Halal Invades Ground Zero – Expands Across the City! A PHOTO ESSAY

Obviously, the threat of violent Muslims exists, but Muslims have a much more lethal weapon than that. To make matters worse, this weapon is not even illegal. It is a lawful attack in which Muslims use the freedoms of America to slowly take over from within our great country’s borders. This compilation portrays a perfect example of this. Recently walking around NYC, I noticed there was something missing and very different. Do you guys remember those good ole’ NY hot dog stands?


I sure do, but unfortunately I do not see that many of them anymore. Apparently, they have been over taken…

(For those new to the subject, “halal” food is what Muslims eat, acceptable as per Islamic Law.)

We begin at Ground Zero and the surrounding area. Standing on the corner of…



I turned around and took the following picture:


Of course, one halal stand on the same block is not enough!


I wonder how much money these guys are making from the unsuspecting Ground Zero construction workers? (That is not a knock on them, as most people simply are not aware of stealth jihad!). Disgusted with the usual Muslim arrogance, I decided to investigate the area further.


This street was blanketed in an Islamic foodfest!






This short video was shot on the same block. At least four of the seven stands were halal! One of them had the same menu as another halal stand, but it did not specifically advertise “halal” on the menu.

From here on, the pictures will tell the story. Almost all of the pictures are of different stands. There were numerious blocks that had more than one of them per block.

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