed total control of the migrant smuggling because of the constant loss of drug shipments provoked by the militarization of the border.

 There is no one who can dedicate himself to migrant trafficking without the consent of the high command of that criminal organization.  Those who have tried have ended up executed or “disappeared.”

 – – – – –

 Those presumed responsible for the assassinations in the Rehabilitation Centers are presented

 Five presumed hired assassins who participated in the recent massacres at local rehabilitation centers were detained yesterday morning by elements of the Mexican Army, while traveling in two vehicles, heavily armed and in possession of drugs.

 The detainees claimed to belong to a cell of hired assassins who work for an organized crime group which is an enemy of another group which works in the area.  Representatives of the Joint operation Chihuahua report that the subjects confessed to killing at least forty-five persons, counting among them the rehab center killings at “El Aliviame” and “Anexo de Vida”, with 17 and 10 victims respectively.  They also admit to multiple homicides at the local “Seven & Seven” bar last August 17.

 – – – – –

 Narco laboratory found in Sinaloa

 Culiacan-The Mexican Army discovered a clandestine synthetic drug laboratory and seized 80 kilograms of “crystal” and chemicals bring processed, in Estacion Rosales, township of Culiacancito.   A spokesman for the Joint Culiacan-Navolato informed that military personnel also seized money, a vehicle and firearms, and detained five persons.  The laboratory was located at “Las Bugambilias” ranch and operated in a two story building where there were flasks, 200 liter barrels with chemicals, a 2500 liter capacity tank and at least 80 kilograms of “crystal.”

 – – – – – – – – – – – – –

 Milenio – Mexico, D.F. – 09/25/09

 Five subjects transporting cocaine capsules in their intestines are detained at Mexico City Airport

 The men ingested the 328 capsules with a total weight of 3.74 kilograms in Santa Cruz, Bolivia five hours before beginning their trip to Mexico via Peru.   The Federal Police detained the subjects in the international baggage claim area of Terminal 2 as they attempted to evade the inspection of baggage and documents.

 The five gave contradictory statements and acted extremely nervously.  Eventually, one of the subjects said that he felt physical malaise because of the drug capsules he had ingested, and feared for his life.

 Upon x-raying the subjects, the feds observed foreign, cylindrical objects in their intestines.  The subjects, four from Guadalajara and one from Tlaquepaque, stated that they had ingested the capsules in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and were en route to Guadalajara.  The subjects all demonstrated signs of nausea, and were assisted in expelling the capsules.  They and the contraband were turned over to the Department of Special Organized Crime Investigation.

 – – – – – – – – – – – – –

 Excelsior – Mexico, D.F. – 09/25/09

 $24,000,000 stolen from narcos in Colombia

 Bogota-The Police report that two containers coming from Veracruz, Mexico, similar to others seized two weeks ago in Colombia, containing 24 million dollars derived from drug trafficking, were stolen in Cartagena.

 The two containers, loaded with ammonium nitrate, were removed illegally from the Caribbean port of Cartagena; and their whereabouts is not known, explained the regional commander of the narcotics police.  It appears that the containers arrived from Veracruz and were taken from the dock in trucks, with the collaboration of laborers and officials at the site.

 Only about two weeks ago the Colombian Police seized in the port of Buenaventura several containers with ammonium sulfate, which had come from Manzanillo, Colima, and which contained packages with $27,000,000, proceeds of narco-trafficking.  According to investigations, the money was in payment for loads of cocaine which left Colombia, went into Mexico and probably ended up in the U.S.   The Police believe that there is an alliance of Mexican cartels with the Colombian organization headed up by the group known as “Los Comba.”

 – – – – – – – –

 Excelsior – Mexico, D.F. – 09/25/09

 Should U.S. approve “Health Reform?”

 Results of a poll taken by Excelsior daily newspaper:

 YES:  522               87.73%

 NO:     73               12.27%

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Saturday 09/26/09

 El Financiero – Mexico, D.F – 09/26/09

 Colombian airplane with cocaine falls in Honduras

 (Tegucigalpa)-The Cessna 210 was found Friday abandoned on a farm.

 A Colombian airplane with some 1000 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a false compartment fell into a community of Atlantida, on the Caribbean coast of Honduras, along the air and maritime smuggling route in this country.  After flying over the area on Thursday night, the Cessna 210 was found abandoned on a farm on Friday.  Inside the plane a photocopy of a Colombian passport in the name of Juan Barrera was found.  Police dogs located a hidden compartment in the plane with drug residue; wherefore it is presumed that it was transporting about 1000 kilograms of cocaine, the usual amount in this type of operation.  

According to press reports, residents in the area observed ten strangers in luxury vehicles illuminated an improvised, clandestine runway; and as soon as the plane fell, they unloaded several trunks and fled the area.


El Diario de Juarez – Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua – 09/26/09

 In Tecate, twenty-three kidnapped “migrants” are freed

 Elements of the Mexican Army freed 23 migrants and detained the two subjects who held them hostage on a ranch in rural Tecate.  The Secretary of National Defense reported that thanks to a citizen’s report, the Army was able to find the place where the two were keeping the 23 people, threatened with firearms.  The 23 Mexicans. who had made arrangements to be smuggled, were being held in one of the principal areas used to cross into the U.S.  It is an area where the Army had previously made rescues of kidnapped aspiring migrants.  The hostages are forced to give information which is used to contact family members to extort money for their release.

 – – – – –

 Narcos find a partner with the Police

 The drug cartels in Mexico have a common partner:  the elements of the Municipal Police.  Ninety percent (90%) of the police officers detained this year for personal ties to narco-traffic belonged to local departments.

 According to a tally by REFORMA, based on official information from the Federal Department of Justice and the Nuevo Leon Department of Justice, of the total agents investigated, 319 worked in local departments. 15 in State Ministries, 19 in Federal, and 4 in State Preventive.  

The entities with the most agents involved are Hidalgo with 121, Nuevo Leon with 100 and Tabasco with 60.  Only in Nuevo Leon were the investigations done by the State, the rest by the Feds.

Sunday 09/27/09

 El Financiero – Mexico, D.F. – 09/27/09

 Three presumed narcotraffickers detained in Chiapas

 Tuxtla Gutierrez – Based upon a series of intelligence operations, the Chiapas State Judicial Police, along with the Mexican Army, seized $300,000 (U.S.) hidden in a special compartment of a tractor trailer.  The officers stopped the truck at a traffic checkpoint in Tapachula.  Suddenly, three subjects arrived in a Ford Lobo and attempted to bribe the officers.  A search of the tractor trailer revealed the large sum of cash and the three were taken into custody.

 Under interrogation, the three admitted that they were dedicated to the transport of drugs; picking up large trucks in Mexico City and taking them to Tapachula.  In Tapachula the money was removed and the drugs placed in the hidden compartment.  They claimed that in each trip they would transport between $200,000 and $300,000 for the purchase of drugs, and were paid 35,000 pesos.


 El Diario de Juarez – Cd. Juarez, Chihuahua – 09/27/09

 Four narcotraffickers are sentenced

 A Chihuahua State District Court judge sentenced two subjects arrested by the Mexican Army for narcotics violations to ten years in prison and fines of 5,480 pesos.  In another case, the judge sentenced two subjects to ten months in custody at the Center for Social Re-adaptation for Adults in Ciudad Juarez.


El Financiero – Mexico, D.F. – 09/27/09

Hispanic leaders trust in Obama for immigration reform

 Latino representatives say that this will benefit millions of undocumented workers in the U.S.  They emphasize that the North American leader owes the Hispanic voters for helping him win the election.

 Madrid… Hispanic representatives affirmed that the Hispanic community in the U.S. trusts that the government of Barack Obama will succeed in passing an immigration reform bill that will benefit millions of undocumented workers.

 Three functionaries from the U.S. participated in a forum:  “The growing political participation of Hispanics in the U.S.”

At the meeting, put on by “Casa de America” in Madrid, Spain, Texas congressman R. Alonzo expounded that “Obama owes us for the Hispanic vote that helped him win the election.”

 “Obama promised us this in the campaign but says that now we are in health reform, but immigration reform is next.  We believe it is necessary for him to give this opportunity to millions of workers.”

 Alonzo said that there was no problem in getting enough Democrat votes in both chambers; only Obama’s desire, the contents of the reform and the negotiations matter.  We are confident because he is the first president who since the campaign has talked about passing this reform; and after becoming president has talked openly about it.  The Hispanic lobby is very strong because there are representatives and senators with many Hispanic votes in their states.

 Alonzo recalled that the Hispanics gave Obama the victory in key states such as Indiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, California and others.  He explained that Hispanics backed Obama because Bush backed down on his immigration reform plan after the demonstrations.  He added that Bush abandoned our community, but many recalled that in the demonstrations the cry was, “Today we march, tomorrow we vote!”


 El Porvenir – Monterrey, N.L. – 09/27/09

 Detainees with “Narco-payroll” ordered held in custody

 Four members of “Los Zetas,” who work for the Gulf Cartel, were ordered held by the Department of Justice (PGR) after their arrest in possession of 23,610,00 pesos and 3,705,397 U.S. dollars.  Also seized were substantial amounts of drugs, vehicles and communications equipment.  The monies, all in cash, were to be used to bribe diverse police entities at all levels in numerous locales, as well as the local press and lawyers.  Elements of the Mexican Army arrested the subjects in Monterrey on the basis of an anonymous tip.  A special arm of the Federal Attorney’s Office dealing with organized crime will investigate the case.


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