April 14, 2008
By FrontPage Magazine

One of six community colleges within the City University of New York (CUNY) system, Queensborough Community College (QCC) is a small, two-year school that offers associate’s degrees in a number of academic fields. Of the 17 undergraduate campuses in the CUNY system, QCC ranks near the top in terms of Muslim student enrollment.

In March 2003, QCC’s Muslim Students Association sponsored a closed meeting on the Queensborough campus. The event was secretly infiltrated and monitored by WorldNetDaily journalist Aaron Klein, who afterward reported on what he had observed there. According to Klein, the MSA QCC event featured a presentation by American-born Abu Yousuf (age 20) and Pakistani-born Muhammad Faheed (age 23), both of whom were U.S. leaders of Al-Muhajiroun,91 an international Islamic fundamentalist organization (closely allied to Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda) whose overriding aim was to restore and expand, by means of violent jihad, a Muslim Caliphate (empire) that would operate according to the principles of Sharia, or Islamic law.

Yousuf, who spoke first, began by saying in Arabic: “With thanks to Allah we are here. I testify that there is no God but Allah … May Allah grant that I speak only the truth.” He then switched to English, and charged that America’s 2003 invasion of Iraq was part of a well-orchestrated “Christian crusade to rid the world of Islam”; was rooted in the West’s lust for oil and for dominance over Muslim nations; and would undoubtedly be followed by further U.S. attacks against Arab countries. He accused American soldiers of seeking to “starve, rape and murder our brothers and sisters.”

When Faheed stepped to the podium next, he declared that Christians and Jews were conspiring against Islam, and told his listeners that “we must not recognize any government authority, or any authority at all besides Allah.” “We are not Americans,” he shouted. “We are Muslims. The U.S. is going to deport and attack us! It is us vs. them! Truth against falsehood! The colonizers and masters against the oppressed, and we will burn down the master’s house! … The only relationship you should have with America is to topple it!”

Repudiating unequivocally the U.S. Constitution and Western secular governments, Faheed declared: “Eventually there will be a Muslim in the White House dictating the laws of Shariah.” Vowing that the U.S.-led war in Iraq would soon be “felt in America,” Faheed advised his Muslim listeners to prepare themselves for a violent battle against the American people.” “The so-called terrorists are the only people who truly fear Allah,” said Faheed. “… We must join with these organizations. They are the only worthy causes, and the mighty superpower only fears them.”

Stating that the U.S. is “not strong,” Faheed said: “Vietnam, they Americans lost. Somalia, they ran away from. America hasn’t won anything since World War II. We can defeat America.”92
SOURCE: FrontPage Magazine


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