May 8, 2009

O’Brien Responds to Accusers
By Kelly Howell, RSN, 5/7/09

Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT! for America, says:

I founded ACT! for America because Islamic militants have declared war on America. I know what this means. For years, I witnessed firsthand how brutally jihadists treat non-Muslims.

We are in for the fight of our lives and we must ACT!-before it’s too late.”

Armed with these words and her desire to mobilize all Americans in the effort to fight the planned subversion by radical Islam, she vows to work for the preservation of the United States Constitution through the use of the First Amendment.

She tells “the truth and nothing but the truth” about stealth jihad. Armed with facts and her unwillingness to compromise the truth, she campaigns to expose any who would use rights granted to us by our Constitution to achieve their stated objective to destroy the United States.

ACT! for America trains grassroots organizers to spread the facts about Islam, and the truth about the covert objectives of organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations* and others. These training programs teach and enable citizen participation in the defense of America on the local, city, state, and national level.

The best defense against tyranny is knowledge, truth, and facts and, armed with those tools, to set about using our Constitutional right of freedom of speech as well as our right to assemble peaceably. Truth is not racist, bigoted, intolerant, hate-filled, or concerned with being politically correct. It is, simply, the truth. Facts do not lie. Facts are not hate speech.

It is usually the one pointing at people exercising their First Amendment right and accusing them of hate speech, or accusing them of being intolerant, or a racist, or a bigot, or saying they are “offended” by what is being said, who fear the truth.

When they are unable to refute the truth, when they cannot point out the “lie” which they found so offensive, they resort to trying to muzzle the speaker. This tactic has worked in many countries around the world and is likely why it is starting to begin here in the United States.

We have seen the beginnings of the end of free speech with those pushing for “hate speech” legislation.

For those of you in the United States of America who still believe that “it can’t happen here,” for those of you in the USA who have not noticed it, it has begun.

Here is Exhibit A.

DFW Muslims Offended by Speech at Republican Women’s Meeting

By Aman Batheja

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram


[Editorial comment: The author of this article was not present at this event. I find it interesting that apparently “reporting” no longer means what it used to mean: someone who attended or saw an event and then (objectively) told, reported to, others what they saw and heard.]

I asked Ms. O’Brien if she’d like to comment on the meeting Batheja writes about. Mr. Batheja wrote the story six days after Ms. O’Brien’s  speaking engagement; RightSideNews thought it reasonable to allow her to respond. The original text of the article is left intact and un-edited. Ms. O’Brien’s responses are in blue.

Begin article:

Some members of the Islamic community are troubled by a recent meeting of a local Republican club after the speaker alleged that most American Muslims are involved in terrorism.

DOB: Nope, I did not say that. I don’t remember using the phrase “most American Muslims” at any time. I probably used “terrorism” when describing tactics approved by Allah through Muhammad for converting unwilling infidels to Islam.

I’m no more referring to ALL American Muslims when discussing radical Islam than I would be talking about ALL Hispanics if I were giving a presentation about Mara Salvatrucha.

Would be nice, though, if the Muslims themselves would find some substantial, quantitative way of separating themselves from the ones who are radical Islamists and those who aren’t.

Dorrie O’Brien of Grand Prairie was the guest speaker at the Metroplex Republican Women’s monthly meeting April 17 in Hurst. She is the head of the Grand Prairie chapter of ACT! for America, a Pensacola, Fla.-based group that describes itself as dedicated to fighting “the assault of radical Islam,” according to its Web site.

DOB: No quotes are needed around ACT!’s stated mission. ACT! IS doing exactly what it says it is doing about radical Islam. I am proud to be a chapter leader for ACT! for America. ACT! is the only organized resistance to radical Islam in the world. And, in fact, it’s articles like this one that assist ACT! for America’s efforts and brings more people to the membership rolls.

I suppose in that regard I should thank Batheja for this article as it demonstrates some of the points I made in my presentation.

O’Brien’s speech described most or all Muslims in America as cooperating with terrorist organizations and supporting the overthrow of America, said people who were there.

DOB: Again, I did not say that. What I did say is that the Muslim Brotherhood (the Ikhwan, in Arabic) is active in the United States and their stated goal is to subvert the U.S., replace our Constitution with Sharia law, and establish a North American Caliphate here.

That was the entire point of the presentation, to make people aware of the Muslim Brotherhood’s (and all the little ikhwans, CAIR, MSA, ISNA, ICNA, etc.) activities and objectives. Anyone who wanted to turn my information into a broad-brush indictment of all American Muslims in the U.S. have their own agenda.

Jamal Qaddura is a Republican Party precinct chairman and president of the DFW Islamic Education Center in Arlington.

He attended the meeting and took Tarrant County Medical Examiner Nizam Peerwani as a guest after learning about the topic.

DOB: First, Jamal Qaddura, Nizam Peerwani, Walid Joulani, and later, Mohamed Elibiary, came into an our women’s club meeting five minutes before the meeting was to begin. They had not sent in any notification of attendance, as is customary for visitors. Qaddura, Peerwani, and Joulani took prominent positions in the front of the room, took out their pens and paper, polished their glasses, and glared at me, with a look I interpreted to mean: “We are here to dare you to say anything, and we are here to ‘catch you out’ on every lie you tell.”

Essentially, I believe it was their intention to try to scare me into making some egregious statement they could later use as “proof” that I’m a hate-monger, or a religious bigot, or whatever.

Not that proof is a necessary requirement for throwing the accusations at me anyway.

“We were upset about the subject matter of the speech,” Qaddura said. “This is a Republican Party event, and usually the Republican Party and the Democratic Party try to stay away from attacking religions or attacking Americans at large.”

DOB: The “subject matter” of the speech was the Roots of Jihad in America. As a good Republican, I’d assume he’d like everyone to know what threatens the country.

Qaddura’s comment about the Republican Party is eerily close to recent threats made by CAIR-FL when they were demanding that the Republicans get rid of Adam Hasner, a Florida House District 87 Rep, when Mr. Hasner was backing an appearance by the Dutch Parliamentarian, Geert Wilders, at The Free Speech Summit on April 27, 2009.

Mr. Wilders is strongly opposed to any further advances from radical Islamists led by the Muslim Brotherhood, and its attempts to stifle free speech.

CAIR-NY also put a lot of heat on Peter King, R-3rd Congressional District for New York, for applauding the FBI for backing away from CAIR as a reliable source of information about domestic terrorism.

Where do you suppose Qaddura was getting his talking points from when slamming the Republican Party for daring to host someone who speaks out against radical Islam?

The connection between my being Republican or Democrat or a Libertarian or Independent, was and is irrelevant to the message I presented regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. Which, by the way, I would be happy to give the same presentation to any of the other parties meetings.

Peerwani, who is not affiliated with any political party, said the speech did not represent the views he associated with local Republicans.

“I was concerned because I’ve lived here for nearly 35 years and had never heard anything like that before,” Peerwani said. “As I perceived it, it was nothing but hate speech.”

DOB: It is standard rhetoric for the Muslim Brotherhood and all the Islamic charitable organizations in the U.S. to claim that anyone speaking about Islam, regardless of what is said, even if it is all precisely factual, is nothing but “hate speech.”

Dr. Peerwani is perhaps unwittingly repeating the Muslim Brotherhood rhetoric.

O’Brien, who is also a Republican precinct chairwoman, declined to comment.

Judy Strzinek, the Metroplex Republican Women’s Club president, also declined to comment.

Kim Martin, a club member and Republican precinct chairwoman, said she wrote the club’s president about her concern with O’Brien’s speech.

“She was very derogatory toward all Muslims,” Martin said.

Martin said the meeting was not representative of normal Metroplex Republican Club meetings.

“They’re wonderful people. They have great hearts. They are very patriotic,” Martin said. “It was just an unfortunate incident.”

DOB: God bless our freedom of speech. Once Sharia Law is established in the North American Caliphate, Ms. Martin will never again have a chance to be heard.

Tarrant County Republican Party Chairwoman Stephanie Klick did not attend the club meeting.

She said she had received some complaints but declined to comment.

DOB: The complaints were made by Qaddura, Peerwani, and Martin. The majority of the women present made it a point to come to me at the end of the presentation to thank me for it, and offer suggestions for how to deal with the four men who’d more or less crashed their meeting. They were angry, in fact, that they were made to feel intimidated, and roundly disputed everything the men said when trying to discredit me.

In response to the speech, Peerwani said he spoke to the board of directors at the Al-Hedayah Academy, an Islamic school in Fort Worth where he is president, about encouraging local Muslims to become more active in the community as a way to help dispel inaccurate notions.

“If people know you, they will not believe all this nonsense,” Peerwani said.

DOB: People do know me and Mr. Peerwani is right: If I were speaking nonsense they would not have believed me, but people do believe me.

I encourage people to verify for themselves and know for a fact that what I say is only the truth and not nonsense. Organizations like CAIR would like people like me to shut up and go away.

Dr. Peerwani is, again, perhaps unwittingly repeating the Muslim Brotherhood rhetoric, with accusations of my facts being “nonsense.” I should note here that there was not a single rebuttal of the facts I presented, nor was there any accusation that I “lied”; there could not be. Their only way to silence me was to say they were “offended” and that what I said was “hate speech.”

I would like people to know that the reporter for this article was not present at the club meeting. His only knowledge comes from Qaddura and Peerwani. Also, he wrote it almost a week after the event. And even then, it came out a day after he and Joulani and Qaddura were chatting amicably with one another at a subsequent club meeting that I also attended.

I believe that Mr. Batheja created an ethical issue by writing an article of this nature, on an event he did not personally attend, with input only from the two men complaining and a slanted response from one, single attendee. Had he actually attended this meeting he would perhaps have had a better opportunity to hear what was really said and see the overall response of all the women who attended.

It is my opinion that Miss Martin misrepresented the overall reaction of the club as a whole, and her perception was not at all like the audiences’ own impressions.

I have to say that the fact that these four Muslim men showed up at this meeting was an incredible boost to my confidence, confirming that everything I’m saying is substantially correct. And because they know they cannot point to any untruth in what I presented, they can only attempt to silence me using tactics similar to the Muslim Brotherhood’s, claiming offense and that I’m spreading hate speech.