3,000 US Troops Needed to Secure Arizona Counties from Mexican control-Obama fails to act as Commander and Chief

Obama is not “Commander and Chief” or the Chief Executive directly in charge of securing our border. He has been a dismal failure and in some instances has damaged national security by suspending the building of the fence.



Multiple news stories from Arizona showing how Mexican Drug Cartels have taken control of three Arizona counties, endangering American lives and the encroachment of our national sovereignty. All this going on while President Obama’s justice department prepares to file a lawsuit against Arizona’s new immigration law.

Arizona warns residents with signs against hiking in region near Mexico border

San Diego County Political Buzz Examiner Kimberly Dvorak

The drug cartel violence coupled with increased crime along the Arizona/Mexico border has prompted Arizona officials to place signs along a heavily-traveled and known smuggling route leading from Mexico to the state’s capitol of Phoenix.

Signs went up a couple weeks ago along the southern side of I-8 between Casa Grande and Gila Bend Arizona. The region is about 80 miles north of the Mexican border and it warns American citizens of the dangers of hiking in the area.

Mexican drug cartels appear to control large areas of Southern Arizona, according to the Pinal County Sheriff……….READ MORE

Obama’s Administration White Flags Three Arizona Counties Unsafe Too Enter!

Obama has suspended the building of the fence and has virtually given control of three U. S. counties over to Mexico.

Obama SAYS we will secure the border, his words are just words, and he is either lying or misleading the American people. Obama is very good at WORDS, like plug the hole and kick some *ss, but no substance.

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We have lost three counties of Arizona to Mexican Drug Lords,

Still Obama does “Nothing!

He Says Do not enter this on safe area of our Country I have returned it to Mexico, It’s “Not” worth defending. When The President refuses to defend his own Country….He needs to be removed!

This is nothing less than dereliction of Duty! He claims to be Commander And Chief But He acts more like Chicken Little.

I had no idea we would ever walk away from our land because of criminals.Maybe that’s what all the Czars are about.That’s possible their the leaders of these drug gangs.Just look to what he his beside him in our House.