Islamic Center of Temecula Valley, what is going to be taught inside?[/caption] by Steve Klein: Temecula, the upscale SoCal city of Temecula – a Muslim Brotherhood Mosque has been established. (see VIDEO below!) This Temecula mosque is linked to the Rocket-man KIA Guy in photo and the guy with the 4 fingers – and the guy with GW Bush … [caption id="attachment_58491" align="alignleft" width="300"]Muzammil Siddiqi GW Bush and Muzammil Siddiqi[/caption] Rocket Man: He operated out of La Mesa, Ca – in charge of ALL Al Qaeda – operating under the nose of Congressman Duncan Hunter, invited to lunch by the Pentagon under Donald Rumsfeld, Scty of Defense under GW Bush …He, Rocket Man, Anwar al-Awlaki,  operated to fund and coordinate the WTC attack of 9/11 …he’s linked to the guy with GW Giving him a Koran – I met him 3 times, Muzammil Siddiqi – in charge of U.S. Muslim Brotherhood – told me face to face he was catching a flight to brief the King of Saudi Arabia face to face. He left Ahmad Sakr, to brief us – Ahmad Sakr PLANTED the Muslim Brotherhood into American Colleges***** in the 1960s – from this came the mosques and they are all linked together, including Temecula. (I met Sakr twice: He filled in for Siddiqi who got on a plane and flew to brief the king of Saudi Arabia – see article below how the Saudis infiltrated and funded the Muslim Brotherhood in America – it was Sakr who was their point man in America – the 2nd time I met Sakr, he mobilized the Nation of Islam against our team of Middle East Christians exposing the Muslim Brotherhood in Anaheim, Ca … the Police man in charge told me,

“Steve – we can’t protect you anymore – PC dictates we must go … we can not handle the Black Muslims.”
[caption id="attachment_58492" align="alignright" width="160"]Rocket Man 1 Hussam R. Ayloush[/caption] The guy with the 4 fingers, Corona, Calif mosque, lives in Corona – The 4 fingers means he IS Muslim Brotherhood – the symbol over the 4 fingers means he supports al-Nusra/ISIS – in point of fact – he’s also linked to the Shooter of San Bernardino – His name is Hussam R. Ayloush … good buddies with all the Police Chiefs and Sheriffs of SoCal … we have ample proof, evidence and facts to establish this – you can see former L.A. Sheriff Baca gush and praise him for his great work as Executive Director of CAIR, Muslim Brotherhood – see clip. You can also see the Los Angeles Police Counter Terrorism Commander Michael Downing gush over his compassion for the Muslim Brotherhood in Los Angeles, including these 4 men pictured in this clip We are in huge, huge trouble – the 28 pages on Saudis … all linked to these guys and GW Bush … Tons of Proof, Evidence and Facts. Proof, Evidence and Facts: The Temecula mosque is merely another pimple on the ISIS network of America, Mexico, Canada – all back to the Saudis … The 28 pages is all about this and the World’s Foremost Expert on Terrorist Funding confirms the Saudi Family (Who are the Saudi Government) in their direct role funding Global Jihad – including the World Trade Center attack of 9/11 see TERRORISM FINANCING | Roots and trends of Saudi terrorism financing Steve Klein      ]]>