Eric Allen Bell has been peeling back the layers of the monster mosque in Murfreesboro ….. and, I might add, at great personal risk. He comes to this issue from a unique place. Bell is a documentary filmmaker and had been following the story early on for a pro-mosque film which painted mosque critics as racistislamophobicantimuslimbigots. He was a fixture at court hearings and protests over the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro in 2010. Here some background from Bell:


In the summer of 2010 I was invited to write an article for Michael Moore.  I was in production on a documentary. I was calling “Not Welcome” regarding the backlash against construction of a 53,000 square foot mega mosque in the middle of the American Bible Belt.  His endorsement gave me a huge boost with the Hollywood crowd.  Having worked in the entertainment industry for years, this was not my first film, but it was to be my first documentary.  So when I went on to write a few more articles for the wheels were greased for me to get into a room with the right people, and secure the finishing funds I needed to complete post production.  And if there is one thing Hollywood loves (almost as much as congratulating itself), it’s the story of an innocent minority group being wrongly persecuted, preferably in the South, especially if the antagonist happens to be the Religious Right.  And as my editor and I assembled the first 25 minutes, of the 300 hours of footage shot, this film promised to deliver just that.  “Wow, I really wasn’t expecting this.  I would like to thank the members of the Academy, Michael Moore and the Prophet Mohammed for making all of this possible…”

But then the winds changed direction.  It seems that fate had issued a Fatwa against my perfect plan.  The Arab Spring sprang into action and ruined everything, as it degenerated disappointingly into the Islamist Winter.  It was as if I had been slapped upside the head by reality, thus knocking off my blinders and causing me to ask a lot of inconvenient questions.  I was left wondering if there was perhaps more to the story of so-called “revolution” than what had been portrayed on Al Jazeera and “Democracy Now with Amy Goodman”.  You can read more about this in an article I wrote for Front Page Magazine here: “The High Price of Telling the Truth About Islam”.

Eric Allen Bell came to see the mega-mosque in Murfreesboro for what it is, a rabat, and he has set about to warn us of its dangers. Bell has since exposed the criminal background of former Islamic Center spokeswoman Camie Ayash, a convicted felon who served prison time in Florida. Bell demonstrates that the mosque got special accommodation and consideration from county officials.

The Islamic supremacists would stop at nothing. Lema Sbenaty, a college student who works at a local pharmacy, may well have leaked confidential medical information about mosque opponents.

Bell was banned from blogging at the “Daily Kos” because he wrote three articles that no longer supported the Islamic supremacist mosque. Despite alienation and the obvious difficulties one encounters when taking on the leftist/Islamic alliance, Eric Allen Bell continues to fight.

Despite a court ruling to stop work, Islamic supremacists behind the Murfreesboro mega-mosque are defying American law and continue to build at a more furious pace, once again demonstrating their contempt for American jurisprudence and adherence to the sharia. This is an Islamic pattern. We saw this same contempt for American law when Islamic supremacists behind the Muslim Brotherhood rabat in Sheepshead Bay violated court orders to halt construction of the mega mosque on quiet, residential Voorhies Street. And just as in Brooklyn, Murfreesboro’s dhimmi city officials refuse to enforce the law.

Former FBI agent John Guandolo provides this information about the Murfreesboro Mosque:American_Shut_Up_No_free_speech_tundratabloid

  • – the Murfreesboro Imam is a recognized leader and “jurist” in the Muslim Brotherhood worldwide. He taught “Dawah” in Europe, and was at the top of his class at Al Azhar University, Cairo (4 out of 200) – the most prestigious and authoritative school of Islamic Jurisprudence in the world, and the oldest.

  • –  The ICM Bylaws asserting primacy of Islamic law were copied from other “Islamic Centers.” Muslim Brotherhood Bylaws and the El Barasse Explanatory Memorandum define “Islamic Centers” or mosques as beehives for activities and supplies for “battalions,” and at some point the beginning and center of violence.

  • –  The ICM “reading list” of the Imam began with Yousef Qaradawi, who issued a “fatwah” calling for killing of U.S. troops and civilians in Iraq.

  • –  The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is a “front” organization for the Muslim Brotherhood posing a security threat to Murfreesboro citizens, who are under- educated on the topic of the threat. Both they and the County Commission should have been informed of this threat to enable public participation in the ICM site plan approval meeting.

Bell files this latest report exclusive to Atlas. Every parent with a child in the public school system in America needs to read this article and pass it on.

 RIGHT SIDE NEWS NOTE: Dearborn American Muslims Stone Christians Holding Signs and Cops Side with Muslims

Murfreesboro Mega Mosque Creeping into the Curriculum? By Eric Allen Bell

In response to my recent article for Atlas Shrugs, which exposed the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro for making demands on the School Board to have “Muslim Authorities” review all text books, I received a lot of emails.  One of them was from a spokesman for Middle Tennesseans For Religious Freedom and peace activist, Jase Short.  He said, “You are the definition of human waste. Have a good, sad, and lonely life you fucking creep.”

I also heard from Saleh Sbenaty, the spokesperson for the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, and member of the Religion of Peace.  He had this to say, “The lies you are spreading is a characteristic of a scumbag”.

But the quote that really sticks out in my mind is one I first heard from Pamela Geller, and that one is that “Truth is the new hate speech”.

Just to review, through my new site: I have been able to obtain numerous tips, stories and actual documents concerning suspicious and subversive behavior on the part of mosques.

Recently, I released a document wherein I leaked a “Teacher’s Guide” which was put out by the Islamic Center of Murfreesbro, TN.  You can read and download the entire guide by clicking here, but here were a few of the finer points which I found particularly disconcerting:

Abdou Kattih of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is ordering the taxpayer funded school conform to Islamic Law in the following ways:

– Men and boys are always to be covered from the navel to the knee in public.

– Muslim females are required to wear loose-fitting and non-revealing clothing which includes a head covering.

– Some of the five prayers may fall within regular school hours. It takes less than 15 minutes to accomplish the prayer. It includes:

  • Washing: Before the prayer, Muslims perform a simple wash with clean water. This is normally performed in the restroom sink.
  • Prayer space and Time: During the prayer, the Muslim will stand, bow, and touch the forehead to the ground. This may be performed in any quite, clean room. Total privacy is not required.
  • Attention: During the prayer, Muslims are fully engaged and they may not respond to a conversation. Students and teachers should not take offense of the worshiper not answering their call. However, in case of an emergency, the Muslim will respond to an announcement by stopping the prayer immediately.

– Fasting students may ask to use the library instead of the cafeteria during lunch. Also they may ask to be excused from strenuous physical activities during fasting.

– Muslim boys and girls may not take same-sex communal after-sports showers without wearing appropriate covering on their bodies.

– Close contact with local Islamic centers is essential to encourage input from the Muslim community.

– In Islam, Friday is the day for the congregational worship, called Jumaha. It is an obligation that must be fulfilled, and it lasts about one hour.

– Textbooks that contribute to religious prejudice are not suitable.

– Qualified Muslim educators should participate in the textbook selection process, particularly for history, social studies and geography texts.

I sent the leaked documents to Nashville AM radio morning talk show host, Michael DelGiorno of WTN, who felt rather strongly that this would be of interest to the parents of the 40,000 children who attend Rutherford County schools.  And to his credit, he read the entire “Teacher’s Guide” live, on the air and talked about it detail, with Bill Warner, author of “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims”.


Well as you might imagine this created quite a stir and the Rutherford County School Board was bombarded with calls and emails from some very pissed of parents who wanted answers.  And the answer they got?  The School Board denied knowing anything about it.

It’s worth mentioning that I was once a strong vocal advocate for, what I thought were simply the “religious freedoms” of the Islamic Center.  You can read more about that in, “The High Price of Telling the Truth about Islam”.  Back then, when I reached out to the media with tales of how “Southern Evangelicals” were trying to stop a mosque, the media and I had something special. They all returned my calls and emails and one of them would just write what I told him to.  Such is not the case these days.

But when it was time to leak the next document, everyone got the same package – the Daily News Journal, the Tennessean Newspaper, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, local Channel 5, Michael Moore, all of my other former contacts.  I saw “former” because now that I speak the inconvenient truth about Islam, I have become too radioactive for any of them to touch.  Must be all that “hate speech”.

So everyone got the same package with my second document – that being the actual leaked email itself – from the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro.  The email was sent to School Board attorney Angel McCloud.  Notice that in the “Teacher’s Guide” the persistent Abdou Kattih references legal code, to get his point across that the School Board must conform to Islamic Law.  And of all the officials in the School Board, he sent it to legal. So, of all the officials he could have sent this to, he chose legal to impress upon them that he intended to enforce this legally if necessary.

Only 2 in the local media had the courage to expose this email, seen below.  Pete Doughtie, Publisher of the Rutherford Reader (the most read newspaper in the area of the 53,000 square foot mega mosque construction site) and once again the brave Michael DelGiorno, a Nashville talk radio host on WTN.  Here is that memo:


And here is how the James Evans, spokesperson for Rutherford County Schools, attempted to downplay and put a spin on this most recent development:

From the Rutherford County Schools Website:

“Statement concerning student religious activities” 

Update June 28, 2012

“Eric Allen Bell has responded with an email he says was sent to staff attorney Angel McCloud … from the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. The email contained an educational flyer about Muslim beliefs and practices as they pertain to Muslim students. However, the email does not contain a list of demands or mandates, which has been alleged.”

Meanwhile, back in reality…

In order to get a better understanding of the “Teacher’s Guide” sent out by the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, I reached out to an established authority.  I contacted an expert in Islam who advises the US Government and the US Military, as I believe this expert is well qualified to explain to what it is that we are looking at, with this document.  You the reader can decide – who is more qualified to evaluate the meaning, threat and intention of this mosque sponsored “Teacher’s Guide” – a School Board spokesperson, or this man…

Timothy R. Furnish holds a PhD in Islamic, African and World history, which he obtained after serving in the US Army as an Arabic linguist.  He is a nationally and internationally recognized expert on Islamic history, Islamic sects and transnational Islamic movements.  Dr. Furnish works as a lecturer, analyst and consultant to the US government and military on those very topics.  He is the author of one book “Holiest Wars: Islamic Mahdis, their Jihads and Osama bin Laden” as well as numerous articles in both popular and scholarly venues.   Briefly, here is Dr. Furnish’s expert analysis of the ICM “Teacher’s Guide”

I think that what we have here, with Abdou Kattih’s attempt to get the Rutherford County school system to, in essence, Islamize itself, is not jihad per se but the “soft” power version of Islamization–known as da`wah.

Da`wah literally means “call,” “invitation” or “summons” to Islam (or to a particular sectarian version thereof–most prominently, in Islamic history, to the Sevener Shi`i version of that faith known as Isma’ilism).  As the august Encyclopedia of Islam notes, da`wah “can often be translated as mission or propaganda” but also “has the sense of doctrine, religion, community, sect….”  As such, it is perhaps best viewed as a “kinder, gentler”–that is, non-“kinetic”/non-violent–version of Jihad.

But it aims for the same goal: an Islamized society and system where, in the final analysis, Islamic norms and, eventually, rule of law (shari`ah) predominate.

Take a look at this chart, p. 36, from a Dutch study, From Dawa to Jihad: The Various Threats from Radical Islam to the Democratic Legal Order (2004); it shows the relationship of jihad to da`wah quite well.

What is going on in Murfreesboro is, I think, clearly an example of “Covert Dawa,” #3 in that chart: “These organizations often operate ‘with a hidden agenda and under false pretences’, with a focus on secretly propagating and financing exclusivism and parallelism. To the outside world, these…present

themselves as legitimate humanitarian organizations and discussion partners for the government, but in fact they advocate and propagate a highly intolerant exclusivism and parallelism (hidden from the government’s and the public’s view). The realization of this pursuit can be characterized as a threat, all the more so because the methods to achieve it are characterized by secrecy” (p. 39). Indeed, the Murfreesboro mosque and its propagandists may already be shading into the next level, #4, which is just one stop removed from “covert jihad:” “These forms of radical Islam try to undermine the structures of the democratic legal order via covert Dawa. At an international level there have been indications that in particular the radical branches of the Muslim Brotherhood employ covert Dawa strategies. Rather than confronting the state power with direct violence, this strategy seeks to gradually undermine it by infiltrating and eventually taking over the civil service, the judicature, schools, local administrations, et cetera” (p. 40)

It’s certainly exclusivistic and undermining of the public school system, to insist that Muslims be allowed to pray during school (as well as do their rather high-profile ablutions), to be excused from PT during Ramadan fasting, to be allowed out of school on Fridays for Muslim services.  And it’s moving beyond mere equal treatment under the law for Muslims to demand that they be allowed to vet history, social studies and geography textbooks (are maps somehow different in the Islamic view?!) and to be allowed to determine, subjectively, what defines “religious prejudice.”  One can safely assume that any historical discussion of, say, jihad – a staple of Islamic history and expansion, going back to Islam’s founder Muhammad, for 1433 years – would be deemed “prejudicial” by Abdou Kattih.  I seriously doubt that Hindus or Sikhs, much less Christians, are allowed to vet textbooks thusly.  Why should Muslims be given special treatment in this regard?

Whether Kattih and his supporters in (and outside) Murfreesboro are consciously engaged as an outpost of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Civilization Jihadist” [sic] (Muslim Brotherhood’s “Explanatory Memorandum On the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America,” May 22, 1991, p. 5 of the English version) is almost beside the point–for they are certainly de facto operating as such.

And this is what the current administration (including the intelligence and law enforcement agencies), American media and far too many in our society as a whole fail to grasp (whether intentionally or not) that the Islamic imperative to engage in da`wah, ingrained into every Muslim who seriously practices that faith, is almost reflexively acted upon UNLESS it is made abundantly clear that it will not be tolerated.  That is not to say that Muslims cannot practice their religion – of course they can. They can even try to convert folks.  BUT unless Muslims are convinced that they will not be granted a special status in non-Muslim lands, they will continue to insist on being given a mile whenever they are granted an inch.

Da`wah is slow-motion jihad, if you will; and the longer it is allowed to gain momentum, it will only gather more and more steam and speed–until it becomes, if not unstoppable, certainly very problematic for non-Muslims and very hard to derail. 

Catholics, the largest single religious body (almost 70 million of the US’ 220+ million Christians), have never demanded that schools or employers adhere to canon law.  On the other end of the demographic spectrum, Hindus (0.4% of the population) are not coming to the US and demanding the practice of Dharma in American public schools and workplaces.  Muslims, while perhaps the fastest-growing religion in the US, still comprise no more than 1% of Americans – and while they may have been inculcated with the idea that Islamizing the West’s major nation is their duty as Muslims (see Shavit, “Should Muslims Integrate into the West?,” MEQ, Fall 2007), and reinforced in that belief by the American liberal tendency to treat them as “victims” (especially, paradoxically, post-9/11), our secular republic does not have to sacrifice its hallowed traditions and practices on an altar of political correctness and misguided Islamophilia.

There it is, from the perspective of a highly sought after expert in this field.  If you have children in the Rutherford County School system, the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro is making their move on the educational system, and making their move on your children’s minds.


But what’s so bad about that anyway?  Maybe the youngsters will learn a little culture?  Perhaps they will be taught about the loving side of the Prophet Mohammed, how he waited until his 6 year old bride Aisha was 9 years old before he had intercourse with her.  Or, the touching story of how he courted his Jewish wife, Safia.  The Prophet Mohammed executed Safia’s husband, her father, her brother and well, basically all of the men in her tribe.  And as his Islamic soldiers were rounding up all of the women as sex slaves (still allowed in Islam), he spotted her and wanted her for himself.  It was love at first sight, and the rest is (dark, hidden, suppressed and denied) history.

But don’t worry.  That’s not really what Murfreesboro kids are being taught.  In an upcoming article, I might detail exactly how and when the students of Murfreesboro were to be taught the “Five Pillars of Islam” by visiting Islamic Scholars, with the help of one Ms. Paula Barnes, of Rutherford County Schools.  But that’s another story, for another time 😉

As the construction of this 53,000 square foot mega mosque continues to expand, so too does our knowledge of the subversive activities, of the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, thanks to all of you who have sent in tips and documents through .  Remember – information is the enemy of Islamic conquest.  Let us continue to spread it!

Finally, what is a mosque?

A mosque is place where the Sharia is taught. Sharia is brutal and sadistic and runs counter to human rights. A mosque is a place where sedition and treason are taught, and this runs counter to the preservation of American values and ideals. A mosque is a place where superstition is taught, and this runs counter to reason and rational thinking. A mosque is a place where Islam, meaning “submission” is taught. And submission runs counter to Liberty. Liberty means that you own you. Liberty is one of the founding principles upon which America stands. Islam and Liberty cannot coexist.

Islam is anti-human rights, anti-reason, anti-liberty and anti-American. Islam is the most intolerant belief system in the world! Nothing is more xenophobic than Islam. And we will stop its conquest of America, using our laws, our culture, our media and our extraordinary American innovation.

The Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, Tennessee may have some of the people here fooled for now, but it won’t last. With so many red flags popping up, it’s just a matter of time. Without the use of violence, hate speech, or violating anyone’s civil rights – I and so many others are committed to exposing the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro, in their attempt to destroy our civilization from within.  We will not fail.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Bill Warner for the first time.  He is a lecturer and author of several books, including “Sharia Law for Non-Muslims”.  And Bill told me about a quote I had never heard before.  It goes something like this, “You can wake a person who is sleeping, but you cannot wake a person who is pretending to be asleep”.

SOURCE: AtlasShrugs

Eric Allen Bell