We learned yesterday via the New York Times, that “Justice Paul G. Feinman of State Supreme Court in Manhattan wrote that Mr. Brown was “an individual with a strong interest in preservation of the building” but added that Mr. Brown lacked any special legal standing on its fate.” 

“Mr. Brown” is none other than one of New York City’s Finest, Timothy Brown, a former firefighter who initiated the lawsuit because he was seeking “to reverse the decision by NY City’s Landmarks Preservation Commission denying landmark status to a 150-year-old building that developers want to demolish to make room for the Park 51 community center, which will include a mosque.”  

WTC-9-11To be precise, the New York Times headline was “Judge Rules Ex-Firefighter Cannot Sue Over Mosque.”

The memory of September 11, 2001, seems to have quickly vanished from the memory of authorities such as New York Mayor, Michael R. Bloomberg.

Gone are the days when, in the aftermath of the tragedy, authorities sided with the victims and not with the perpetrators. 

The First Amendment or Amendment I to the United States Constitution “prohibits the making of any law “respecting an establishment of religion,” impeding the free exercise of religion…”   The  First Amendment -along with the rest of Bill of Rights- was submitted to the states for ratification on September 25, 1789, and adopted on December 15, 1791.  

Meanwhile, 210 years have passed, much has changed but not for the better. 

Thorough research has shown that the advance of the Muslim religion in America has been silently taking place under specific instructions of Muslim leaders based on their religious book, the Koran -but they have also counted with the tacit support of various American governments most likely bearing in mind their own business interests as their first priority instead of America’s. 

To review one of the best sources of information on Muslim strategy in America, nothing like being ‘enlightened’ by the propaganda words of Islamist scholar, Shamim Siddiqi: “Methodology of Dawa.” Dawa means propagation of the religion –of Islam. Subtitle is: “Methodology of Dawah IlAllah in American Perspective.” 

On his own website, “Dawah in Americas,” Shamim Siddiqi explains:

“Dawah Ilallah is an organized, a determined and a continuous effort to call the people of the land to the fold of their Creator and Sustainer, Allah (SWT), as priority Number One [of the Da’ee], towards accepting Islam as a way of life and convincing them to the need and urgency of establishing the Deen of Allah in the body politics of the country, with the sole objective to get the pleasure of Allah. “

Wherever Muslims invade, they have usually built an imposing Mosque as symbol that they have conquered the local enemy and this might be the reason why they are so keen in building their imposing mosque near Ground Zero. 

The following is, to the best of my knowledge and limited to the research I have done, a list of mosques in New York City -some of which, by the way go by their other, less known, name of “masjid:”

New York City Mosques – Partial List

  1. International Community Center  –  New York, NY 10001               
  2. Masjid Manhattan  –  New York, NY 10003
  3. Muslim World League  –   New York, NY 10001
  4. BMOC Muslim Society  –  New York, NY 10007                  
  5. Masjid Manhattan  –  New York, NY 10007
  6. Madina Masjid –  New York, NY 10009
  7. Masjid Al-Farah   –  New York, NY 10013              
  8. Masjid Ar-Rahman  –  New York, NY  10016
  9. Islamic Conference  –  New York, NY 10016
  10. International Islamic Community  –  New York, NY 10017               
  11. Islamic Fellowship of Hunter Center  –  New York, NY 10021                       
  12. Islamic Center of New York  –  New York, NY 10023
  13. Masjid Malcolm Shabazz  –  New York, NY 10026              
  14. Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood   –  New York, NY 10026               
  15. International Muslim Society  –  New York, NY 10027                      
  16. Alianza Islamica (for spanish speakers)     –  New York, NY  10029
  17. Islamic Center (Jumah Only)   –    New York, NY 10029
  18. The Islamic Center of New York –  New York, NY  10029
  19. Jihad Society  –  New York, NY 10029                   
  20. Al Islam America   –  New York, NY 10039                            
  21. Mostazafan Foundation of New York  –  New York, NY 10110                      
  22. Islamic Society of Mid-Manhattan  –  New York, NY 10150
  23. Masjid Ar-Rahman  –  New York, NY
  24. The Islamic Center – Green Point, NY                                                  (11/96)
  25. Staten Island Islamic Masjid  –  Staten Island, NY 10301                 
  26. Staten Island Masjid  –  Staten Island, NY 10301                
  27. Staten Island Islamic Masjid  –  Staten Island, NY 10308
  28. Islamic Society of Staten Island    –  Staten Island, NY 10314
  29. Muslim Majlis of Staten Island/ Masjid An-Noor –  Staten Island, NY 10314
  30. Jihad Society of New York  –  Bronx, NY 10451                 
  31. Islamic Senior Citizen Club  –  936 Woodycrest Ave –  Bronx, NY 10452
  32. Makky Jamme Masjid/ Islamic Federation of America  –  Bronx, NY  10452
  33. Masjid Taqwa wa-Jihad   –  Bronx, NY 10452
  34. Sunna wa Jamaa  –  Bronx, NY 10452  –  Bronx, NY 10458
  35. Baitul Aman Islamic Center –  Bronx, NY 10462
  36. Masjid Quba  –  Bronx, NY  10467
  37. Parkchester Jame Masjid  –  Bronx, NY 10472
  38. Islamic Society of Westchester & Rockland  –  Mt Vernon, NY 10552
  39. Masjid Yusuf Shah  –  Mt. Vernon, NY  10552
  40. Sunnatullah Masjid  –  Ossining, NY 10562                                         
  41. Masjid Tawheed  –  Peekskill, NY  10566
  42. Islamic Cultural Center   –  Purchase, NY 10577                               
  43. Islamic Science Foundation  –  Purchase, NY 10580

That said, while the First Amendment protects religion, Americans have the right to question the wisdom of such provision as one sunny day, in times of peace, New Yorkers were victims of one of the most horrendous massacres in times of peace perpetrated against innocent civilians on that fatal date of September 11, 2001 , as beastly Muslim terrorists crashed two airplanes on two of the most massive buildings of New York’s  financial district.

Those terrorists committed those massacres in the name of their religion, while screaming “Allah Hu Aqbar!”  

In the light of those events, many concerned Americans have the right to contest the wisdom of Mayor Bloomberg and Judge Feinman, among others, as they choose sides and give the license not only to build a humongous Islamic complex, so called mosque or masjid, that could well promote extremist views against America and Americans -and, yes, endanger our lives.

Back in 1791, when the First Amendment was adopted, little did our forefathers know how History would develop and how progress would go, beyond their wildest imagination. 

Something is sure:  the men who brought about the First Amendment in its integrity would never have done so if they would have imagined the irresponsible approach taken by our society, that has made acceptable an ugly mood of intolerance that is, to say it mildly, not only blurring our mind, but also undermining our judgement blocking our ability to defend ourselves, our people, our country, against a silent and creepy Islamic invasion of America -with our governments’ tacit help.   


Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Benador is a national and international political adviser, global strategist and the former CEO and founder of Benador Associates. She can be followed on Twitter and on her political page on Facebook and her business page on Facebook