Initially published on line by the NYPD in August 2007, this report was mysteriously yanked after CAIR and other Muslim groups complained that it seemed to focus only on Muslims (and presumably ignored Martian terrorists).  (Click here for complete PDF Report)
The report was first published with much fanfare in August and we linked to it in our SANE blog. Because the NYPD pulled the link after apparently suffering the standard slings and arrows of the legal Jihadists at CAIR et al., we have linked to it here above in our archives data base and to several of the stories heralding its publication (below). It is a companion piece with the Rand Corporation’s lesser report on the Jihadist recruitment process but even the NYPD report misses the essential connection that the report itself captures: Shari’a adherence in the mosque. To review the entire report, click on the PDF file attachment .

One of the best analyses on the recruitment process for Jihadists, the NYPD Intelligence Department report unfortunately fails to understand its own data: Salafi ideology and the “radicalization” process is a Shari’a-driven ideology. Arabia-based Salafism, which is the report’s focus, is merely the Sunni-dominant version; yet, Shia has its own Tehran-based version. The Shari’a literature is consistent across ALL schools of jurisprudence on the call for Jihad against the infidels.

But, the report carefully catalogues where the Radicalization process finds its home: the Mosque. And, it recognizes that the “self-identification” process begins with Shari’a adherence although the report does not call the Shari’a spade a spade.

While the NYPD report on the “Radicalization” process recognizes that the goal of the Salafists is a world ruled by a Shari’a-adherent Caliphate and the means to achieve their ends is the use of violent Jihad, the police investigators fell prey to a faulty conditional reasoning: “Since all known Jihadists in Europe and the US have been Sunni Salafists, the motivating ideology must be Salafism.” But that of course ignores the reality of Shia-driven, Tehran-based Jihadists, who have now taken the leading role in Hizbullah and which were behind the U.S.S. Cole attack and many others.

Quite simply, what the NYPD report lacks is a careful study of the 1100+ year-old history of Shari’a across ALL major schools of jurisprudence or a careful “mapping” of Jihadist activity and promotion in the US (see, e.g., SANE’s Mapping Shari’a Project). Salafism is dangerous because it embraces historical and authoritative Shari’a. While there are differences across the five (or six) major schools of Shari’a, they all agree – Sunni and Shia) on the importance of violent Jihad and worldwide hegemony.

Whether Sunni or Shia, whether in the years of Mohammad’s reign or in the early years after his death with the Islamic world ruled by Mohammed’s “Companions”, or in the later years of the Caliphate, the goal of Shari’a remains consistent: that the world should be ruled by one divine law – Shari’a – and that goal should be accomplished by persuasion, by subjugation or by force when the means and the opportunity allow.

The failure of the NYPD report is its focus on Arabia-based Salafism rather than on Shari’a. This failure is not simply a misunderstanding of what motivates Salafism – historical and authoritative Shari’a – but is a dangerous precedent since it will effectively ignore the Deobandi groups out of Pakistan and the Tehran-directed Shia Jihadists. – Please visit SaneWorks and The Mapping Sharia Project