We have not only enemies throughout the Middle East, Asia and a whole host of communist countries… Taking down the grid and our EMP-Range-by-Altitude-attackdefenses would open up a world of unpleasant opportunities for our enemies – financial and otherwise. The EMP threat from within and from without is here and is real. The clock is ticking.

It’s not a matter of if we get hit by terrorists again, it’s a matter of when and how. I believe that the ‘how’ could involve the use of an EMP – an Electromagnetic Pulse weapon. Israel has been war gaming scenarios such as this for a long, long time. They recognize they have enemies all over the globe. For some reason, Americans can’t seem to face the fact that we have enemies within and without that want to take us down. In fact, I believe that the radical Islamists and the communists have formed a devil’s pact to do just that. They’ll sort out King of the Hill later.

With the lack of security in the US (and I mean serious, real security — Israeli style security), America is just teaming with soft targets. Ripe for terrorists to exploit. For instance, what is to stop an Islamic terrorist from somehow getting an EMP or nuke on a train, or from hijacking a train that already carries one? If our Intelligence agencies are hollowed out and have nothing but bureaucrats staffing them, well… terrorists will be terrorists. Or, an EMP could be deployed off a watercraft right outside of US territorial waters. In fact, multiple ones could be launched and it is probable that they would be successful.

From Frank Gaffney, Jr.:

The prospect of relatively short-range missiles being used to mount an EMP strike compounds the challenge to our modest anti-missile systems. They may or may not be able to contend with missiles launched from the sea close in to our shores. The determining factor would primarily be the location and readiness of the Navy’s missile-defense-equipped Aegis ships. Our west-coast–deployed, ground-based interceptors will be unable to do the job against short-range missiles fired off our east or Gulf coasts. (On this, see a recent article on NRO, co-authored by a former director of Pres. George H. W. Bush’s missile-defense program, Amb. Henry Cooper, and Dr. Robert Pfaltzgraff.)

If you want to really get scary, what if all of the above happened and multiple attacks on multiple soft targets were launched? I’m sure there are evil miscreants out there that sit around daydreaming about all this. But do we harden our electrical grids or our utilities? Nope. Do we employ Israeli security tactics at our airports or ports? Nope. We just sit here, blithely telling ourselves that another 9-11 or worse will never happen. And pigs fly.

Shielding Our Satellites

The military is taking some steps to shield our satellites. Which is a good thing considering China has satellite killers and is making strategic military moves in space, on earth, in the air and at sea. From Foreign Policy:

But concerns about weaponized EMP persist. The Defense Threat Reduction Agency, a Pentagon body focused on countering threats from nuclear weapons, has put out the call for new studies into the phenomenon, according to a notice from the agency posted in December. Specifically, DTRA wants to research “high-altitude weapons electromagnetic pulse effects modeling” for satellites.

The ultimate goal is to come up with a uniform military standard for EMP effects on satellites, which could later be used to harden them against an attack. The term “effects modeling” in the notice refers to laboratory simulations. DTRA has also stressed it’s not trying to predict the likelihood of an e-bomb attack, just the expected results of one.

Effects of an EMP

We do know that low-earth orbit satellites would get zapped if an EMP was deployed. Of note, these satellites include ones used for telecommunications, a large number of military situational awareness satellites and the International Space Station.

Frankly, the research and testing on EMP effects at low, medium and high orbits is not very thorough and our government doesn’t know with certainty exactly what all the effects would be. In a time of war, guessing is suicide. This does not inspire a sense of security concerning EMPs. While our leaders claim that no one would be suicidal enough to start a nuclear war and brush off shielding and prepping for such an event, they might want to face Mecca for a moment and consider that radical Islamists embrace death in the furtherance of their holy cause. The West seems to just be complacent and arrogant in the face of an impending nuclear attack.

We have not only enemies throughout the Middle East, Asia and a whole host of communist countries… we have enemies within our borders. With open borders and lax security, just how hard do any of us think it would be to get an EMP (or multiple devices) into the US and use them? And as long as the cells are not stupid enough to get infiltrated, by staying separate and having clever planning, they will find a way to pull this off at some point. Taking down the grid and our defenses would open up a world of unpleasant opportunities for our enemies – financial and otherwise. The EMP threat from within and from without is here and is real. The clock is ticking.

Terresa Monroe HamiltonTerresa Monroe-Hamilton

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