The nomination of Samantha Power to be the next US Ambassador to the United Nations is further evidence that President Obama feels John Bolton on Samantha Power and the UNfreer in his second term to pursue policies that are damaging to American independence, according to John Bolton, who formerly held the position of US Ambassador to the UN himself.

On Thursday’s Secure Freedom Radio, Bolton told Frank Gaffney that “I think she is a very accurate reflection of Obama’s own views, and as many others have speculated, now that Obama’s free from ever having to go before the American public again, he is much more inclined in a second term to engage in this multilateralism, this search for what his Secretary of State, John Kerry, calls in the 2004 election ‘America submitting to the global test.’ You know, do our foreign policies satisfy the members of the Security Council, can we get their approval before we do anything.”

Bolton went on to say that this multilateralism obviously poses a national security risk, but that it also goes beyond that. “It goes to the fundamental question of American sovereignty: Do we decide on issues like the death penalty, gun control, the environment, abortion, you name it? All these things we normally consider issues of domestic debate for our constitutionally democratic system. Or, do we throw all this into the international arena for the membership of the UN to decide what our policies are?”

Bolton and Gaffney discussed a 2003 article in New Republic that Power wrote, in which she compared the United States to Nazi Germany, arguing that both had committed massive human rights violations. Bolton expressed his opinion that “It’s obviously anti-American. And it is part of the fashionable tendency among too many inhabitants of the American university community in their stylish, self-congratulatory way, to act in an anti-American fashion. I’m sure in the salons of Europe that article was greeted with sustained applause…It’s a world view that says it’s America that’s ‘the problem’ in the world, and that we fix ‘the problem’ by subordinating America.”

Bolton believes that remarks Power has made in the past reflect her true feelings, but now that she is up for an important position he expects to see a lot of backpedaling. “I think [the article is] also of a piece with things she has said about Israel and the human rights violations that she thinks Israel’s committed. Now, she has tried to back off some of these comments. You know the definition of a gaffe in Washington is telling the truth before you realize the consequences, and I’m sure she’ll try to back of several of these controversial things.”

His advice for US Senators apposed to Power’s nomination is that “it’s very important to drill down on this in her confirmation hearing, and the many other things she’s undoubtedly said in the dozens if not hundreds of international conferences she’s gone to where her anti-Americanism has been manifest.”

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